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  1. People are useless

    May 22, 2013 by superlative

    Blog every day in May topic – Rant about something 

    There are many things which annoy me, but one of things which annoy me at work (and I don’t think this is limited to my organisation) is that so many people are USELESS.

    They can’t read anything properly.

    They can’t reply to anything in an intelligible fashion.

    They’re only interested in their own field of work, nothing else is remotely important, and whatever you’re working on is piffling in comparison so you need to drop everything the minute they need something from you.

    But the thing that really gets my goat at the moment is people who can’t give their attention to ANYTHING unless they’re in a meeting about it. Somehow, without discernibly producing anything of value most of the time, they’re ‘too busy’ to think about any topic until you’ve got them sat down around a table.

    Several times I’ve had people say to me ‘Oh yes, we must have a meeting about [blah], it’s really very urgent and important’.

    ‘Hmm, really?’ I’ve thought. ‘Could you not just send me an email about it? No, OK, we’ll meet in four weeks’ time, the earliest window you’ve got in your busy and important schedule to discuss it.’

    Meeting day comes around. They describe what it is they want on the website. I say yes that’s fine, you just need to produce [whatever content it is, usually a few hundred words of text, maybe with an idea of what structure they want].

    And then… nothing. NOTHING HAPPENS. Months pass. Literally months. I’m not exaggerating. In one case I actually waited TWO YEARS for them to do this (remember it was urgent) piece of work, without which I cannot do the work they demanded from me.

    Usually after the first few months have passed, they contact me again to ask if we can have another meeting ‘to review where we’ve got to and keep this moving’. With a sigh, I agree to the meeting, in another four weeks’ time. We get to meeting day again, and I ask what happened with them writing the content we agreed upon.

    ‘Oh we haven’t started that yet, never enough time in the day’ – carefree laugh.

    So NOTHING. You have done nothing at all. And now we have to have essentially the same meeting again, where we agree on the same actions, and I leave the room knowing that I’ll probably never hear anything about it again until the next meeting.

    How can people work like this? How much money is wasted paying salaries around the world so people can sit in rooms, discuss a subject, and then produce NOTHING?


    Office work has a reputation for feeling and being futile, and it is well deserved. Pushing paper around can seem a bit pointless. But meetings with idiots are in my opinion one of the worst parts of working in an office. If you haven’t completed the actions from your last meeting, you shouldn’t be allowed to have any more until you do. And if you haven’t done them after two weeks you should be shot in the neck and composted.

  2. A moment in my day

    May 9, 2013 by superlative

    Blog every day in May topic – A moment in your day

    I didn’t manage to write this first thing when I took the photo like I planned to – work got in the way – but the moment from my day that I have chosen is this one.

    My office

    This is what I see when I arrive at work every day, and sometimes my heart sinks a little bit. The amount of time I have spent sat at this desk doing pretty much nothing is terrifying. I have been in this job since November 2007 I think, and I’ve had this office for almost all of that. That’s more than five years sat on this chair, staring at these computer screens. I haven’t even got a proper window, just a window into the atrium with a view of a wall. It’s like a mock window, the sort of window that crushes your spirit even more than no window at all.

    And the worst part of my view when I arrive in the mornings is this:

    The horror

    That’s the lighter coloured circle of carpet where my chair goes, that has been worn down by five years of gentle trundling around on it. That’s pretty much the most important thing I’ve produced in this room.

    Sometimes my job has been very busy. But often it isn’t really, and I dread to think of the amount of time I’ve spent either doing a piece of work extremely slowly to make it last longer or just fucking about on the internet. If I think about it too hard, it gets a bit distressing, because I think bloody hell…  I’ve expended LIFE in this chair. Precious, limited, not going to get it back, life.

    And it’s not just me, I’m sure. It seems to be a symptom of lots of office work. Office work is just boring, and much of it is futile, and much of it doesn’t really require the full faculties of a human being. They should just breed meatsack clones or something and replace most office workers with them. I’m sure a sack of meat could stare at these computer screens just as well as I can, and no one would even notice the difference.

    “What do you want to be when you grow up?” they ask when you’re small. “A pointless sack of meat” is not what you’re taught to say. But it would be more realistic.