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  1. Where am I going to buy my drugs now?

    September 14, 2010 by superlative

    The drug dealers have rather abruptly moved out of the flat next door to mine and we have new neighbours. I’m quite surprised, because I thought they were going to be staying put there for a while.

    It was only a few weeks ago that one of them knocked on our door (the nice one who doesn’t deal drugs) to say they’d had another letter from their landlord about noise complaints, and they were sorry and wanted to ask what they could do to be quieter. We hadn’t actually complained about the noise, it must have been one of the other flats, because from our point of view they already were quite quiet. The fact that they sold drugs from the flat and had large numbers of rather sketchy-looking visitors/customers was much more of an issue to me, but of course I didn’t say that. I was just nice and jovial and said no they hadn’t disturbed us, and that was it.

    So I was a bit surprised that last weekend they were suddenly packing stuff into a taxi and hoovering the flat at 11pm (they never hoover, presumably they manage never to spill their drugs on the carpet). I saw one of them in the street and just nodded and smiled, and in return I got a rather stoney look, so I can only assume that someone complained about them again and they were told to leave. I feel sorry for the nice one because he’d always been very friendly to us, but I don’t feel sorry for the drug dealer. I just don’t want that in my building.

    I’m still rather annoyed that having called the police and asked what you should do if you think your neighbour is a drug dealer, having been told “yes that behaviour does sound suspicious, you should file a report with us”, and having then filed a report three times, NOTHING happened. Nothing at all. They didn’t ask me for any further information, they didn’t say keep a log of how many suspicious visitors they have so we have more to go on, or anything like that. They just noted it down and then did nothing about it.

    What else is a responsible citizen supposed to do? Why should I just tolerate having a drug dealer next door, even if he was only a low level one? I realise that I could simply have been a malicious neighbour who wanted to get someone I didn’t like into trouble, and so they can’t just bash the door down on my say so. But I’d have thought something might have happened. But no, apparently not. Maybe they need to get complaints from more than one neighbour before they take it seriously or something.

    But anyway, they’ve gone now, and two girls have moved in.

    In an effort to be neighbourly, we introduced ourselves when they arrived, and had them over for a glass of wine in the evening. They seem on the whole quite nice, and probably are a better calibre of neighbour than we’ve had in there for a while: one is an NQT, and the other is a mature student (although still in her early 20s, so she’s only ‘mature’ because she’s not starting her course at 18).

    I was less impressed with the 10 friends they had round on their first night, who seemed much more like the daggy, slightly zoned-out set of students that we’re used to next door. They were polite enough, but the building immediately felt like a halls of residence again. They left smoking debris all over the patio too, which I found rather disrespectful of the other people that live there.

    But the girls ARE quiet, friendly and polite, so I’m hoping it will be fine. And they approved of our Zac Efron poster and Hollyoaks Hunks calendar (yes we have those), so we may get on famously.

    We’re thinking again about moving anyway, as our landlord wants to put the rent up by another £20 and I’m starting to think it’s not very good value for a one bedroom flat with no double glazing, no central heating, only one storage heater for the whole flat, and periodically bad neighbours. I just want somewhere nice to live, that’s quiet and is befitting of our stature as refined young professionals. But we still haven’t saved up enough to buy, so it would have to be another rental place, and the only places I really like are around £1,000 a month. We could afford that, but it would stop us saving up to buy very quickly, so then I don’t know if we should move or not.

    Anyway, yay to no drug dealers and replacement neighbours, and I’m off to check lettings adverts now.