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  1. Blogging catch-up

    August 17, 2009 by superlative

    It’s been ages since I wrote something on my blog, so I thought I’d better make the effort to post a little something today. Largely it’s because I haven’t been at work, where I’m sat in front of a computer all day with nothing better to do than bore you all with my daily doings.

    I’ve had quite a nice week off, and I’ve done quite a few things, although as always it feels like the time has gone really quickly.

    I’ve been camping in Essex, which was quite fun. I’m still not hugely keen on sleeping in a tent though, particularly as I was nearly asphixiated at 5am by it. I was worried that we’d be cold, so I closed all the flaps up apart from the “vent” in the top, not realising however that the vent did absolutely nothing at all. So after four hours of sleep our oxygen had been entirely depleted, and I started to have an odd dream where I was breathing but nothing was going in. And then I woke up with a start and found that I could indeed inhale quite happily, but was still nearly on the point of passing out from lack of oxygen. Stupid tent. A few minutes of panting on the grass after ripping the door open and all was well again, but it still wasn’t much fun.

    I’ve also had a couple of nice nights out, accompanied by the obligatory not-so-nice mornings after. We actually managed to get to Pop Kraft, Boogaloo Stu’s new Brighton night, this weekend and it was really good! Great pop music, porno badges, and free jelly beans, what more could you want? I’ll definitely try to go again, especially to the Saturday special they do sometimes. I’m not sure I can handle clubbing on a Thursday night any more.

    I went to Revenge as well recently, the first time I’ve been there in ages. It was only okay I have to say. They have a nice new roof terrace now, which is quite pleasant when you need a rest, but consequently you can no longer leave the club and get stamped to come back in. We used to like that, because then you could flit around between Revenge and Vavoom and anywhere else that took your fancy without being pinned down in one place. It also seems that Revenge has become very lesbian in recent months. Not that I mind lesbians as a general rule of course, I know some very nice ones, but there’s a certain kind of lesbian that Revenge attracts in droves that really REALLY pisses me off. They’re generally of less than average height, and they seem to have developed the notion that everyone is going to persecute them. They therefore exhibit an unnecessary level of pre-emptive aggression in order to ward you off, and it’s fucking annoying! There’s just no need for it. Often they take up far more than their fair share of the dance floor, they dance wildly, and they SHOVE if you get too near them. But woe betide you if you should shove them back, oh no, because then you get an earful off an overweight cluster of snaggle-toothed sweaty faced little dwarves. And if Pink comes on, the apparent music of choice for these marauding herds of wildebeests, you better run for it because then they flail and mosh and elbow even harder than usual.

    So it put me off a bit to be honest. I’ll probably still go occasionally, but I don’t rate Revenge any more really. That doesn’t leave many options for clubbing really though: Legends is alright but I don’t like the smug pug-faced man who owns it and it’s generally quite an old crowd in there; Charles Street is only open certain nights; and Ghetto used to be very good but seems to be dead all the time now. So er… that’s no good gay clubs left. No wonder people aren’t going out like they used to.

    Anyway, I’m back to work tomorrow after my week and a half off. I’ve just waded through my emails and deleted the most twatty and irrelevant, and my backlog doesn’t look too bad. It’s amazing how quickly I can get annoyed with work again though, when I’m not even there yet! “Oh this webpage still says this, that’s really wrong now, it should have been taken down a couple of weeks ago”. Er did you ask me to take it down? No! I’m not psychic dear.

    Still, I at least only have a three-day week again this week. I’m then going on an introduction to scuba diving (yes, you heard me!) next Saturday, followed by another wedding reception in the evening, so that should be quite good.

    I shall try to blog more often in the interim, as I don’t like to think of you all forlornly clicking on refresh every ten minutes to see if I’ve posted anything new and being disappointed.

  2. Hi de hi, campers

    May 13, 2008 by superlative

    We survived our camping trip over the weekend and actually had a really good time. Chris says that he now “well likes camping” and that he would go again, so it must have been good.

    We got up to the campsite about 2pm on Saturday, after 10 minutes of driving up and down the same road in Plumpton repeatedly missing the turning, occasionally seeing the turning and saying “there it was! there it was!” and then missing it again on the way back. The ‘campsite’ was more of a field really, belonging to an old lady in a farmhouse, and the only facilities provided were a cobwebby outdoor toilet over the other side of the field and a scorched area for having a fire in. That was fine though, because at least there was a proper toilet if you wanted one, and you don’t really need much else.

    It didn’t take too long to set up the tent, although it was scorching hot and there was no shade. Fortunately a forward-thinking person brought a gazebo with them which we also set up, so then we had shade without having to go into the immediately furnace-like interior of a tent. Quite a few people came in the end, about 20 I think, and Zac had booked the whole field so we had it all to ourselves.

    We played rounders once all the tents were set up, and I was pleasantly surprised at my performance. Instead of going out on my first bat or screeching like a girl when the ball came near me, I actually succeeded in a) hitting it, b) running round the little sticks, and c) catching two people out – including one boy (boys are more points, catching out a girl is easier). My team did lose in the end, but I maintain that they cheated because when it was their turn to bat they suddenly had about 5 new players and we barely had enough fielders to cover the bases.

    Then in the evening we had alcohol and a big fire on which various dead animals or animal-free vegetarian substitutes were coated in charcoal/ash/grass (due to accidental dropping) before being consumed. Oh yes, and then we nearly died through facial incineration. At midnight when we all started singing happy birthday to Zac, Billy produced some fireworks from somewhere and started letting them off. Not too close to us I suppose, but not the prescribed 25 metres away.

    The first one went up in the air and went bang – no problem. The second one decided to fly sideways and explode on the ground – fortunately, and purely by chance, the sideways was into an empty part of the field and not towards the campfire or any tents. Then the third, final, and most dramatic one decided it couldn’t be bothered to fly so stayed put on its little stick. It was one of those ones where it explodes, scatters little coloured bits out, and they then explode in a pretty circle in the sky. This is fine, but the key part is in the sky. Our one, having refused to take off, exploded, scattered its coloured bits in a circle that neatly encompassed everyone round the campfire, and they then proceeded to explode all around us. I was TERRIFIED and so surprised no-one was hurt. There was some hysterical laughter afterwards in a kind of “oh my god, I’m not dead” sort of way, and fortunately that was the end of the fireworks.

    So I have resolved that I am NEVER going to home fireworks again, not unless they are being done in a very large space where you can stand very far away. I’ve had two close calls in a row at Ady’s house on fireworks night, and now this one too, so I think my luck must be due to run out soon. I had horrible visions of needing to call any ambulance in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere, and I’m just not prepared to run that risk again.

    The rest of the evening was drunken but less eventful. We got told off by a neighbour for the fireworks waking them up, then got told off more when he heard someone say “well he can fuck off” as he walked back to his house. Chris experienced going to the toilet outside for the first time in this life, but his second experience of it was slightly marred by him falling over in stinging nettles in the dark, losing a shoe, getting stung looking for the shoe, and then having to come and forlornly ask for help to locate said shoe because he couldn’t find it. Bless.

    Sleeping was difficult and unpleasant because (I don’t know why I was surprised) fabric tents provide no sound-proofing whatsoever so you couldn’t go to sleep until everyone else did and then were woken up when the first people got up. It was also weirdly hot and sticky inside the sleeping bags, but freezing cold and condensationy outside of them, so you weren’t comfortable wherever you were. The morning wasn’t that pleasant really, due to lack of sleep and hangovers, but people didn’t hang around long really. We had some breakfast, dismantled the tents again in blazing sunshine which really didn’t help the hangovers, and then were home by 12. I have never ever appreciated a shower so much!

    So all in all it was a Good Trip, and our tent may yet see another outing sometime. Hopefully somewhere with a shower though.

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