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  1. Something integrated this way comes

    March 18, 2012 by superlative

    I am sitting at home today waiting for our new washing machine to arrive. About a week ago our old one went kaput, and as usually happens with washing machines it helpfully waited until it had got a full load of clothes soaking wet before deciding nah fuck it, I’m not finishing this lot, I’m just going to sit here not moving and making a little clicking sound every few seconds. I tried cajoling it, I tried kicking it (worth a shot), I tried restarting it on a different programme, but no. It was dead.

    It was the washing machine that was here when we moved in, and so I don’t mind that much replacing it. It’s quite manky looking, and for the first couple of weeks I didn’t like touching it because I knew it had had someone else’s pants and disgusting dog blankets and things in. So I sort of wanted a new one anyway, but the timing has turned out to be a bit unfortunate as we’ve just spent all of our (Chris’) money on a car.

    The sparkly new one is due to arrive today between 8am and 6pm. So naturally I’m six hours into the wait and there’s no sign of it so far. It’s a shame that we have all integrated appliances in the kitchen really – because although they look nice hidden away behind cupboard doors, they’re a lot more annoying to replace. They cost more for a start, as evidently making things slightly narrower must be cripplingly expensive for the manufacturer, and then the old ones are also wedged right fucking in there and won’t come out. I was worried it wouldn’t come out at all in fact, to the point that we’ve actually disconnected the old one and dragged it out completely, just to be sure that it would be possible. So we’ve done half the installation man’s work for him; he better be grateful.

    Anyway, this wasn’t meant to be a post about washing machines. I’m waiting for a washing machine; it’s boring; I have a week’s worth of clothes to wash; hurry up Mr Washing Machine Man.

    Apart from washing machine-related tribulations, I have had an OK if manically busy week. I have settled into my new job in Marketing a bit more now, and got a bit better at managing the workload between my two roles. I’ve done about five weeks there now, so that’s 10 days in total, and I’m starting to feel a bit more comfortable when I’m there. So far I have worked on two mobile web projects for them: building a mobile version of our courses database (which was like building a mini mobile website from scratch), and then optimising the main university website so that it displays a bit better and is more usable on a mobile device. I’ve never done anything like either of those before, so it has been a good learning experience for me, and I’ve been quite pleased with how both of them have turned out. The work on the main website was probably harder, because it was essentially trying to make a website structured and designed for a desktop browser display properly in a very different environment without touching any of the content code. I’ve still got a bit of work to do on it, but it turned out well enough to put the main parts of it live. I also got a nice email from the director of marketing saying how well I’d done it, so that was nice.

    The rest of my week has mostly been spent on trains. I had to spend five hours getting the train to Canterbury and back on Thursday for a two hour meeting, which was pointless and expensive and long. And then on Friday I got the train up to London to see Mum (a bit early) for Mothers’ Day. I just stayed the one night and then escaped at dinner time on Saturday.

    The visit was okaaaay, but as always happens I spent about three hours sat upstairs on my own ‘sorting out Mum’s computer’. Which just means doing stupid things like updating programs and drivers and sorting out error messages. I don’t mind doing it, but it’s every time I go home, and then I hardly see Mum and Dad because I’m sat in the bedroom the whole time.

    Dad has outdone himself by adding to his driving woes by receiving a fixed penalty notice from the council for turning right into a turning you’re not allowed to. He got caught on camera doing it (it looks like they had a special camera set up for just that reason), so he can’t exactly deny it, but he does protest that the signage was unclear and seemed to refer to the previous turning not the one he turned into. He can protest all he likes: it’s still cost him £65, incurred the wrath of mother once again, and made me wonder if he really should be driving any more. How many things does he have to have happen before we acknowledge that, at least in terms of his working life, he should give up on driving and do something else? He’d say he doesn’t have any other skills, but really I’m not sure he has this skill any more…

    He still hasn’t heard from the police about his accident, and he’s had no luck finding a job. Poor Dad. He has done six week course aimed at helping people get Olympic jobs which means he’s got certificates now in health and safety, food safety, customer service and manual handling. So that’s something. And he’s going to try to do some voluntary work he’s found on Wednesdays, so I think that looks good in terms of him being proactive and using his time while he’s unemployed instead of just sitting around. God knows if it’ll help though.

    It’s 2.45pm now and still no washing machine. HURRY UP YOU BASTARDS. They’re not getting a cup of tea now. Unless they’re hot, then they’re allowed tea. But only if they turn up in the next 20 minutes.

  2. Fork it over and hope for the best

    July 7, 2008 by superlative

    I had the washing machine repair man in this morning, in order to fix our machine’s sudden penchant for washing things for so long that they dissolve. He seemed nice enough, and had a poke round inside it, and then decided that it wasn’t the control board which had gone (which is expensive) but was instead the heating element. It was quite a quick thing to replace, and would cost £98 for the part and the labour, so I let him do it (only took about half an hour), and then he was off.

    Now, was £98 a good price? I just don’t know. And that’s what I hate about anything to do with tradesmen or car mechanics or anything like that. You just have to take their word for it, hopefully ask a few pertinent questions so it sounds like you’re not an idiot, and then you just pay them whatever they ask.

    I tried to watch him fairly carefully, and at one point I thought he might be ripping me off. He showed me the heating element after he’d taken it out, and it was all caked in limescale, and he said that because of that the heating element would have been working extra hard to heat the water until finally it burnt out. OK, sounds alright so far. And then when he went outside to get a new one from his van, I looked out the window and saw him banging the old one on the kerb, bashing the limescale off. And I thought fuck, what if he’s going to bash some of the limescale off, it’ll start working again, and then he’ll just put the old one back in? And after that I watched him like a hawk, making him coffee so I could stay in the kitchen, and flitting around doing things so I could keep an eye on what happened. He definitely brought a new element in with the old one, it was silver and shiney and in a packet, and at the end he left me the old one – with some limescale removed from the bashing, but clearly old. So unless he fetched a different old one to give me and put the real old one back in, and brought a new one in as a prop, then I’m probably alright.

    The machine works now anyway, so I’m just hoping for the best. He might have overcharged me, as I had a look on the internet and don’t think heating elements are massively expensive, but I don’t think it was a complete rip off… I’m going to stop thinking about it now, it works and he’s gone away, I may as well just live with it.

    It does make me want to learn some basis skills though, a bit of plumbing and car mechanics and electricianing, just so you can do some things yourself and not be prey to whatever workman you call from the phonebook and might actually understand what they’re talking about. Maybe I will… or maybe I’ll just carry on paying and hoping.