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  1. Watchmen

    March 13, 2009 by superlative

    Last night was the private screening of Watchmen that I won in a LoveFilm/PlayStation competition, and I had such a good time! We had to travel up to London for it of course, so we actually spent more money on the train than it would have cost to see it at the cinema in Brighton, but that’s not the point.

    We went up to London straight after work and met some friends at Wagamama, where we had a lovely pre-film dinner, and then we scooted on down to the Odeon Marble Arch for 8pm and met the rest of our friends. There were a couple of nice guys from PlayStation there to meet us and they showed us into our lovely empty screen that was entirely devoid of annoying other people.

    They had very carefully laid out a bag of popcorn and a drink for each of us, and then someone came round and gave us each a little tub of Ben & Jerry’s which we munched on happily during the trailers while having quiet conversations along the lines of “hi, how are you? fine thanks. why are we whispering? I don’t know, there’s no-one else here!”

    The film was good, I hadn’t really been sure what to expect as I haven’t read the book, but I really enjoyed it. It was a little long I have to say, because for the whole of the third hour I was thinking “really? you’re not finished yet?”, but I suppose they didn’t want to trim the book too much. I was glad I hadn’t read it in a way because it obviously made it all new for me, and it meant I wasn’t comparing and thinking “the book was better” the whole time.

    Dr Manhattan is obviously way cool with is god-like powers. I quite liked his indifference to wearing clothes, but at the same time his electric blue cock did rather draw the eye and stopped me focusing on some of the dialogue. I was also a bit peturbed by the size of Nite Owl’s gargantuan arse and kept thinking “is that part of his super power? surely not…”

    And then afterwards, as if the private screening and free food weren’t enough, we got party bags! Very much in the vein of a 10-year old’s birthday party where you file out one by one, get handed a bag and say “thank you very much for having me” before scurrying off. I was well impressed with the contents though, it’s all PlayStation 3 stuff, a mug and a pen and a bottle opener, PLUS two tickets to see another film at an Odeon EACH! The goodie bag on its own would have been quite a good prize I thought!

    So yes, that was my prize winner’s evening. It may well be the only time I win a competition ever, so I’m glad we made the most of it and didn’t say “oh, London, that’s a bit far” or whatever.

  2. But I never win anything!

    March 5, 2009 by superlative

    I won a competition today, woo hoo!

    It was one of those things where you enter online, and you think “yeah right, I’ll never hear anything about that ever again” and you put it out of your mind. But this morning I had an email informing me I’d won something, and it wasn’t from the daughter of a deceased Nigerian General, and it didn’t ask me to confirm my account number or anything!

    So anyway, it was a Watchmen competition run by LoveFilm and you had to go back to the website once a week for four weeks and answer a question. If you got all four questions right you got put into a draw for the grand prize of a private screening of the new Watchmen film in London. And I won! So now I get to go up to London next week and watch the film in a cinema screen all to myself with up to 30 friends. And they’ll be giving us some refreshments or something as well they said (so, probably a coke. Maybe some popcorn, but let’s not go nuts).

    But it’s good anyway, I never win anything usually! I enter loads of competitions idly, and never get anything back from them. Of course, I probably don’t know 30 people who want to see Watchmen AND who want to go to London to watch it when you could watch down here for £7, even if it is a private screening. But that’s not the point, I’m still pleased.

    Yay me!

    (Days healthy – 14)