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  1. Kinder Bueno sex pests

    April 3, 2009 by superlative

    The Kinder Bueno sponsorship clip things they have during Desperate Housewives are SO sexist and have such double standards!

    Let me illustrate. Their slogan is “Kinder Bueno – a little bit of what you fancy”.

    Clip 1
    Some women are out for lunch at a restaurant and are being served by an attractive male waiter. They wait for him to come near their table, and deliberately throw something on the floor. He bends over to get it, and they all scope out his tightly denimed ass together.

    But switch the sexes and you get a group of men out for a meal, eyeing up the hot waitress. They chuck something on the floor and proceed to leer at her as she innocently picks it up for them, possibly nudging each other and licking their lips. 100,000 complaints to the Advertising Standards Agency for exploitation.

    Clip 2
    A woman goes into her gym, and sees a muscly man walk past her and go through the door to the male changing rooms. She sneaks up and sticks her head through the door, then comes out all smiley and wide-eyed and goes off into her own changing room.

    But if a man saw a hot female walk past him, followed her to the changing rooms and peeked in at her, he’d be labelled a sex pest, be put on some sort of offenders register, and there’d be a full-page spread in the News Of The World about greasey-raincoated perverts hanging around LA Fitness and heavy breathing!

    Now don’t get me wrong, I would quite happily chuck my fork on the floor in order to get a good look at a cute waiter’s behind. I may even take a photo on my mobile while he was down there. And I don’t have any trouble following men into the changing rooms to watch them strip off, it’s one of the key advantages of homosexuality.

    But it does seems a little unfair and one-sided!

    “Kinder Bueno – as much fun as sexual harrassment”