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  1. Columbo returns

    October 1, 2008 by superlative

    We got the car back finally from the garage yesterday, and he appears to be all better now. He’s got a new bumper on the middle and left bit (which now doesn’t match the right hand bit, but never mind), and a new wheel, and he seemed OK when we drove him home. It’s quite nice to have him back, I’m quite attached to our little car. We had to pay the £150 excess, and we still haven’t really heard what the outcome of all the insurance claims is, but hopefully the worst part of the sorting out should be over with now.

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  2. Car hospital

    September 23, 2008 by superlative

    I don’t think I’ve written on here before that our car is called Columbo have I? Well he is anyway, and he’s a he. And he has now finally gone off to car hospital to be looked at.

    Despite the fact that the garage said they would come to collect him between 2 and 4 yesterday, and Chris dutifully taking the afternoon off to wait in for them, they didn’t actually come until about 4.30. Why does it always have to be that way whenever you arrange a delivery or a workman or anything? The number of hours of our lives we must waste waiting in for things, it’s frightening. And what was the reason for their tardiness? Two of their recovery vehicles had broken down. Erm…. OK! That fills you with confidence doesn’t it?

    I actually saw Columbo sail past me on top of a lorry while I was on the bus home, as the garage isn’t far from where I work. He looked quite pleased to be driven around for a change, I hope they look after him properly. He’s a nice little car.

    I’m not quite sure what’s going to happen about the insurance claim. The girls who went into the back of Chris think they hit him first, and that Chris then hit the car in front, and Chris’ passenger agrees. But Chris isn’t sure, as it all happened so fast, and thought he might have hit the car in front first. I’m not sure how much difference it’ll make, or if Chris will be liable for hitting the car in front either way. Obviously if the girls are going to be liable for hitting us, I’d rather they were liable for both, as that absolves us of the blame. But I guess the insurance companies will have to sort it out between them, and we’ll just get told.

    I hate insurance, it’s such a rip off. Half the time you find you’re not covered anyway, and then even when you are you have to pay an excess (very clever ploy they dreamed up there) which means you’re only actually insured for damage over that amount – otherwise it’s not worth claiming and you end up paying for it out of your own pocket. So they get it all their own way really. And it costs you hundreds of pounds, and it’s a legal obligation to pay it. Tsk.

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  3. Poorly car

    September 21, 2008 by superlative

    We got the car back home with the help of the RAC, and it is now sitting outside with a screwed up back wheel and bumper waiting for the garage to come and collect it on Monday. Hopefully the damage will be limited to that wheel and the bumper and it won’t have damaged anything underneath or bent the axle or anything.

    Elephant have been quite good so far, they’ve been quite helpful on the phone, and once the garage have looked at it they said we might get a courtesy car while it’s being repaired. The unfortunate thing is that the fucker that caused the accident didn’t stop, even though they’d hit the car behind Chris. So because of the bizarre ‘if someone else isn’t liable then you must be’ system, the girls who hit Chris from behind are probably liable for the damage to the back of ours, and Chris will be liable for hitting the car that was in front of him. Either way we have to pay our excess on the repairs and it’ll bring down our no claims bonus.

    It could be worse I suppose… At least we’ve got comprehensive insurance and no-one was hurt. It’s just a bugger to sort everything out.