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  1. Hello, new web host

    March 7, 2013 by superlative

    Following the pointless hacking of my blog, I have taken the long-overdue decision to move this site to a new web host. I’ve been with Nativespace for quite a few years, and, to be frank, they haven’t been that good. Despite their supposed 99% uptime guarantee, they have had a LOT of problems over the last year or so. The server my site is on has generally stayed up, but it has suffered outages nonetheless, and their wobblier servers seem to have gone down for a day at a time every few weeks for what seems like forever.

    It happened again this week (twice, I think), and given my site got hacked as well, possibly coincidentally, I decided it was time for a complete overhaul and to start somewhere fresh.

    So hello new web host, and hello new theme. I hope you like it.

    I’m going to start trying to blog a bit more regularly again, as I’ve been pathetic at it for basically the whole of 2012. I do like writing on here, I just never seem to have anything to say. I’ve lost my voice, but I shall try to find it again.

    Oh and if you’re thinking about trying to hack this blog, please go and lick a plug socket instead or something.