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  1. Vroom vrooooom!

    March 7, 2012 by superlative

    I have had another rubbish month for blogging, to the point where I have actually received complaints about it. Who actually wants to read this stuff?? Well apparently you do, so you’ve brought it on yourself and I have no sympathy.

    I have been crap at writing on here because I’m insanely busy with work, and trying to do my normal job in three days a week plus a new job in the other two days is seemingly a bit ambitious. I’ve managed to get back on top of things this week, but it is hard going. I’ve also had quite a lot happening at home, so there has just been no time for anything, and blogging got pushed out.

    My main news from the last month is that we (well, Chris) have bought a new car! This is him, and his name is Thunderbolt:

    Chris has wanted a convertible for aaages, and he’s earning pretty well now so he decided just to buy one. Our old car (dear old Columbo, who I’m going to miss terribly) was on his way out a bit, so we knew he needed replacing soon, and in a bit of a whirlwind of activity Chris found Thunderbolt online, we saw him the next day, and test drove and then bought him the day after that.

    It all seemed to happen REALLY fast, and even though he’s second hand and wasn’t all that much money, and Chris was paying out of his savings so it wasn’t even my money, I found that the whole process made me insanely anxious and stressed. I was worried we’d get ripped off, that the car would have a major fault, that the garage wouldn’t do the work they’d promised to do on it before we picked it up, that it wouldn’t be ready on the day we were supposed to pick it up, that they wouldn’t take Columbo in part exchange once they had a closer look at him, ALL sorts of things. I don’t really know what’s happened to me in the last few years, but I have completely lost the ability to cope with change and my anxiety levels have gone through the roof. Buying a house, starting this new job, and buying a car have all been a nightmare, and I’ve worried myself to the point of feeling sick all the time. I really don’t want to be that person (effectively my Mum but not so haughty) and I need to find a way of nipping it in the bud now while I hopefully still can. I’m not sure what to do about it though. I’ve got a book on anxiety at home somewhere that I need to try to dig out, and there are various types of therapy I could try. When I’m in between big stressful events though I don’t feel especially anxious about things, so I end up not doing anything about it, and then something else big happens and I wish I had. Hmm.

    Anyway, that was an interesting (boring) diversion about my anxiety issues. Thunderbolt seems fine so far, touch wood, and we’ve had him nearly a week. The weather has unfortunately not been nice enough to have the roof down, but he is very big and comfy and Chris seems to enjoy driving him. I always refer to our cars as him, by the way. I hope everything stays fine and his big end doesn’t go after a fortnight or anything. What the hell is a big end anyway, and where does it go? Can’t they just fix them in place more securely? I might have to look into that.

    Other than that I have just been drinking too much, not getting enough sleep (while drinking), and thinking I really must cut down on my drinking. I don’t get wasted all the time or anything, but I had started to drink out of habit in the evenings a couple of weeks ago. It was just a cocktail or a glass of wine, so not loads, but it wasn’t very good. So now I’m cutting down a bit and only drinking when I’m actually socialising or for a treat.

    Mum is hmmm OK, not great. That’s about as good as it gets with her. Their gypsy curse this week has included: the downstairs phone breaking; the battery going on her car so it wouldn’t start and she had to get the AA out; a blind falling off the wall when she pulled it; and my Dad fainting for no reason and banging his head on the dining table. So pretty much par for the course with them really. Dad has been to the doctors already and been told he has low blood pressure, and now he’s having some tests done. I’m not too worried about him as yet, but I’m glad he is getting checked out.

    It’s just bizarre that they have so many stupid things happen to them though, it’s non-stop. He’s still waiting to hear from the police about his accident thing that he lost his job over and that he might get prosecuted for. If I wrote down all the unfortunate things that have happened to them over the last year I think it would make me want to shoot myself (or them, as an act of kindness). But it does at least make me realise, anxiety issues or not, I have a comparatively good and easy life and so I should be grateful.

  2. Fed up

    December 19, 2008 by superlative

    I’m so fed up. I’m ill, and have been since 3am on Tuesday morning when I woke up with raging backache and headache. I appear to have caught the flu, and this time it actually is the flu and not just a cold that you have to call the flu so you get more sympathy. I spent Tuesday laying on the sofa unable to sleep because the pain in my lower back was so bad, cramming paracetamol eagerly down my neck only to find it didn’t make the slightest difference.

    Since then my symptoms have been varying themselves each day, just to keep me interested. On Wednesday I was feverish, dizzy and achey, and then the aches turned into shooting pains in my hips overnight. Since then it’s been a mix of dizziness, an annoying cough, neck ache, general fatigue, and bizarre temperature fluctuations that have me sweating even when it’s freezing in here.

    Surprisingly for me, I actually have a piece of work that I need to get on with (I know, who would have thought?) and so I’ve been stressing about that. Today I tried to drag myself into work because I thought I’d be feeling better, but I didn’t even make it out to the car with Chris before I felt faint and had to give up. And then I was just annoyed with myself for getting up early and wearing myself out and making myself feel worse. It’s our office Christmas party today too, so I’m missing that now.

    And on top of that, when I did get to the car this morning we found that some fucktard has done something to the passenger door so you now can’t open it from the outside. The key doesn’t really turn in the lock, and the handle just flaps uselessly up and down. You can open it if you get in the driver’s side, thank god, so it’s not a disaster. If both doors had been fucked it would have been a nightmare this close to Christmas. Who would do that? Why the fuck can’t people leave things alone that don’t belong to them? It’s not even that nice a car to try and steal, if that’s what they were doing. It’s seven years old, it’s small, and the paintwork is all scratched where Chris helpfully ‘cleaned’ it with a scouring pad, not thinking that perhaps that’s a bit abrasive for use on a car.

    So anyway, now we’ve got that to sort out as well. Won’t be before Christmas, there are only two working days left. Then the new year… probably not time again before Chris goes back to work. So then when? February half term? How fucking ridiculous.

    So I’m fed up. And I don’t want to be ill any more. And Chris’ sympathy has long since expired – I only get two days of it before he gets bored and decides me being ill is just annoying. I’ve been too ill even to blog the final of X-Factor, after months of watching it and ranting about it on here. Maybe I’ll do it in a minute, first I’m going to channel hop on the TV and see if I can find someone less fortunate than me to make myself feel better.

    UPDATE: Ha! I didn’t even need to channel hop, because East17 have popped up on the telly and Brian Harvey is certainly less fortunate than me. For one thing, he’s entirely unfortunate looking, he looks like a rat baby. And he also had that incident where he accidentally ran over his own head (quite an achievement) and had to spend months in hospital. And then he tried and FAILED to become our Eurovision entry, which really is a slap in the musical face – you’re not even good enough for Eurovision, the continental career-killer. So yes he’s less fortunate than me and I’m quite pleased about it.

  3. Columbo returns

    October 1, 2008 by superlative

    We got the car back finally from the garage yesterday, and he appears to be all better now. He’s got a new bumper on the middle and left bit (which now doesn’t match the right hand bit, but never mind), and a new wheel, and he seemed OK when we drove him home. It’s quite nice to have him back, I’m quite attached to our little car. We had to pay the £150 excess, and we still haven’t really heard what the outcome of all the insurance claims is, but hopefully the worst part of the sorting out should be over with now.

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  4. Car hospital

    September 23, 2008 by superlative

    I don’t think I’ve written on here before that our car is called Columbo have I? Well he is anyway, and he’s a he. And he has now finally gone off to car hospital to be looked at.

    Despite the fact that the garage said they would come to collect him between 2 and 4 yesterday, and Chris dutifully taking the afternoon off to wait in for them, they didn’t actually come until about 4.30. Why does it always have to be that way whenever you arrange a delivery or a workman or anything? The number of hours of our lives we must waste waiting in for things, it’s frightening. And what was the reason for their tardiness? Two of their recovery vehicles had broken down. Erm…. OK! That fills you with confidence doesn’t it?

    I actually saw Columbo sail past me on top of a lorry while I was on the bus home, as the garage isn’t far from where I work. He looked quite pleased to be driven around for a change, I hope they look after him properly. He’s a nice little car.

    I’m not quite sure what’s going to happen about the insurance claim. The girls who went into the back of Chris think they hit him first, and that Chris then hit the car in front, and Chris’ passenger agrees. But Chris isn’t sure, as it all happened so fast, and thought he might have hit the car in front first. I’m not sure how much difference it’ll make, or if Chris will be liable for hitting the car in front either way. Obviously if the girls are going to be liable for hitting us, I’d rather they were liable for both, as that absolves us of the blame. But I guess the insurance companies will have to sort it out between them, and we’ll just get told.

    I hate insurance, it’s such a rip off. Half the time you find you’re not covered anyway, and then even when you are you have to pay an excess (very clever ploy they dreamed up there) which means you’re only actually insured for damage over that amount – otherwise it’s not worth claiming and you end up paying for it out of your own pocket. So they get it all their own way really. And it costs you hundreds of pounds, and it’s a legal obligation to pay it. Tsk.

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  5. Poorly car

    September 21, 2008 by superlative

    We got the car back home with the help of the RAC, and it is now sitting outside with a screwed up back wheel and bumper waiting for the garage to come and collect it on Monday. Hopefully the damage will be limited to that wheel and the bumper and it won’t have damaged anything underneath or bent the axle or anything.

    Elephant have been quite good so far, they’ve been quite helpful on the phone, and once the garage have looked at it they said we might get a courtesy car while it’s being repaired. The unfortunate thing is that the fucker that caused the accident didn’t stop, even though they’d hit the car behind Chris. So because of the bizarre ‘if someone else isn’t liable then you must be’ system, the girls who hit Chris from behind are probably liable for the damage to the back of ours, and Chris will be liable for hitting the car that was in front of him. Either way we have to pay our excess on the repairs and it’ll bring down our no claims bonus.

    It could be worse I suppose… At least we’ve got comprehensive insurance and no-one was hurt. It’s just a bugger to sort everything out.

  6. Ack

    September 19, 2008 by superlative

    Chris rang me and said he’d had a car accident. He said he was ok but that the car was not, and I had to leg it down to Hove to rescue him. He was fine, quite shaken up and upset, but not hurt. More of a worry was our pregnant friend was in the car, so she went straight off to get checked out. She’s fine, thank god. Car has a screwed up back wheel but I was expecting much worse. I don’t care about it though, my only concern was that Chris wasn’t hurt.