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  1. #BEDM14: What annoys you every day?

    May 27, 2014 by superlative

    The bus.

    Oh my god the bus annoys me so much.

    People try to say that buses are more environmentally friendly, and are much better than they used to be, and that they’re quicker than sitting in traffic or waiting for a parking space.

    NO. Buses are HORRIBLE.

    The seats are too close together, so if you’re above average height and you don’t want to sit sideways like a freak then they cause you considerable pain. Buses are dirty too, both in terms of being strewn with litter and abandoned Metros, and because they’re festooned with the germs of all the other people crammed into them, coughing and spluttering and putting their disgusting paws all over the handrails. And not content with being generally diseased, the passengers are frequently obnoxious too – talking too loudly, playing music, eating stinky foods, smoking, and on occasion abusing the people around them.

    The temperature on buses seems to be a Russian roulette where it can range from anything from Siberian winter to the seventh layer of hell, with no particular indication before you get on of what it might be.

    They’re unreliable – my bus to work takes a very Mediterranean attitude to punctuality – and despite the multi-million pound bus lanes the Green party has spaffed all over Brighton, it can still take me 40 minutes to travel the three miles to work.

    And to cap it all off, they’re not even cheap. Our bus company seems to put its prices up about twice a year, always blaming ‘rising fuel prices’, and the amount of money you’re expected to pay to endure a horrible, slow, traumatising journey is now bordering on ridiculous.

    Each day I wake up in a fairly normal mood. Not madly excited to be going to work, but not troubled by it either.

    By the time I’ve negotiated my way through the bus journey to work, my blood pressure has doubled, I’ve gained half a dozen new grey hairs, and I’ve considered murdering a broad selection of people, many of them children. It really does me no good at all, and has almost certainly shaved a few years off my life expectancy. They’re just awful, and all buses, bus companies and bus enthusiasts should be burned alive and turned into tarmac so I can drive my big fat car around on top of them.

  2. Things that make you go HURK

    May 3, 2013 by superlative

    Blog every day in May topic – Things that make you uncomfortable

    Lots of things make me uncomfortable. I suppose there are many more things that make me annoyed – my resting state seems to be ‘slightly annoyed’ – but there are quite a few things that make me uncomfortable as well. Often it’s a bit of both, as there are times when I’m uncomfortable about something but too polite or inhibited to say or do anything about it.

    Here are a few things anyway:

    Being called quiet
    I am quite a quiet, shy person. I’m particularly bad in social situations if I don’t know the people around me very well, and much more so if I really want them to like me. Which is a bit unhelpful of my brain, as you generally need to talk to people to get them to like you, unless they’re interviewing for a Mute or something.

    But what makes me much, much, MUCH worse  is if someone says ‘You’re quiet, aren’t you?’

    Or ‘Why are you so quiet?’

    Or, and this is the worst one and I’ve actually had this said to me, ‘You’re quiet. I don’t like quiet people.’

    Well fuck you, bitch! I’m sorry if I’m not a gobby trout in a stupid jumper like you, but I’m SHY. (she actually did have a stupid jumper on in this instance, that’s not just an example)

    So yeah, being called quiet makes me very uncomfortable and causes me to clam up completely. It makes me very self conscious, and I always think ‘Yes I know I’m quiet – why would I need you to tell me? In what world did you think this would encourage me to talk?’

    People kissing their partners
    I don’t mean people giving their partner a quick kiss, or a peck hello, or a thank you kiss, or anything brief like that. I mean people snogging their partners on the mouth for more than a few seconds when they’re in a social situation like in a pub or in my living room. This happens particularly when they’ve just started going out and are still all loved up about it.

    It’s RUDE. There are other people in the room, they were speaking to you just a moment ago, and now you’re sucking each others’ faces. Where am I supposed to look while you’re doing that? I can’t look AT you, that’s weird. Am I supposed to look away? Do I pretend I haven’t noticed? Presumably I can’t ask you a question or anything or interrupt you. Should we talk amongst ourselves? How long are you going to be? Are you snogging for my benefit, to let me know you’re in a relationship and you’re soooooo happy and in love with your ‘babe’? I DON’T GET IT. I don’t know what to do with myself when this happens. Stop that. Stop it right now.

    Running for the bus with an audience
    Sometimes when you’re approaching the bus stop, you can see that a bus is there but you can’t quite tell which bus it is. There are people at the stop, or hanging around generally, and I can never decide if I should run or not. There’s something weird about an adult running in the street if they’re not wearing a jogging outfit. It makes people look at you. ‘Why are they running?’ they think. It attracts attention. And if you’re running for a bus (a reasonable excuse to be moving at speed), it would be much worse if you were to arrive at the stop and suddenly decide it’s not your bus after all. Do you just stop and look sheepish? Do you KEEP running and pretend you were heading for something else? You could end up anywhere. And if it is your bus and you miss it, you have to make some theatrical show of annoyance so everyone knows you were running for that bus and now you’ve missed it and it’s annoying. So that moment, when the bus is there and my knee jerks forwards as I go to run and then I think wait do I want to run for this there are people over there and they’ll see me and what if it’s not the right bus and what if it drives away and what if the bus driver isn’t even on the bus because he’s on a break and I get there and can’t get on, THAT moment of indecision makes me uncomfortable.


  3. Start the week as you mean to go on

    December 3, 2007 by superlative

    Oh my god I’m SO annoyed! I hate the bus so much, no wonder nobody wants to take public transport and just wants to drive everywhere in their comfy cars. 50 minutes it took me to get to work today, 50! And it’s only a 10-15 minute drive. Admittedly, it was partly my bad decision-making that helped make me so late, but I still choose to blame the buses. The stupid live update sign things that tell you how long you’ve got to wait just lie to you, trick you into getting on a different bus to save time, and then you see three of the bus you actually wanted sail straight past. So then I was late for work and will have to make up the flexi time at some point during the week, stupid bastard buses.

    Oh and of course the bus I was on was full of pikey parents and their out of control offspring. Who lets their children practice “who can stamp and scream the loudest” in a public place? Who?? They weren’t upset, they weren’t complaining, they were just having a competition to see who could make the most noise and their parents just ignored them. I don’t know what’s wrong with people any more, I really don’t. There’s just no respect for anyone else, no inkling that maybe you should consider other people in the decisions that you make. But you can’t actually say anything or complain, because you run a 50/50 chance of either getting a mouthful of abuse (usually some inarticulate version of “you telling me how to raise my kid?”) or being stabbed to death on the top deck while everyone else tries very hard to ignore you for fear of being stabbed themselves. When did the world end up like this?

    So anyway, that’s my cheery start to Monday.