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  1. Creamy Fingers second outing

    November 24, 2008 by superlative

    We went to Creamy Fingers again last week. It was the second time they’ve run it after a bit of a gap since its launch. I think it’s meant to run fortnightly now, so I’m not sure why they had the launch, then a gap, then the second one, but anyway.

    It was…. OK. Quite good in some ways, very boogalooy, and Dolly Rocket seems to be doing it now too so it’s even more boogalooy than when they had Le Gateau Chocolat. The music was really good, the DJ put on some really good stuff from quite early on.

    It encountered a tiny problem though in that no-one seemed to come. I think they probably had about… 20 people? 30 tops, including those that only came for a drink then went away. And three of those were us! So it was a bit sad really, I’m really worried about it.

    We had a bit of a dance and a few drinks (it’s always very cheap in there), and then Stu did one of his ‘intimate’ cabarets, where he knows that basically there’s not enough people there. Chris semi-nobly took part in the cabaret, in that Jamie shoved him towards the stage so he didn’t have much choice, and also he probably wanted to be a bit generous to Stu. He came to regret it a bit though, because the cabaret game was based on answering questions and eating a cream cake if you get it right and two cakes if you get it wrong (or maybe the other way round) until one of you has cleared a massive tray of cakes and is declared the winner. The cakes were quite nice, but you can’t really eat eight of them in quick succession while drunk, so I had to help him out a bit by scoffing a couple. He still lost though, to some girl who was more popular with the crowd (presumably because she had more than two friends), but we did win a box of maltesers. He then threw up in the toilet, nice.

    But considering that was only the second Creamy Fingers and it didn’t attract very many people at all, I think it is a bit of a worry. I just don’t get what the problem is, Boogaloo used to be so popular and had a very loyal following. I suppose the loyal following has grown up and can’t go clubbing on a weekday so much now (apart from us as we don’t mind going in hungover). They need to attract a new student crowd who think it’s cool, some of the kooky gay kids who aren’t into the mainstream tight t-shirts and doosh doosh doosh music of Revenge. But how? I could post an advert for them on the university social network, I don’t think I’d get into trouble for that, and at least if that got them to join the Facebook group it might widen the audience a bit. Boogaloo Stu should really sell it at Super Boogaloo this Saturday too, that’s the right kind of crowd and it’s always full on a Saturday.

    Chris thinks it’s a problem with clubbing in general, rather than Creamy Fingers itself, particularly mid-week clubbing. Everywhere seems pretty quiet, people just aren’t going dancing any more. Maybe it’s to do with 24-hour licensing, as people don’t need to go on to a club in order to carry on their evening, they can just stay in the pub? But then again even the gay bars have been pretty quiet. Do people just not like going out any more?? When did everyone get so old?

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  2. Creamy Fingers

    October 24, 2008 by superlative

    I enjoyed Creamy Fingers muchly last night, although today I feel AWFUL. Really, really awful to the point where I thought I was going to pass out on the bus on the way to work (see previous post). I’m feeling a little better now though, good old ready salted hula hoops, and I’ll hopefully be alright after lunch.

    So anyway, as suspected Creamy Fingers was similar to Boogaloo in lots of ways. It was back at the Ghetto, they played good pop-type music (I think, memory is hazy, I know I danced lots though), Stu did a song and then Le Gateau Chocolat did a song, and then they played a game. The key difference was the game involved cream cakes. Stu also gave out filthy badges, which was nice, he didn’t do that very often at Dynamite Boogaloo. Don’t ask me what songs they sang during cabaret, I haven’t got a clue now. I’m also a bit hazy on the terms of the game, I think it involved eating two cakes each time you got an answer right. Or wrong. Or both.

    The drinks were very, very cheap, which is why I’m not feeling so hot today. It was only £1.50 for a vodka and whatever, and you could get these shot things for 50p, so Chris was very pleased when he came tottering back from the bar with six drinks for six pounds. The shots were quite vile, they tasted like undiluted orange squash with a kick. Oh yes, and it was free to get in before 11, which was good.

    I was expecting it to be rammed, and it wasn’t, which I found surprising for a launch. It was decently full though mostly, with enough people dancing, although it was noticeable during cabaret that the audience weren’t that loud due to lower numbers. I hope it does OK, I do need a Boogaloo replacement. Doing it fortnightly might work because you can’t think “oh I’ll just go next week instead”, so it might help make us get up and get out intstead of being lethargic and staying in.

    Here are some photos:

    Stu feeds the starving masses

    Cabaret time: a girl called something like Sam who frequently inveigles herself into cabaret VS a cute boy from Birmingham (how unfortunate for him)

    Le Gateau Chocolat astounds with another sartorial triumph

    The cute boy ended up winning so deserves another picture

    And I’m still not sure about my new hair. I’m trying to grow it, but think it looks a bit rubbish. SOMEONE had exceptionally nice hair last night, which makes mine look even worse

  3. Oh god

    October 24, 2008 by superlative

    I feel like I’m going to die.

  4. My fingers are ready for the cream

    October 23, 2008 by superlative

    Tonight is the launch of Boogaloo Stu’s Brighton Creamy Fingers night at the Ghetto. Chris and I have said we’ll go and I’m quite looking forward to it, although I woke up really tired this morning. I’m hoping just to ride it out though and that I’ll perk up once I’ve had a couple of drinks at home tonight.

    The night looks like it will be quite similar to Dynamite Boogaloo in that it’ll be playing pop and alternative-type music and there will still be a cabaret. The main difference is Dolly Rocket won’t be there, she seems to be doing nights at Legends now, and nor will Dynamite Sal, who is running a different pop night just round the corner at Audio. I hope it will be good anyway. They’ve already said they’ll be doing it fortnightly from 20 November. I expect it will be pretty busy tonight as it’s the launch and there are lots of people down to go on Facebook (80 at the moment I think, although not all of those will turn up).

    Anyway, I shall review the experience tomorrow once my hangover has subsided.

  5. Showbiz correspondence

    September 26, 2008 by superlative

    I got a Facebook message from Boogaloo Stu today about my blog post on the demise of Thursday Boogaloo. It was terribly sweet of him to write, and also quite shocking that someone had actually read my blog outside of my normal circle of friends. But that’s the whole point I suppose, if I wanted to keep a private diary I’d be doing it on a bit of paper.

    Anyway, Boogaloo Stu is organising a club night called Creamy Fingers for Thursday 23 October, which will be a one-off thing initially but may become regular, presumably if enough people go and if people like it. So that could be a replacement for me for Boogaloo maybe? Stu asked me to invite all my friends, so obviously was just buttering me up before indulging in a little e-marketing, but that’s fine. I’m sure Chris and I will go whatever happens, especially as it’s at Ghetto so you can practically see it from my front room.

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