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  1. That Friday feeling

    March 20, 2009 by superlative

    It’s the end of the week at last, after five days of what has been mind-numbing boredom oddly combined with time whizzing past really quickly. I’m looking forward to the weekend as the sun is still shining, but I don’t really know what plans we’ve got for it. Boy watching may well feature heavily, and maybe a little trip to Popstarz tonight, we shall have to see…

    I’ve really wanted to go and try out Boogaloo Stu’s new night called Pop Kraft on a Thursday (which has replaced Creamy Fingers, which replaced Boogaloo), but we keep laming out at the last minute. Last night was no exception, so that’s three weeks in a row we’ve missed. It’s just so hard to go when you work full time though! One or both of us is usually tired from our Thursday at work, and the prospect of a Friday feeling sick at my desk is becoming less and less appealing as I get older. Maybe next week…? Who knows. I’m suspicious that no photos of the last three weeks of it have appeared on Facebook though, leading me to believe that maybe it wasn’t that busy…

    Oh yes, and in other news I’ve decided not to sign up for that creative writing course. The deadline is tomorrow, and I’ve not done it yet, so I just don’t think it’s going to happen. In the end it came down to whether I wanted to spend £155 on it, and I decided I couldn’t really justify it if I’m meant to be saving up to buy a flat.

    So never mind. I’m still quite interested in trying to write a novel one day, and I think they run this course every six months or so, so I could always sign up next time around. And I’ve saved £155 (sort of), which is good! Now how can I get away with spending that on a Blackberry, hmmm…

  2. An excessively alcoholic weekend

    September 15, 2008 by superlative

    A while ago I decided I was getting far too hungover far too often, and so I eased up on the drinking for a while. I was still drinking of course, I’m not a nun, but I made sure I stopped at a reasonable point, and consequently I didn’t pay for it too much the next day.

    It seems to have crept back up a bit recently though, and this last weekend I was out getting boozed up three nights in a row, which is really quite unlike me.

    I had a lovely weekend though – we had dinner with a friend then drinks out on Thursday, then we went for some more drinks out and then to Popstarz at the Ghetto on Friday (which was very good again – obviously that first dire week was some sort of blip), and then on Saturday we went for some MORE drinks out and then to Legends (whose wanky staff and owner always seem to spoil any trip there). And so by Sunday when we went out for some lunch I was really feeling quite sorry for myself, with a cumulative hangover from the previous three days.

    So I’m going to try to cut down again a little bit I think, particularly on wine. I don’t like being too drunk, and I don’t like being sick the next day, so what’s the point? It’s just drinking for the rather expensive sake of it and because I like the taste.

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  3. I declare three days of mourning

    September 9, 2008 by superlative

    I am officially in mourning for Dynamite Boogaloo, which was pronounced dead early on Thursday morning. Yes, after 16 years of entertaining the Brighton masses with hotpants, massive hooters and horrible party games, Boogaloo Stu has finally taken it round the back of the barn and shot it in the neck.

    I’m actually really sad, as Boogaloo has been a part of my life in Brighton ever since I moved down here in 1999. I must have been hundreds of times in the last nine years, and was ever so slowly building up to maybe one day participating in the cabaret. I’m not really sure what finished it off in the end either. It had a lot of venue changes during the last year, and its numbers had certainly been dropping off. I think every year Boogaloo used to recruit a new batch of fairly loyal student attendees who would go most weeks, but then it failed to do so this year and the numbers dropped and dropped. To be fair, I’ve been going less often myself, but I was still managing maybe once a month.

    It was never really the same after it moved from the Joint to Above Audio, although it picked up a lot once it moved downstairs to Audio proper. But then it moved to Candy Bar, and then suddenly moved again to the Arc, and the venue was just too large and not very well laid-out for it. I thought they might wait to see how well it did once the students arrived again in October, but apparently not.

    Dynamite Boogaloo on a Thursday is survived by its younger, fatter sibling: Super Dynamite Boogaloo, once a month on a Saturday at the Komedia. So it’s not ALL bad, I’ll still get to see Boogaloo Stu blatently falsifying the cabaret outcome so his favoured person wins, and Dolly Rocket tottering around with talcum powder all round her gob as Amy Winearse. But I’ll no longer have my weekly “shall we shan’t we” dilemma on a Thursday evening, and my Friday hangovers will be no more.

    On a slightly more cheery note, we tried Popstarz at the Ghetto again last Friday. We went a couple of weeks ago, and were APPALLED by the poor quality of the music and left in a huff. But we magnanimously decided to give it another go last week (well, some other people were going, so we said oh alright) and it was really good! Much better than before, as this time the DJ actually put some good music on that people wanted to dance to, instead of ignoring the fact that his dancefloor had remained empty for the last two hours.

    So I suppose we might exchange our Thursday nights out for Fridays, and my productivity at work on a Friday will probably increase by at least 32%. I should probably ask for a pay rise in that case…

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