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  1. X factor disaster!

    October 25, 2008 by superlative

    I can’t believe Daniel is still milking his dead wife like a prize fresian, and at the expense of poor Scott! He so did not deserve to go before that fat goofball. Ok, he wasn’t going to win, but he had more appeal than sweaty dead wife jabba the hutt. And Louis was so gutless not to vote for Daniel. I felt so sorry for Scott… Oh well, guess I’ll be backing Alexandra and Austin now. Oh and also that pointless irish doll deserves to die too.

    Update: Some clever person on Digitalspy has commented that Louis probably voted for Scott because he was one of Simon’s acts and he was just being malicious. I hadn’t thought of it like that, I think that sounds very very likely. I also can’t believe that he cited as his reason for saving Daniel the fact that he “meant every word”. Hello?? The show’s not called ‘Once More With Feeling’, this is the X-Factor and Daniel has NO charisma!

  2. X-Factor, bam bam bam, bam bam ba naaa naaa

    October 20, 2008 by superlative

    I do love the X-Factor, despite it being the epitome of trash TV. I’ve gone off some things like Big Brother, but I still really get into X-Factor. I think it’s the act of choosing your favourite from a selection that does it for me, a bit like Pokémon. The fact that they sometimes have a good looking boy or two doesn’t hurt either (Austin and Scott are best this year).

    Dannii Minogue never ceases to surprise, with her bizarre slitty nostrils and the insane way she squawks “hot hot hot, extra jalapeño, I want what she’s having, etc” after her acts perform. I was quite shocked this week by how much she looked like a sex doll though – was that the look she was going for?

    This week’s episode carried the normal amount of disappointment that the really really poor acts still somehow managed to get through. I’m thinking particularly of Daniel “corpse for a wife” Evans. What is he still doing there? He has no sex appeal at all, his voice is mediocre, and no-one would buy his records other than post-menopausal old biddies who think he looks like “a nice boy”. He only got through, and has only survived this far, on the basis of him milking his dead wife like a prize Fresian. The only way he could have drawn more attention to it in his audition would have been to skid into the room riding her decomposing carcass like a sled. He needs to go, and he needs to go soon; you can’t get rid of perfectly good acts and retain his sweaty fat-cheeked pudginess in their place, it’s just not fair.

    I thought the coaching that Rachel has undergone was very obvious too. They know she’s got a big mouth on her and that she didn’t take criticism well in the auditions, and so she has clearly been drilled to respond to every comment by saying “thank you, it’s been taken on board” incessantly like a parrot with an inferiority complex.

    I’m also still quite surprised by the delusions that X-Factor contestants maintain. To be clear – winning the X-Factor is not going to make you a pop star. Not a proper one. It makes you an X-Factor winner who will have a Christmas number 1 and if they’re lucky one or two more singles before the record label, and the public, lose interest. Leona Lewis has done reasonably well, but she’s an unusually good winner. Do they not remember what happened to all the other winners? Steve Brookstein was appalling and got dropped really quickly. Shayne Ward seemed to have potential, but is still relatively obscure three years after he won. Leona is fine, if a little sickly, and might carry on for a while. And Leon has had what, two singles? I can’t name them, even the X-Factor winning number 1 from last year. He’ll disappear fairly soon too. And yet the contestants still believe this is going to propell them to world fame. No, it won’t. You’ll get to have a couple of hits, and be part of the X-Factor tour. That’s fine, but don’t expect much more. And then once you’ve been dropped you’ve got to go back to the real world and try to get a normal job, and feel embarrassed that you’re working in an office again.

    An additional odd delusion is the one touted by parents on the X-Factor that they want to “win for a better life for their children”. Hmmm, apart from saying it for the obvious milking of the wee children, how exactly do they this is going happen? Being away from home, touring and performing, particularly for those that are single parents, is not in my opinion going to improve their children’s lives. Yes they might have more money, but I think their children would rather have a parent than a weekly maintenance cheque.

    This concludes my X-Factor rant. It wasn’t meant to be a rant, I intended to write how much I like it. And despite the apparent evidence to the contrary, I do love it, I do watch religiously, and I’m sure I’ll have voted more than once before the series is out. Shouting at the screen is just part of the fun.

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  3. In your face, Welshy

    December 17, 2007 by superlative

    I am SO pleased that Rhydian didn’t win X-Factor! Obviously I would have preferred it if Same Difference had won, they are just so happy and cheesey, but at the same time I knew they never could. I’m surprised they got as far as coming third actually. But who else actually flew around the stage on bits of string?? That definitely deserved some credit.

    Once it was down to Rhydian and Leon I thought oh no he’s going to win now, even to the point where I voted for Leon just to try and prevent it. And it worked! I couldn’t bear the thought of that albino twat being on the radio all the time, even the gappy-toothed Scottish midget is better than that. And although Rhydian was mostly big smiles and congratulations, there was one moment when he was in the background that he did NOT look happy! Good…

    I’ve read today that people are complaining they tried to vote for Rhydian and couldn’t get through for an hour. Yeah whatever, that’s just sour grapes. If you live in Wales, you can expect to have a crappy phone network, nobody wants to ring anyone in Wales anyway so what’s the point in having a good one?

    So now Rhydian can be consigned to the dustbin of oblivion that is the ‘X-Factor Tour’, Leon can have two singles then get dropped, and I can look forward to Same Difference coming to do a gig at Revenge!