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  1. Nicest. Swim. Ever.

    May 9, 2008 by superlative

    Instead of going to the gym, this morning I went for a swim at Brighton Health & Racquet Club just by my work. It’s a private health clubby thing with a gym and a pool, and it is HUGELY expensive to join – like £100 to join plus £60 a month until you die. However, because they lease the land from the university, uni staff can get a special card for £13 and can then swim there for £2 a time on certain days.

    Oh. My. God. It was the NICEST swimming pool I’ve ever been in! I kept thinking I was going to get chuck out for being uncouth. The lockers were made of oak panelling; there were free copies of the Daily Mail to take and read (ok, only the Mail, but still free); it was really quiet with no squawking kids or pikey mothers going “DEAN! STOP TRYING TO DROWN CHANTELLE!”; there were free shower gel dispensers in the showers; there were three pools including an outdoor one with sun loungers round it; there was even a little machine to put your trunks in that whizzes them round so you don’t even have to wring them out yourself! So it was definitely worth the £2! And I was right next to work so didn’t have far to go once I’d finished.

    I’ll definitely go again and fear the gym may now get ditched… It just seemed to make me ill by wearing me out and getting me overheated so I caught viruses, and then the bus to work was always a pain, so this seems so much better. The only thing that could have improved it was if there were lots of hot studenty types in little shorts in there, but alas all their male customers seemed to be 40 and over. Even more hideously I had to see one of the lecturers I used to work with naked, bleurgh.

    Because of our idyllic country setting, I also walked by two tiny rabbits near the health club:

    Tiny rabbit

    How cute is that? One got scared and tried to run away from me through a wire fence, but unfortunately the holes in it were too small so it just shoved its head through one of the gaps, kicked a bit, realised it wasn’t going anywhere, and then looked at me and waited to see if I was going to eat it. I didn’t, but I could have.