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  1. Christmas party #2 – now that’s more like it

    December 16, 2012 by superlative

    I had my second office Christmas party on Friday, and as I was hoping it was a complete contrast to Wednesday’s affair. It was… a proper party, basically, and people enjoyed themselves and didn’t want to leave at the earliest available opportunity.

    As previously described, the meal on Wednesday was perfectly nice, but it was just a meal, it was fairly sedate, and it ended rather forlornly at 4pm.

    Friday’s meal on the other hand had: three quizzes; festive hats (mine was a turkey); competitive Christmas-jumper-wearing; about 30 people; merriment; and post-dinner drinks that went on until 11pm. Actually it probably went on a bit later than 11pm, but by that time I felt like I’d drunk all the rum in the pub and decided I really ought to be waddling home. It was a proper Christmas do, in short, and I had a really good time.

    The meal was at a place called A Taste of Sahara – north African-type cuisine, which isn’t something I’ve really had before, and although I maybe still wouldn’t choose to go there normally, it was very nice. They were very accommodating of such a large group, and it’s bring your own booze there, so that made it nice and easy for everyone to have what they wanted to drink and it worked out really cheaply. The food was a bit heavy on the grilled meats, so it was almost like having a fancy barbecue, but everything tasted nice and I’d had so much wine that it really didn’t matter all that much.

    Then afterwards about 20 or so people went on to the pub, and it was all very sociable and merry. I’ve been working in this office for about 9 months now and I have to confess that I still didn’t really know what half the people’s names were. I did by the end of the evening though, and I think it takes something like a proper work social before you really start to get to know everyone and have more than just a colleague-level relationship with them.

    I had quite a lot to drink, but I don’t think I embarrassed myself (as far as I recall), and everyone seemed very impressed by my roast turkey hat. At least one person got absolutely train-wreck trashed, which is always quite amusing as long as it’s not you, and it meant that everyone else could drink as much as they wanted and still look fairly sober and dignified in comparison. It was one of the younger people in the office, and I actually found it very endearing as he went round everyone in the pub telling them how much he likes us all and how much he enjoys working with us. I don’t know if he might be a bit sheepish about it on Monday, but we’ve all been there when we were in our twenties and the booze creeps up on you and suddenly you realise you should have stopped drinking at least an hour ago and now it’s waaaaay too late to do anything about it. Bless.

    At one point the manager for the team I work with in that office asked me if I’d ever want to move and be part of that team properly, rather than this funny half-and-half arrangement that I do at the moment, and actually yes I do think I’d like that. I’m ready for a change now, and I think it would be good for me long term. So I’m hopeful that something along those lines might happen during 2013, but I’ll have to wait and see.

    I’m feeling ever so Christmassy now and wish that Christmas was this week rather than 9 whole days away. It’s going to be a funny week at work, because we’ve done all of our festive celebrations and now it’s just a normal week again until we finish. But at least we’re nearly there. I’ll just have to listen to All I Want For Christmas on loop between now and then to see me through.

  2. Christmas party #1 – an inauspicious beginning

    December 12, 2012 by superlative

    grumpy-cat-christmasI have been doing two jobs in two different offices since February, and that means that I get to go to two Christmas parties this year. The first one was today, and while it was fiiiiIIiiIIiine, it wasn’t great, and once again I’m a bit disappointed.

    Our Christmas parties at work always take the same format – we close the office at lunchtime, everyone gets the afternoon off, and we go into Brighton for a meal somewhere. I always have high hopes for them, and people seem to look forward to it, and there is general consensus that we will have the meal and then go on for drinks somewhere nearby afterwards. But for some reason with the office of my main job, it NEVER really happens it and always falls a bit flat.

    We went to the Chilli Pickle this year, an Indian restaurant in Jubilee Square. The food was quite nice, but rather over-priced for general Indian fare, and the service was sooooo slow. It was half empty in there, we were booked in at 12.30, and they didn’t even manage to bring us our starters for an hour. They said “oh, one of the dishes takes 20 minutes to steam”. Oh yeah? And what were the other 40 minutes was for? So that was a bit annoying, and I’d drunk most of my wine before I’d even eaten anything.

    And then it just went a bit awkward and wrong at the end. This will sound a bit ungrateful, but our meal is paid for by the university, and in the past our Dean has always bought the drinks. I’ve been to five Christmas meals with this office, and he ALWAYS does, and we are all suitably grateful and it’s terribly nice of him. And this year he just.. didn’t. He stood up at 3, said “I have to go now, I have a meeting”, left £5 for his drinks and left. And that didn’t even cover what he actually drank! So we paid for our own, which is fine, we shouldn’t expect to get them paid for, but everyone was a bit confused and it took ages to sort the money out.

    Then the restaurant decided we hadn’t arranged to pay for the food by invoice (we had), so our manager had to pay on his credit card, and it was all very awkward like it always is when you’re sorting out meal money and it never seems to add up to enough even though you feel like you’ve put about £50 in.

    And then everyone just left! We’d talked about going for drinks during the meal, but one or two people said actually no they wouldn’t come after all, and then the rest fell like dominoes and the whole thing collapsed. People have always lamed out a bit in previous years, with only a handful of us going out until maybe 6 or something and it feeling a little half hearted, but we’ve never disbanded at 4 before.

    So it was a bit of a damp squib really. I don’t know why it always happens like that – even the people in the office who have children are usually quite up for it, and have arranged childcare especially, and say things like “I’m free for the whole day and I’ve not been out for ages!” But then it stalls. My main theory is that there isn’t really anyone in our office who plays the role of that sparky, lively person who gets everyone going and makes you want to stay out. And you can’t have a social group without a person like that. I wish I could be that person – they’re always very popular – but I’m not, so I really ought just to accept that our Christmas parties are pleasant but short, and not raise my expectations too much.

    I’ve got my second party with my new office on Friday. That one is with a much larger group, and I’m told their previous parties have been complete train wrecks of booze and shots and stupidity. So that should be fun and quite a contrast anyway! I suppose we shall see.

  3. A bumpy Christmas, but better than expected

    December 30, 2011 by superlative

    Well I survived Christmas, which is good, and although it had the potential to be a disaster what with Dad being suspended, in the end most of it was better than I expected it to be.

    The first day back, on Friday, was horrible. That was my first day with my parents and they were in full-swing massive stress out mode regarding Dad’s job. As I mentioned briefly in my previous post, he has been suspended for gross misconduct, the details of which I’m not going to go into too much on here. Basically he has been suspended for two things, one of which he did but which is fairly minor, and one of which he claims he didn’t do, but his story is a bit woolly and Mum doesn’t believe him. He should be in his disciplinary meeting right now actually, and we don’t know if he’ll get a warning or get the sack or what.

    So anyway, Friday was MASSIVELY stressy. Which was odd, I thought, as this is a job that Dad hates and Mum hates and we have been urging him to resign for about three months. He hasn’t wanted to though, because he says he won’t get job seekers’ allowance if he resigns, so we said in some ways it would be better if he got sacked. Which is sort of what might happen now, so I was bemused that Mum was making it out to be such a disaster. It is true that the day before Christmas Eve isn’t the nicest time to be suspended, and that his manager most likely did that on purpose because she’s a cow and the things she has suspended him for happened in November. But aside from that, to my mind this was exactly what we’d been saying we wanted to happen.

    So I spent most of Friday counselling them (when did I become their fucking counsellor?) and trying to get them settled back down. As I said to them: if he just gets a warning, nothing changes; if he gets sacked, he doesn’t have to go back to this awful job that’s running him into an early grave. So it really isn’t that bad.

    “But he’ll never find another job, and then I’ll have him at home all day and I need to REST!” Mum wailed.

    Well, fine… That’s possible. But a) it’s his house too, so you’ll just have to deal with it, and b) why have we been telling him to resign then?? Where’s the consistency, mother?

    She was just catastrophising and being stressy, but it made being at home pretty horrible nonetheless.

    It also threw into doubt whether or not they would come to Chris’ Mum’s house for Christmas lunch the next day, because she was “too stressed”. I wouldn’t have been happy about that, so I urged them still to come and reminded them that being out of the house for a day, and being around other people so they weren’t just thinking about this and squabbling over it, would do them a lot of good.

    I spent Christmas Eve night at Chris’ house, and then had to wait until the morning for the verdict on whether they would be joining us or not. Thankfully, they did, and I was entirely right because they had a nice lunch where they talked and laughed with people (I can’t remember the last time I heard my Mum laugh), and it seemed to reset them back to a more normal level.

    I had a nice Christmas Day overall, and I got some lovely presents. I’m always much happier once my parents have gone home, because then I know for sure we haven’t had any disasters and I can relax. I’m really pleased they came though.

    Boxing Day was my day for seeing my Horrible Grandad, which I had complained about constantly in advance. Mum never ends up coming (she’s not up to it after Christmas Day), and my brother is on holiday, so I knew it would just be me and my Dad and my Grandad and I wasn’t looking forward to it at all. He doesn’t know I’m gay, he doesn’t know I’m married, and he doesn’t know Chris and I bought our first home this year. I don’t care much for his company as he is hugely critical, and at times bigoted and spiteful. He has also always favoured my cousins over my brother and I as they are ‘good with their hands’, and he puts much more store by that than academic achievement. So anyway, I dislike him, and consequently decided many years ago that he doesn’t deserve to know me properly or to be given the opportunity to judge me unfavourably because I enjoy hot boy-on-boy action.

    I therefore went off to my Boxing Day meal with a fair amount of trepidation. I only go as a favour to my Dad really. But as it turned out, it was MUCH better than I was expecting, and was the best Boxing Day meal I’ve had with him in about four or five years. He was pleased about my secondment, he didn’t say anything mean about the infrequency with which he sees me or my Mum, and he actually liked and was grateful for the present I got him. Normally he just says something like “what am I going to do with that?”, or “I’ll put this on the pile of 10 of these I’ve got, shall I?” and I end up thinking well fuck you I wish I hadn’t bothered. But he LIKED his book this year and thanked me for thinking of him. You could have knocked me down with a feather. He also told me that one of my cousins’ current job (much to his disappointment) is Ditch Digging, which I found HILARIOUS. Yes being able to do things with your hands is so much better isn’t it?

    The lunch reminded me though that for all my bitching about him, he is a lonely, old, infirm little man now. I still don’t like him, but I am perhaps too harsh about him sometimes.

    And that was Christmas really. We saw some friends on Boxing Day night for drinks and giggles, and it was nice to do something normal with no family members and no stress, and then we escaped back to Brighton on Tuesday afternoon. It’s always nice to come back to my peaceful home after I’ve seen my parents, and especially so after Christmas. I’ve got a few days off left before I go back to work, and so far I’ve spent them slobbed on the sofa cramming chocolate things I was given for Christmas into my fat face. It is practically New Year’s Eve already, so the week is going pretty fast, but it has been nice to be off work, and overall I should be grateful for having a much better Christmas than I expected.

  4. Home for Christmas

    December 23, 2011 by superlative

    We’re off back up to Essex and London tomorrow to spend Christmas with our mummies and daddies. As always it’s going to be a bit of a whirlwind of rushing about to see all sorts of different people, which is a bit of a shame because it ends up being more about ‘seeing’ as many people as possible, instead of actually enjoying  it. I’ll have to look at Austin Drage in a santa hat for a while to console myself.

    The same as last year, I’ll be spending Christmas day up at Chris’ Mum’s house and my parents are going to come for lunch for a few hours. It seemed to work pretty well last year and it meant that Mum and Dad had more of a proper Christmas than they would if they just sat at home. It also means that I won’t have to travel on Christmas Day (the only day between now and Wednesday that I won’t be driving anywhere), and once Mum and Dad go home I’ll be able to relax properly! I did find it a bit stressful having them there last year, because Mum has the potential to be so difficult, but it turned out fine that time and they were just grateful to be invited somewhere. They don’t actually have any friends, which is a bit weird really!

    Then on Boxing Day I’ll be seeing my horrible grandad for lunch, which I’ll hate, and I’ll have to remember to take my wedding ring off and dodge any questions about my home life. It’s such a chore. I’m sure he’ll also mention that he only sees me once a year on Boxing Day now, but, well… there’s a reason, and it’s because he’s not a very nice man.

    For the first Christmas in my life I won’t be seeing my brother at all as he has gone away on holiday. Lucky him – I’m quite jealous that he doesn’t have to bother with all the enforced family engagements.

    Other than that I’ll just be trolling up and down between Chris’ Mum’s and my Mum’s houses, seeing friends in the evening, and stuffing my fat face with Christmas food. It could be worse really, I shouldn’t grumble!

    Then we’re back to Brighton next week for New Year and some much needed peace and quiet.

    Ryan Phillippe wishes you all a very merry and partially-clad Christmas:

    UPDATE TO THIS POST: Dad has been suspended from his job for gross misconduct. Hmmmm, so this is going to be a fab Christmas of frosty atmospheres and snippy passive aggressive comments from Mum, isn’t it?? Jesus Christ… I might just rock up drunk and try to stay pissed all the way through until Tuesday. I can’t see how else I’m going to get through it. God I love my parents’ gypsy curse, it makes my time at home feel so MAGICAL.

  5. Christmas and New Year

    January 4, 2011 by superlative

    As part of my ‘blogging once a week’ endeavour, check out my flying start with two posts in one day! It’ll never last.

    Anyway, I had quite a nice Christmas and New Year all in all.

    First of all, I was ill from about five days before Christmas until Christmas day. OK, so that bit wasn’t so nice really, and I was furious with the friend who I know gave me the cold. I mean, who comes round to a person’s house with a fever and then sits on their sofa spluttering and sneezing for two hours just before Christmas? Who would do that? Who?? My friend, obviously.

    But the illness did mean I had an extra four days off in total, so I had a full two weeks away from work which was LOVELY.

    I spent quite a bit of Christmas up at Chris’ Mum’s house, and for the first time ever my parents came up there on Christmas Day. It was really kind of Chris’ Mum to invite them, as normally I either don’t see them on Christmas Day or I have to drive down there in the afternoon or evening and miss out on the copious amounts of wine that’s always at Chris’ house. Mum doesn’t really like Christmas much anyway (she’s such a jolly person), so they don’t even do anything when it’s just the two of them on their own, and then she wails that their day was boring (i.e. I should have come and entertained them).

    But this year they were graciously invited to have lunch at Chris’ house, which made my life quite a bit easier and was actually really nice. It was a bit touch and go whether they would come or not, as Mum hasn’t had a good month and has generally been feeling pretty rubbish. Even on Christmas Day morning she still wasn’t sure, but then lo and behold they arrived at the allotted time and all was good.

    It was a little bit stressy for me having them there, as Mum can be fairly demanding (really, who’d have guessed?), but it’s quite nice and relaxed at Chris’ house, and they only actually stayed for about three hours or so.

    Boxing Day was dire, as usual, as it involved my annual torture trip to have lunch with my Horrible Grandad. He can barely walk now and is no less cantankerous than he was before. Mum didn’t come to that at least, which reduced the stress a little, but I still couldn’t get out of there quick enough.

    “I only see you at Christmas now,” said Horrible Grandad pointedly as we left the restaurant. He always gets his digs in at some point during the occasion.

    “Yes, there’s a reason,” I thought as I muttered a goodbye and scarpered back to the car I share with my male life partner he knows nothing about and will never meet.

    So that was Christmas anyway. We spent New Year down here as we normally do, and this year ended up going to a masked ball, which was quite fun. It’s any excuse to dress up with us really, as you can see.

    And then there was barely time to watch half a dozen films, eat two boxes of chocolates and a packet of biscuits and take the Christmas tree down before we were back at work. Trudging along in the pitch black and freezing rain at 7.30am this morning was not pleasant, but at least the office is dead today and I have the chance to catch up on my blog.

    Things I need to do during the first half of this year are:

    • start going to the gym once or twice a week, seeing as I’ve paid for it already and have barely used it.
    • find a lovely flat, buy it and move into it.
    • sort out some kind of celebration for my 30th birthday which is in four short months’ time.
    • turn 30 in a blaze of vodka.

    Let’s see how many of those I achieve shall we? The last one is the most certain as I only need to remain alive to achieve that bit. So if I sit very still and do nothing for the next four months I’ll at least have one thing I can cross off my to do list.

  6. So long, disappointing gravy train

    December 10, 2010 by superlative

    Yesterday was my office Christmas lunch, where we all swan off for the afternoon to a restaurant and enjoy a three-course meal together and then don’t bother going back to work. Up until now, and somewhat unusually in my opinion, this has always been paid for by my employer, which gives the slightly bizarre situation of me getting a free meal and actually being PAID for the time it takes me to eat it.

    But alas, in these times of stringent funding for Higher Education the university has finally twigged that this is probably a rather expensive treat for its 2,500 staff, and they have pulled the rug from the funding. They tried to pull it for this year but were a bit slow off the mark, so most offices have still gone out for a meal on the understanding that it’s the last year it’s going to be paid for. I don’t mind really, because before working here I’d always just paid for my own Christmas lunch at work and never thought twice about it. The only reason it’s a bit of a shame is that they do basically nothing else here to reward staff, and so £25 a head once a year is in my opinion a fairly cheap way of thanking people for working hard. But anyway, it’s done now, and so the gravy train has chuffed off into the sunset.

    This year we went to the Seven Dials Restaurant, and had some pretty good food overall. Inevitably some people found things to complain about (how can you complain about food you’re being paid to eat??) but I almost always like the food I’m given, so I was quite happy.

    I enjoyed chicken liver parfait with fig marmalade and brioche:

    And then a GORGEOUS beef brisket with horseradish mashed potatoes and glazed carrots. The potato looks a bit like an egg here, but I can assure you it was potato.

    And then dessert was a white chocolate panna cotta with dark chocolate ice cream. The ice cream could have been slightly better presented so it didn’t look like dung, but it still tasted nice.

    I don’t think my food was as good as last year to be honest (see Yummy Tin Drummy), but lots of people hated that meal for some reason. Something about too much salt I believe, not that I could taste any salt after four glasses of wine.

    After our meal we generally go for some drinks afterwards at whatever pubs are nearby, and unfortunately it always ends up slightly disappointing (sorry anyone who works with me who is reading this, but you know the drinks this year were disappointing, it’s not just me). We’re quite a disparate group in many ways and we don’t socialise often, so it’s hard for people to get enthusiastic and excitable when we do. It also doesn’t help that our Christmas lunches are invariably on a Wednesday afternoon, and no pubs are exactly banging at 4pm on a Wednesday. So we had a couple of drinks in a near-silent pub near Brighton station, and then people started to drift off to go to the shops or pick up kids or just because they’re not particularly big drinkers anyway. People always seem to look forward to our Christmas meals, and talk it up as though it’s going to be a big night out, and I know I always have high expectations myself, but then it just kind of… tails off, once people realise it’s no longer working hours and they’re not obliged to be there.

    I think a large part of the problem is we have no one who’s really loud and really bubbly in the office. You know the kind of person – the one who’s actually a bit annoying when you’re not in the mood for it, but who will crash through any awkward silences in the pub and gee people along into having a good time whether they want to or not. We’re all a bit quieter than that, and so it doesn’t get going properly.

    I’m quite jealous of Chris and his workmates in comparison; he only started his new job two and a half months ago, and he’s already been on a raucous night out with them and they have a big party thing planned for their end of term. I think it’s nice when you have that social relationship with your colleagues, or at least with some of them, but it’s very apparent here that everyone likes each other, gets on really well, but no one particularly wants to spend any of their free time doing anything together. Apart from our Christmas meals we’ve had about two evenings out together in the three years I’ve worked here.

    But ho hum, never mind. People have other priorities I suppose, and a team of about 10 isn’t all that big for organising social functions.

    I’m not sure what’ll happen for our Christmas meal next year now. Will people be prepared to pay for their own? There was cautious talk of making it an evening affair when it was mentioned this year, but I reckon it’ll be hard to pin everyone down to an evening they’re prepared to give up for it. So we’ll have to see. And least if it were in the evening we wouldn’t end up in an empty pub with a bored-looking landlady and then find ourselves back at home by 6pm.

  7. Yummy Tin Drummy

    December 10, 2009 by superlative

    I had my office Christmas meal yesterday at the Tin Drum in Kemp Town. I know some of the people I work with didn’t enjoy their food quite as much as me, but I thought all the things I had were really good and quite posh, so I took photos of them for you:

    This was my starter, which was a squash, rosemary and parmesan tart with a pomegranate dressing. It was very nice.

    This was my main course of pheasant with a port and damson jus on a mustard pommery mash. I’ve never had pheasant before, and I really liked half of it (the confit leg bit which tasted like crispy duck) but wasn’t quite so keen on the breast bit which was a bit tough. I’ve never been a breast man though. The sauce (sorry,’jus’) was yummy and all fruity.

    This was my gorgeous dessert: hot chocolate fudge cake with vanilla ice cream. It was really nice, all gooey, and very very rich. Like a little block of pure calories really. I couldn’t finish it, but enjoyed it nonetheless.

    And then I had tea with a cute little mince pie with a star shape on it.
    And the best part is I didn’t pay for ANYTHING! Hahahahaha! Work pays for our Christmas meal here, which I’ve always thought is great, and it means everybody goes rather than some people saying they can’t afford it or just can’t be bothered. Even the wine was thrown in!
    I’m not hungover at all today, which is quite good I suppose. Some of us went for drinks after the meal, but as we’d started drinking at 1pm we disbanded by 9, so I was still home in plenty of time to sober up before bed. I hadn’t realised that there would be no senior staff at all in the office this morning, so I could have got away with being hungover if necessary, but I’m not going to try to get hungover just for the sake of it.
    And now it’s only a couple of weeks left until Christmas, yay! We’ve still got our Office Christmas Party to come (actually in the office this time, rather than out of it. I don’t know why we have two events here), so that will be my next thing to look forward to next week. I’m feeling very festive now and just want to finish work for Christmas and go home – I can’t be bothered to spend nine more days sat in this wheely chair doing not very much.

  8. Twinkling lights and celebrities

    December 1, 2009 by superlative

    Last Friday we had the first annual Switching On Of The Christmas Lights on my road. Even though it may very well end up being the last one too, I still found it terribly exciting, not least because of the multitude of A List celebrities it attracted!

    I should point out that I do not live on a main road, or in a town centre, so the very fact that we had Christmas lights of our own was slightly unexpected. Some of the shop keepers just got together and organised it, and one of them bought the Christmas lights from an entire town, or so we were told. I was therefore expecting a blaze of fluorescence up and down the street that could be seen from space, and was slightly disappointed that it ended up just being a few things on lamp posts.
    Anyway, when it was initially advertised, we were told that Emma Chawner, a failed X Factor entrant and local lass, had been lined up for the grand switching on ceremony. In case you don’t know who she is, behold:

    She didn’t get very far on the X Factor, even when she came back to sing a duet with her sister the next year.
    Unfortunately, some of the road’s shop keepers felt she would lower the tone somewhat and make it into a less believable event. They obviously weren’t concerned with the hilarity aspect, or that Christmas is quite camp anyway and you don’t get camper than a fat cavegirl in a home-made dress.
    So they ditched Emma Chawner, and I was disappointed.
    Instead though, we were upgraded to:

    Annabel Giles, who performed no real function at the event other than lending it a BBC-level of classiness,

    Michelle Collins! Yes, Cindy Beale turned on our Christmas lights! She was very gracious, and seemed to know a couple of people from our road. One of them was kind enough to collar her and ask if Chris could have her photo taken with her, and it was very weird to hear Cindy Beale’s voice go “Yes of course. Chris! Chris!” and call him over.
    I can see why she was more classy than the dumpy girl, but she was less hilarious. I was also very suspicious that there was no actual wiring involved in her ‘switching on’ the lights, she just did a count down, then sort of moved her arm. A couple of the lamp post lights came on, and then a man in a fluorescent jacket ambled down the road switching each one on one by one. But you can’t have everything, we had LIGHTS and it was fab.
    Oo yes, and I almost forgot, we had Santa!

    So hurrah for living on the campest road in the campest part of Brighton.
    Here’s me looking Christmassy:

    And then the next day, as if all that weren’t enough, I saw Gok Wan in a jewellery shop in the lanes. It was an all-out celebrity overload. Oddly, he was wearing the same outfit he always wears on television, leading me to think he only actually owns one set of clothes. Presumably he stands naked in the kitchen while he washes them in the sink.
    Anyway, I’m feeling all Christmassy now and can look forward to seeing twinkling lights every time I walk up my road from now until, erm, Christmas. Ho ho ho!

  9. Oh January, thou art the crappiest month

    January 7, 2009 by superlative

    Well it’s 7 January now and I’ve been back at work since Monday. The rest of my Christmas break was fine really, after the fairly dire Boxing Day. After a further roast dinner at Chris’ house at the weekend, we came back down to Brighton in time for our friend’s 30th birthday celebrations on Monday and New Year’s Eve on Wednesday. Both of them were fun evenings which involved some bar hopping, dancing, the occasional tipple of alcohol, and being pushed by large lesbian ladies who insist on dancing in the widest fucking circumference possible. But woe betide you if you dare push them back, oh no, because then you’re persecuting them in some misogynistic masculine way and they have a right go at you. Anyway.

    Work has been fine since I’ve been back, although to my extreme annoyance I managed to catch yet another virus at the weekend so had to come to work with a sore throat and stuffed up sinuses. I’m nearly better now. It has been rather dull though, and the weather is really starting to get to me. It’s FREEZING, and it’s been far colder for far longer than I ever remember it being before. The heating at home is struggling to cope so I end up feeling just cold enough to be annoyed most of the time, and it’s too cold to want to go out and do anything. We tried to go for a walk on the seafront the other day and had to retreat after 15 minutes when we started to lose the feeling in our lips. It even looks deceptively sunny out there sometimes, just to tempt you into going outside so the arctic wind can lay waste to any remnants of Christmas cheer you might have had.

    I know they always peddle out news articles in the new year about January being the most depressing month, but it really is the most depressing month. We keep saying we should try to organise some nice things to do so we’ve got stuff to look forward to, but then not figuring out what. Maybe we should go for a weekend trip somewhere? Oh I don’t know.

    On a slightly more interesting note, we’ve decided we might buy a flat this year. It’s quite exciting, we’ve never bought before because I’ve always said no no we have to wait until we’ve got more money and prices come down. And now prices have come down and we do have some money. I’m also a bit scared though because I hate committing to things and I worry about ending up with something crappy by accident, like a flat with damp or bad neighbours or a poltergeist that eats your socks. Chris will keep me in hand though, he doesn’t usually put up with any of my nonsense. So yay, perhaps in six months we’ll have a flat of our own with an actual guest bedroom and more than one heater!

  10. Oh Christmas tree

    December 26, 2008 by superlative

    Christmas has been a mixed bag so far. Mum has got flu, so is feeling even worse than usual, and I’m terrified I’m going to catch it off her and be ill for New Year. I had to make a considerable effort to ignore it and still give her a hug etc while she coughed in my face. I felt a bit like Princess Di hugging those lepers on TV.

    Christmas Day was nice as I spent it up at Chris’ and we had a nice lunch, and then we saw some friends in the evening. Mum did say in quite an accusatory tone what a boring day they’d had without me, but I thought that had been the point, so she didn’t have to make any effort! So fuck it, I’m not taking responsibility for whether they have a nice Christmas, not when she TOLD me not to come home.

    Then today was my annual hell of lunch with my horrible grandad. He was fairly well behaved for a change, but Mum came this year and shouldn’t have because she felt ill straight away and the food took too long and then was wrong and then I had to wolf mine and drive her home before anyone else had even finished eating. So now I’m sat on my own while she rests. Still, at least it got me out of the lunch quicker, so it’s not all bad, and hurrah for mobile Facebook and blogging.