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  1. Enter Magenta

    May 6, 2008 by superlative

    I almost forgot to say that one of my birthday presents was a Venus Fly Trap which I have named Magenta after the woman from Rocky Horror. I LOVE it, but am completely terrified of it. I’ve always wanted one, and they are massively cool, but I’m sorry a plant should not be able to move like that. If you tickle the little sensory hairs inside one of the traps, it goes ‘schnip’ and flicks closed. It’s not like a snapping motion, it’s not that fast, but it moves really quickly and the fact that it detects you and responds makes it seem strangely and disturbingly aware. Like it’s watching you and would try to bite your finger if you give it half a chance. I assume it’s not that strong and the spikes aren’t that sharp, but I’m still not taking any chances…

    I have so far fed her a dead spider, which she didn’t seem to like, and a live moth which was unfortunately too small and escaped out of a gap at the side of the trap. You don’t have to feed them apparently, they can just live off the soil, and you’re not supposed to trick them into closing their traps all the time for your amusement because it uses up too much energy, but I think I will try to feed her small morsels of things when I can just because it’s so fascinating. So I’m now going to be on the lookout for recently deceased insects or ones I can trap and fling into her waiting jaws. Once she gets big enough she can probably move onto cats and small dogs, and eventually toddlers. I’ll try to put a picture of her up when I get a chance to illustrate just how amazing she is.

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