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  1. The sun is back!

    March 16, 2009 by superlative

    Yay the sun has returned and it has been a lovely couple of days in Brighton. I can’t actually see the sun, or the outside world at all, from my desk at work unfortunately, but I know it’s there and that’s the main thing.

    As it was nice and warm yesterday Chris and I were able to make our first boy-watching trip of 2009 along Brighton seafront. It’s not been nice enough until now. Have I written about the analogue boy clock before? Well, it’s our system for spotting cute boys anyway. We came up with it after too many frustrating walks involving the conversation “he’s nice. Who? Him over there. Which one? He’s gone now, you missed him. Damn!”. It works a bit like when you’re in a jet fighter (a regular occurrence for us all), where 12 o’clock is dead ahead, 3 o’clock is directly on your right, 6 o’clock is behind you, etc. So using that, with a brief description, you can pinpoint anyone in a matter of moments. E.g. “blond hair, 2 o’clock”, “grey t-shirt, 10 o’clock”, “Dubcek, 1 o’clock”.

    • A Dubcek (doop-check) is someone who looks good from behind, but is disappointing when they turn around. We stole it from Third Rock From The Sun.
    • A Butterface is someone who looks good everywhere (body etc) but their face. They can also be called a King Prawn: rip off the head and eat the body.
    • A Monet is someone who looks good from far away, but rubbish close up.

    There are other names for special cases, but I can’t think of them right now.

    So yes, that’s the analogue boy clock. It’s a fun game.

    I’ve also given up trying to grow my hair longer, it just wasn’t looking good. Someone said to me on Saturday “what exactly are you going for with it?”, and that was the final straw. So Chris has cut it all off for me and I feel much happier with it short and a bit spikey again.

  2. Christmas, hair, and internet telepathy

    November 26, 2008 by superlative

    I’m starting really to look forward to Christmas this year now, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, Christmas would appear to be in full swing already in all the shops and on the TV, so I feel like I may as well start to get into it. I flicked onto 4Music the other day and they were already playing Christmas hits on loop, and it’s not even the end of November! I think I’m going to get quite tired of hearing Mistletoe and Wine and that stupid Slade song they play ad infinitum every year by the time we actually get to Christmas.

    My second reason is that I’ll be doing something a bit different this year, and spending Christmas day with Chris for the first time. For the last few years I’ve stayed over at his Mum’s house on Christmas Eve, had presents with him and his family first thing in the morning, and then gone back to my own parents’ for the rest of the day. That was fine, I quite like it because I’ve always spent Christmas day with them, but Mum doesn’t really like Christmas that much and gets very worn out with it quite quickly. Last year we ended up sitting with the lights off (because of her eyes) and no music on (because of the noise), and I felt like sticking a fork in my neck just to make sure I hadn’t suffered brain death without noticing.

    This year Mum has already announced she doesn’t want to do Christmas, or at least she wants to do a very reduced version. There will be no decorations, no tree, we will not be having a roast turkey dinner, and we will be getting one present each only up to the value of £20. She’s hoping this will mean she’ll still be feeling well enough by Boxing Day to do lunch with my horrible grandad, as she missed it last year and doesn’t want to miss another. I’m always very supportive, and said yes of course that’s fine with me.

    Then Chris and I discussed what we want to do over Christmas, particularly as this is our first year as a married couple, and decided maybe it would be nice to spend it together at his Mum’s house. I was a bit unsure how Mum would react to that, so had to gear myself up to asking if that would be OK with her. Chris did his usual thing of placing me firmly between the two of them, by saying “don’t ask her if it’s OK, tell her it’s what you want to do”, so once again I had to do my balancing act of trying to keep both of them happy. In the end though, it went surprisingly smoothly, as when I spoke to Mum about it she said “oh well I was going to ask you if you wanted to do that anyway, I know you must get bored here, and as we’re not doing Christmas properly anyway…”. So I was really surprised! But pleased, and now Chris and I can have a nice day together and I’ll see Mum and Dad on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day instead. Hooray!

    This post is quite long already, so I won’t dwell too much on the other (hopefully intriguing) parts of the subject line. The first is the fact that I have new hair. I’m still not quite sure about it, I’ve had quite a few nice comments, but sometimes I think it looks a bit odd. Chris cut it for me (he did very well actually), based on a picture I found on the internet and some ‘how to cut hair’ videos I watched on Expert Village. This is what I was going for:

    And this is what it now looks like:

    My eyes are doing that weird thing where one is bigger than the other in the picture, don’t look at that bit. I think it looks a bit better in real life than it does in the picture too. It’s not too far off, I think considering it was cut at home it’s come out quite well. And it means I get to have spikey hair while still disguising my huge forehead a bit. It’s a shame my hair isn’t really long enough in some places yet. God I do have the most humongous forehead actually, it’s about three times the size of his. I should install solar panels on it.

    Anyway, also I have become rather addicted to Twittervision UK. It’s a combination of Twitter and Google Maps, and it lets you watch what people are twittering all over the UK. I find it really compulsive to watch, it’s just little snatches of conversations and people’s idle musings, and it feels a bit like you’re reading their thoughts. It’s quite voyeuristic. There’s a worldwide version too, but I found that less interesting because it kept jumping to tweets in Japanese and Portuguese that I couldn’t read. So anyway, between Facebook, writing this post, and Twittervision, I have to say my productivity really has taken a tumble this morning. I suppose I better take a look at my emails…