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  1. Over-eating, over-drinking, and simulating cage sex in a cowboy hat

    May 6, 2009 by superlative

    I had a very good birthday weekend in the end, and feel that my 28th birthday was adequately celebrated.

    A couple of our friends came down on Saturday to stay, and we had a nice meal out at CafĂ© Rouge. I don’t go there very often, but the food was very good and it was made all the sweeter by our triumphant production of money-off vouchers that knocked about 25% off the bill at the end. I always feel like you look a little bit cheap when you say you’ve got a voucher, but it’s unlikely we would have eaten there without them so they should be grateful damn it.

    Then we did a little bar hopping on Saturday night, just to a few places like Dr Brightons, the Bulldog, Vavoom and R-Bar. Oh and a new one as well, the Kings Arms, which is a new bear-type pub. R-Bar had their music up ridiculously loud, to the point where it actually hurt my ears, so they are in my bad books now because I just don’t see the need for it. You couldn’t talk to anyone, you had to just sit there and wait for your ears to bleed.

    On Sunday we wandered around the shops, Chris made us a yummy lasagne for dinner, and then we got all dressed up for the Wild Fruit Sex Saloon. We enjoy dressing up, it makes the night more fun, and when you’re in costume strangers seem to assume that you’re a confident and fun type of person so they talk to you more (regardless of whether you actually are confident or fun. I am neither).

    Wild Fruit was really good. It was very busy, as usual, and there are always lots of pretty boys there. The music in the pop room was really, really good, so we pretty much just danced in there all night. It’s always a bit quiet in the pop room, most people tend to stay in the dancy main room, but they do have an enjoyable cage type podium where you can practice your pole dancing and take stupid photos of yourself pretending to bum your friends or hanging upside. Chris does the hanging upside down rather than me, he’s considerably more athletic and I’m not prepared to risk a broken neck for a photo.

    We stayed until the end, and must have still been quite hyped up because we decided to go back to Vavoom for a bit afterwards just to make sure we really had drunk as much as we could. It was 5am and the sun was coming up by the time we went to bed, and I have to admit that seeing the sun come up before I’d been to sleep did make me feel slightly hysterical. It’s unlike me to be out that late without fainting, throwing up, or falling asleep in a corner. I bet it was part of some subconscious need to prove that “I’ve still got it” and can party until 5am despite being 28.

    Monday was, unsurprisingly, a little more subdued, and I had a slightly green tint to my not-so-youthful complexion until about 3 o’clock. We did manage another lunch out though (I must have consumed about 40,000 calories over the weekend) before our friends headed off home. They got caught in the stupid protester twattiness unfortunately (see previous post), but eventually made it out of the city after several diversions to avoid the imbeciles.

    So it was an excellent weekend all in all. I’m only just today getting over my tiredness, I don’t bounce back like I used to when I was 19, but I’ve had a quiet couple of days at work at least, and if you can’t wear yourself out celebrating your birthday then I don’t know when you can.

  2. Hangovers 3 – Healthy livers 0

    March 25, 2008 by superlative

    This Easter I seem to have chosen to eschew the traditional activity of eating chocolate eggs in favour of massive amounts of drinking, staying up until 4am, and then crawling around the next day going gaaarrrrr. It has been a very enjoyable, sociable weekend but I feel I need a bit of a detox to recover from it.

    On Thursday after work we went to the pub to see some of Chris’ teacher-type friends, had a couple of drinks, then went to another pub, and then went off to Dynamite Boogaloo. It was packed in there and very good fun. Chris snogged a kiwi girl, lucky her, and then we ran home in the pouring rain at 3am.

    Friday was a day of rest, and then on Saturday I spent hours and hours in Harlow sorting out Chris’ Dad’s new computer until I was thoroughly sick of it. We decided to go out ‘just for a couple’ in the evening as Marc was down from Birmingham, so we went out with him and a student friend of his called Jordan. Jordan, NOT Josh as I kept calling him all night until Chris pointed out that wasn’t his name, much to my embarrassment. Who the hell is called Jordan anyway? I can hardly be blamed. Nice boy though, but very easily led astray. He planned to go home quite early, but was quickly coaxed into a drink at the Bulldog, then the Star Inn, then Vavoom before he finally escaped our evil clutches outside V-2. Chris and I did the worst, WORST karaoke in V-2, to which there was much sniggering in the audience, and we didn’t seem to get to bed until about 4 again. Shame about the karaoke, I thought we could sing Total Eclipse of the Heart quite well. I’m going to blame booze-induced tone deafness and poor acoustics.

    The somehow on Sunday, despite only have had about 4 hours sleep, we managed to go to Wild Fruit. Oh my god I cannot believe how long I spent queuing there! Not to get in, oh no, that took about 30 seconds, but for the bloody cloak room. An HOUR we waited to put our coats in! A bloody hour! What the hell is that?? After that it was fine, very busy as it usually is, and we got lots of photos taken of us because of our general state of undress. We had gone as Las Vegas chippendales (yes I know I don’t have the physique for it), as it was a Las Vegas-themed evening, which basically involved wearing collar and cuffs and not much else. You get loads of pretty boys at Wild Fruit, ones you never see elsewhere, so that’s always fun. And then, unfortunately and unsurprisingly, we had to spend another 40 minutes to get our coats back. What a fucking joke! So the moral of the story is never, ever take a coat to Tru – just deal with the cold weather and catch pneumonia, the hospital treatment will take less time than queuing there.

    So that was my weekend. So drunk, so hungover, so tired, but much fun. Work today seems like a peaceful holiday in comparison. 

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