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  1. The soundtrack of my life

    May 29, 2013 by superlative

    Blog every day in May topic – Five songs or pieces of music that speak to you or bring back memories

    Cher – Believe

    As much as Chris might protest to the contrary, to me this is ‘our song’. It’s not a romantic song, and it’s not one that we chose. It chose itself, and that’s why I like it and have stuck with it.

    This song was playing on the radio in my parents’ kitchen when Chris and I had our first kiss. It was my first kiss ever, in fact. I was 17. After six months of circling around the issue cautiously, we had recently confirmed our mutual gayness to each other, and now we found ourselves alone in the house together.

    The memory of it is still electric to me. It was such a thrilling, terrifying, wonderful time of my life. A time of discovery and vulnerability and excitement, and a time filled with experiences that I had started to wonder if I’d ever have.

    I’m not going to relay every detail here, but we kissed, that day, on the sofa. And Cher was singing Believe in the background, and so this song will always be very special.

    Lisa Loeb – Stay (I Missed You)

    Lisa Loeb is my favourite artist of all time. I have five or six of her albums and I never get tired of listening to them. I like that she’s someone a bit unusual – most people have heard of her and remember this song, but don’t know anything else about her – and I like that she’s been with me for more than half of my life now.

    When I hear this song, and particularly when I see the video, I remember sitting on the floor at home aged about 13 watching the Chart Show on Saturday morning television. I remember listening to it at 16 on a stereo in the workroom of the library where I had my first job while I glued the spines back onto books. I remember playing the album for Chris. And I remember singing it a hundred times on Singstar in our home together. This song has been in my life for a long time and I hope it never goes away.

    Shakira – Whenever, Wherever

    I’ve included this song not because it’s my favourite or anything, but because it elicits a very particular memory for me.

    Shakira released this song in 2001, and it is part of her Laundry Service album. I spent 2001/02 living in Geneva, and at times this was quite a lonely period of my life. I listened to music on a portable CD player a lot to pass the time, so this song, and the entire album, reminds me of that. It reminds me of sitting in my halls room in an 18th century Swiss building, looking out through wooden shutters over the park that was my view, wondering when I could go home.

    Shirley Ellis – The Clapping Song

    This song and the next are part of a set of songs that speak to me of wonderful nights out at Dynamite Boogaloo, a club night we started going to during university and which we still go to today. It has changed name and venue and format several times over the last 13 years, but deep down it is still Dynamite Boogaloo to us. Three, Six, Nine, as I call it because I never know its real name, is one of Boogaloo Stu’s signature songs – I don’t think I’ve ever heard another DJ play it – and it takes me back to nights of being drunk on rum and coke and tequila shots, dancing in a stupidly unflattering crop top, and laughing at absurdly childish cabaret games in a 3,000 degree basement club.

    Meat Loaf ft. Cher – Dead Ringer for Love

    I started with Cher and I’m ending with her. All things begin and end with Cher. This is another Boogaloo song, and is my favourite of all the songs they perform at cabaret. I’ve heard Boogaloo Stu and Dolly Rocket sing it a number of times, and I’m always stood there with a massive, enraptured smile on my face throughout. They even made it their cabaret song for us by special request one night, because we hadn’t heard it for ages and we begged.

    It always starts the same – Boogaloo Stu on stage, alone. The music kicks in and he sings the first verse and chorus. It gets ever closer to the second verse, but there’s no Dolly Rocket.

    “Is she coming? Is she not coming this time? It’s getting really close to her cue. Oh I think she’s not here tonight,” I think.

    Then at the last possible moment, Dolly bursts from the wings in full song in her amazing Cher outfit.

    Just thinking about it makes me laugh, and they’ve made me love this song.

  2. Lisa Loeb

    November 18, 2011 by superlative

    I haven’t had a lot to write about this week, so instead I’m just going to share with you one of my favourite songs of all time: Stay (I Missed You), by Lisa Loeb.

    I’ve been a fan of Lisa Loeb since about 1997, and I own four of her albums. She doesn’t record very much any more, and the music she has written most recently has been aimed at children at young people, but I never get tired of listening to those albums and would say she’s probably my favourite musical artist. Other artists come and go in my preferences, but Lisa has stayed firmly put since I first discovered her. I think I also really like that she’s not particularly well known, so it feels a bit more special to cite her as my favourite artist than if I said someone mega-famous.

    Really Lisa Loeb ended up being a sort of soundtrack to my growing up. I was still a child when I first heard Stay, and then by the time I bought her album The Way It Really Is in 2004 I was an adult, having been through university and being five years into a relationship. I think that is one of the reasons why she is particularly special to me.

    I was lucky enough to see her perform in London in 2006, and then I don’t really think she has performed outside the US since then, and may never do so again. She works a lot more on summer camps that she runs for underprivileged children now. I’m glad I got to see her at least that one time though.

    If you don’t really know much of her music, I heartily recommend her Tails album, which is full of great tracks. All of her albums are great though, and I can’t really pick a single favourite song. Sandalwood reminds me of Chris, and I really love the lyrics of Wishing Heart on the album Firecracker. Give her a try if you’re looking for something to listen to.

  3. One week remaining

    July 18, 2008 by superlative

    This time in a week, I should be dancing around my wedding reception. I hope that it’ll be at the end of a nice day where the sun has shone and everyone has arrived on time and it has all generally gone well.

    I’m feeling just about OK about everything at the moment, we’ve done pretty much all we can do this far in advance. Chris is finishing off the music playlist as I’m typing this – I think it should be really good, we’ve got loads of good songs on there. I was surprised how quickly 5 hours gets filled up with relatively few songs, we ended up having to cut loads of stuff out just to keep it down to the amount of time we’ll have. I don’t know yet if I’m actually going to get to dance to all the songs I’ll want to dance to (basically all of them) – I’ll have to choose: either talk to guests, and miss the dancing; or dance and be a bit antisocial. I think Chris has already said to everyone that he’s not planning on talking to people so don’t expect him to, he wants to dance. Which is fine in a way because we’ll hopefully be seeing quite a few people the following day anyway for additional food, drinks and maybe clubbing, so hopefully we can talk to them then.

    Other than the music, there’s really not that many things we can do now. We’ve just got to wait until Wednesday and Thursday when we can start doing things for the actual day. I’m only at work on Monday and Tuesday this week, which is good, but I think I’m going to have a hard time concentrating on my work – I just want to get on with the wedding now.

    And I really ought to start doing some stuff for America now – it’s so unlike me to have thought so little about a holiday when it’s only a week and a bit away! Thank god for the eight hour flight on Monday… I think that’ll be the first time I get to relax from about the previous Wednesday!