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  1. So tired I could cry

    March 14, 2008 by superlative

    God I am SO tired today. I don’t know why, yes I did go clubbing last night but I’ve done that before and not felt this bad. I seemed to get drunk much quicker than I expected, and then I didn’t sleep properly until about 5.30am, so I’ve only really had about an hour or two. So now I feel all dizzy and fuzzy and I keep knocking things over.

    Last night was Boogaloo’s secret pre-launch party at the Candy Bar. I’m not sure why they are launching next week but had a pre-launch this week, I think they must have just got their dates muddled up and are trying to brazen it out… It was good anyway, they played good music and £2 a drink is not to be sniffed at.

    The venue was… OK. It’s quite a bit smaller than Audio, so I could imagine it getting pretty packed out and hot. The odd thing was the unisex toilets, they were something of a conundrum: they were all cubicles (obviously), and each one had a Femgiene bin in it for the girls to pop their sanitary products into (urgh girls are so rank…) – so quite girl-friendly. But none of the toilets had seats on. So what are they supposed to do? Just hover over it or something? I expected better from a lesbian bar. Or maybe they took the seats off because they knew lots of boys would come to Boogaloo and they didn’t want them pissing all over them.

    Right, I can’t go home for another 6 hours 10 minutes. How the hell am I going to cope?? Maybe I can prop my eyes open with paperclips (another use for paperclips! Health people, you know what I’m talking about…)

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