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  1. Brighton Pride

    August 17, 2011 by superlative

    I have been going to Brighton Pride since 2000, and this year’s was one of the best I have been to in absolutely ages.

    After the last few years of failing abysmally to cover their costs, the organising committee took the controversial decision to fence off the festival part of the event and charge people to get in this year. Many people threw up their hands in horror.

    “It’s Pride, it’s meant to be inclusive! Inclusive means free!” some said.

    “Well I’m not fucking going then. I’ll go and have a free party on the beach instead,” others grumbled.

    But after all the complaining, and the initially slow ticket sales, I have to say that I think ticketing the event was a near total success.

    Last year, Preston Park was awful. Absolutely awful, and I did not enjoy it at all. Well, looking back at my blog post I apparently did enjoy it regardless, but it was still awful. 120,000 people packed into the park, to the point where you could barely move and had to spend most of the time pushing through a huge throng of people, trying not to trip over the ankle-deep litter on the floor. There was also quite a large proportion of people who weren’t there to celebrate diversity; they were just there to get smashed. There were large groups of drunk kids and street-drinker types, and it really didn’t feel like a particularly nice place to be at times.

    So halving the numbers (I suspect the final total will be 60,000 or fewer in the park this year) was great. It got rid of all the people who just wanted to get trashed, and allowed the people who were there to do some astounding things like: use the toilet without having to wait for half an hour; get to a bar and buy a drink without having to wait for half an hour; sit on the grass; actually walk around.

    They also had a live music stage again, for the first time in a good few years, and it has been something I’ve always missed. I’m not that into standing in a sweaty dance tent jiggling up and down to house music at 2pm, so a music stage provided a much more civilised place where you could spend some time and enjoy yourself without needing to do a lot.

    They had some very good acts on too, with the biggest names being Alexandra Burke and Joe McElderry. Sadly, in the end we couldn’t be bothered to wait for either of them to come on before we sloped off home, even though we had planned to. They just put them on too late – they were scheduled for 5.15pm, but by 6pm there was still no sign of them so we got bored. But before that, I very much enjoyed seeing Sonia (yes Sonia! From the 80s! No, she’s not dead!), and Booty Luv, and our new favourite boyband: Boy Banned. It’s not the best name for a boyband, but they were very entertaining, and I have a bit of a crush on Ethan now. He’s the one in the vest, here’s a picture:

    I really hope that Pride made enough money from the ticket sales to cover their costs this year, and that they keep the overall format in the future. I think it’s quite telling that I have pretty much never put anything in the collection buckets at Pride in the whole time I’ve been going (although I do donate via the fundraising the local bars do), so I have myself been part of the problem with it not making enough money. But once they stuck a ticket price on it, I paid up and don’t regret it. I’m sure I won’t be the only one. So if it makes it work financially it can only be a good thing.

    As well as the park being better this year, I also thought the parade was unusually good, with a large number of floats and some good outfits.

    The street parties in St James’s Street were okaaaay, but I found them over-crowded and afflicted by some of the pikey street-drinker types I mentioned earlier.

    Chris spent most of the street party doing underwear modelling in a shop window as a favour to some friends, so that was nice for him.

    The other best bit for me though was the club night we went to on Saturday night. It was an old school return of Dynamite Boogaloo, our favourite club night for years and years that they stopped doing in 2009. And it was amazing! So much fun. It’s exactly our sort of music (because our sort of music was pretty much molded by Boogaloo anyway), and we knew quite a few people there, and I just danced like a crazy fool for hours and hours and hours. I wasn’t even particularly drunk; I was just drunk on Boogaloo excitement I think.

    So yes, that was my weekend, and it was really good. Thanks to Brighton Pride and to Boogaloo Stu, and to all the hot boys who swanned around in various states of undress throughout. It was really rather pleasant.

  2. Birthday shopping success

    April 27, 2010 by superlative

    Having said to everyone that I don’t know what I want for my birthday, and I don’t need anything, and don’t bother wasting your money if I don’t want anything, I actually had a highly successful trip to the shops on Saturday and bought myself LOADS of cool stuff.

    The coolest acquisition was these fucking excellent shoes:

    I’m wearing them right now and I looooooooooove them. They are Onitsuka Tigers, and I’ve wanted some for ages but always decided they were too expensive. They’re not too expensive when I’m not paying though! For some reason I really like the pattern on the side (most Onitsukas have it), and I really like the colours on these too.
    I also bought Amelie on DVD, which I have seen quite a few times but which I really like. It’ll also be good for my French to watch it again too, I must be getting pretty rusty by now. I haven’t read anything in French or Italian for ages and I know I’d be a bit tongue-tied if I tried to speak them now. In fact, some people who are only occasional readers of my blog may not realise that I actually have a degree in French and Italian and am supposedly fluent, because obviously it doesn’t really come up very often when you spend your days pottering around doing (English) websites. I’m not fluent any more anyway, certainly not in Italian, although I could probably make an attempt at French and not sound too stupid.
    Anyway, as well as Amelie I also bought Little Miss Sunshine, which I LOVE. I watched it the other night, I couldn’t wait until my birthday to see it again. The little girl in it is just SO sweet, and the people are all such fuck ups, and the ending is just hilarious.
    So yes I’m pleased with my DVD purchases.
    AND on top of that, I bought three t-shirts. So not bad really! It’s a nice feeling to come home clutching lots of shopping bags and knowing you’ve got lots of nice new things.
    My plans for my actual birthday have been a bit last-minute (because I refused to decide what to do), but on Friday (my actual birthday) I’m now having people over to ours for booze and SingStar, and then we’ve got some friends coming to stay on Saturday and we’re going to go clubbing and be entertained by Boogaloo Stu at Pop Kraft.
    So it should be good hopefully. I hope very much to keep my drinking in check and not get carried away like I usually do, so that I don’t suffer horribly the next day and end up spending my birthday weekend in bed or with my face in the toilet. That would be rubbish and would annoy me, so I must MUST remember to stop drinking at a sensible hour.
    Will post some pictures of the weekend if any of them are stimulating enough.

  3. Blogging catch-up

    August 17, 2009 by superlative

    It’s been ages since I wrote something on my blog, so I thought I’d better make the effort to post a little something today. Largely it’s because I haven’t been at work, where I’m sat in front of a computer all day with nothing better to do than bore you all with my daily doings.

    I’ve had quite a nice week off, and I’ve done quite a few things, although as always it feels like the time has gone really quickly.

    I’ve been camping in Essex, which was quite fun. I’m still not hugely keen on sleeping in a tent though, particularly as I was nearly asphixiated at 5am by it. I was worried that we’d be cold, so I closed all the flaps up apart from the “vent” in the top, not realising however that the vent did absolutely nothing at all. So after four hours of sleep our oxygen had been entirely depleted, and I started to have an odd dream where I was breathing but nothing was going in. And then I woke up with a start and found that I could indeed inhale quite happily, but was still nearly on the point of passing out from lack of oxygen. Stupid tent. A few minutes of panting on the grass after ripping the door open and all was well again, but it still wasn’t much fun.

    I’ve also had a couple of nice nights out, accompanied by the obligatory not-so-nice mornings after. We actually managed to get to Pop Kraft, Boogaloo Stu’s new Brighton night, this weekend and it was really good! Great pop music, porno badges, and free jelly beans, what more could you want? I’ll definitely try to go again, especially to the Saturday special they do sometimes. I’m not sure I can handle clubbing on a Thursday night any more.

    I went to Revenge as well recently, the first time I’ve been there in ages. It was only okay I have to say. They have a nice new roof terrace now, which is quite pleasant when you need a rest, but consequently you can no longer leave the club and get stamped to come back in. We used to like that, because then you could flit around between Revenge and Vavoom and anywhere else that took your fancy without being pinned down in one place. It also seems that Revenge has become very lesbian in recent months. Not that I mind lesbians as a general rule of course, I know some very nice ones, but there’s a certain kind of lesbian that Revenge attracts in droves that really REALLY pisses me off. They’re generally of less than average height, and they seem to have developed the notion that everyone is going to persecute them. They therefore exhibit an unnecessary level of pre-emptive aggression in order to ward you off, and it’s fucking annoying! There’s just no need for it. Often they take up far more than their fair share of the dance floor, they dance wildly, and they SHOVE if you get too near them. But woe betide you if you should shove them back, oh no, because then you get an earful off an overweight cluster of snaggle-toothed sweaty faced little dwarves. And if Pink comes on, the apparent music of choice for these marauding herds of wildebeests, you better run for it because then they flail and mosh and elbow even harder than usual.

    So it put me off a bit to be honest. I’ll probably still go occasionally, but I don’t rate Revenge any more really. That doesn’t leave many options for clubbing really though: Legends is alright but I don’t like the smug pug-faced man who owns it and it’s generally quite an old crowd in there; Charles Street is only open certain nights; and Ghetto used to be very good but seems to be dead all the time now. So er… that’s no good gay clubs left. No wonder people aren’t going out like they used to.

    Anyway, I’m back to work tomorrow after my week and a half off. I’ve just waded through my emails and deleted the most twatty and irrelevant, and my backlog doesn’t look too bad. It’s amazing how quickly I can get annoyed with work again though, when I’m not even there yet! “Oh this webpage still says this, that’s really wrong now, it should have been taken down a couple of weeks ago”. Er did you ask me to take it down? No! I’m not psychic dear.

    Still, I at least only have a three-day week again this week. I’m then going on an introduction to scuba diving (yes, you heard me!) next Saturday, followed by another wedding reception in the evening, so that should be quite good.

    I shall try to blog more often in the interim, as I don’t like to think of you all forlornly clicking on refresh every ten minutes to see if I’ve posted anything new and being disappointed.

  4. That Friday feeling

    March 20, 2009 by superlative

    It’s the end of the week at last, after five days of what has been mind-numbing boredom oddly combined with time whizzing past really quickly. I’m looking forward to the weekend as the sun is still shining, but I don’t really know what plans we’ve got for it. Boy watching may well feature heavily, and maybe a little trip to Popstarz tonight, we shall have to see…

    I’ve really wanted to go and try out Boogaloo Stu’s new night called Pop Kraft on a Thursday (which has replaced Creamy Fingers, which replaced Boogaloo), but we keep laming out at the last minute. Last night was no exception, so that’s three weeks in a row we’ve missed. It’s just so hard to go when you work full time though! One or both of us is usually tired from our Thursday at work, and the prospect of a Friday feeling sick at my desk is becoming less and less appealing as I get older. Maybe next week…? Who knows. I’m suspicious that no photos of the last three weeks of it have appeared on Facebook though, leading me to believe that maybe it wasn’t that busy…

    Oh yes, and in other news I’ve decided not to sign up for that creative writing course. The deadline is tomorrow, and I’ve not done it yet, so I just don’t think it’s going to happen. In the end it came down to whether I wanted to spend £155 on it, and I decided I couldn’t really justify it if I’m meant to be saving up to buy a flat.

    So never mind. I’m still quite interested in trying to write a novel one day, and I think they run this course every six months or so, so I could always sign up next time around. And I’ve saved £155 (sort of), which is good! Now how can I get away with spending that on a Blackberry, hmmm…

  5. R.I.P. Boogaloo – this time it’s final

    March 1, 2009 by superlative

    I wrote a couple of months ago that Dynamite Boogaloo on a Thursday night was no more and had finally be cancelled. I was able to take small consolation however from the fact that Super Dynamite Boogaloo, its monthly special on a Saturday, would continue, and so at least it wasn’t being completely totally cancelled.

    Alas, with scant regard for the mental anguish it would inflict, Boogaloo Stu has now pulled the plug on that as well! So after 17 years of Dynamite Boogaloo in Brighton, 10 years of which I’d been going there myself, it really is gone. Last night was its 17th Birthday Party event and also its swan song. They’ve said it is cancelled “for the forseeable future”, and that they’ll be back at Pride for the thing they do at the Open House, but more or less I think that’s it.

    I wasn’t all that surprised about the Thursday night; it had had problems getting the numbers in. I thought the Saturday monthly would be alright though because it’s always fairly full. I think they’ve just moved on and decided to do other things – I know that Dynamite Sal is doing some other club nights now, and Dolly Rocket has been hostessing at Legends, and Boogaloo Stu has always had his London nights and is starting some things in Bath too I think. I’m quite sad though – I used to like it being monthly, it made us make the effort to go, because we knew if we missed it we’d have to wait a whole month for the next one.

    Last night was OK, but wasn’t actually the best Boogaloo I’ve ever been to. The music wasn’t quite as good as it sometimes is, and there were some annoying louty straight boys there making lots of noise and getting in my way. It was also a bit melancholy watching the last cabaret and thinking “aw this is the last cabaret!”

    I had wondered if, after 10 years, I would finally volunteer to play the cabaret game. I’ve always scrupulously avoided it, but thought that maybe one day I would. I didn’t though, he’d already picked his participants as being the people who were celebrating birthdays that night. And they were playing shitlips anyway, which I wouldn’t particularly have wanted to do as you end up with chocolate spread all over your face, so maybe it was for the best.

    So anyway, R.I.P. Boogaloo, taken from us at the tender age of 17. Thank you for the… oh, hundreds of fun nights you’ve given me. Brighton won’t be the same without you.

  6. Snow day!

    February 2, 2009 by superlative

    We’ve had six inches of snow and the entire country has been brought to a complete standstill! So I’ve got the day off, wooooo!!! Yes as usual we can’t cope with even a bit of snow – there are no buses, no trains, and loads of runways are closed. Even the gritters couldn’t go out last night as apparently the conditions were too bad. I thought they were designed for driving in snow!

    So anyway, this morning we have been out for a walk along the beach which was lovely and white and pretty, and then we made a (quite small) snowman. Everyone outside is walking around with big smiles on their faces, the snow turns everyone into children! And if you hear anyone on their mobile they’re saying “yeah I’m not coming in, it’s too snowy”. It’s been great so far. We might go out for some lunch later as well.

    So that has been a very nice start to the week. We had a good weekend too, as we went to Strictly Super Dynamite Boogaloo. Obviously that was Boogaloo, but with a Strictly Come Dancing theme. So we got dressed up in sort of ballroomy shirts and waistcoats and things, and I bought some one-day fake tan. “Washes off easily and will never look orange” it said on the tube. Ha! They obviously hadn’t banked on us putting three coats on, because orange was what we wanted to be! I looked like an oompah loompah going to a job interview.

    Boogaloo was good, the music was good (from what I remember), although I did drink a bit too much and felt quite sick by the time we got home. I had a rather unusual experience too, because there was this guy there in a wheelchair, and he was FIT. I really liked him, and so did Chris, and I was quite surprised because I would normally have thought in a prejudicial sort of way that the wheelchair would have put me off. I’ve never fancied a guy in a chair before, but apparently that’s just because they weren’t good looking. This guy had nice hair, nice clothes, and he was actually a really good dancer. So anyway, I found myself staring at him a bit, and then thought “shit I hope he doesn’t think I’m staring because he’s in a wheelchair. It’s not, it’s because you’re cute!” So anyway, that was a nice experience for me.

    Right, it’s STILL snowing, so I’m going to make a hot drink and then watch people out the window for a bit and see if anyone slips over and hurts themselves.

  7. Halloween, brought to you in spoooooooookyvision

    November 3, 2008 by superlative

    Hmpf, well I’ve calmed down a bit since my 2am rage, but I’m still not happy about it. Daniel and Eoghuoauon got more votes than both Austin and Rachel? Really? Really?? What’s wrong with the British voting public? This is surely a serious argument against universal suffrage; if people vote like this on the X-Factor, can they be trusted to vote for a government? Maybe you should have to sit a sanity exam before you can register to vote, I might run for parliament and suggest it.

    Anyway, I had a marvellous end of week and Halloween weekend. I was off work Wednesday – Friday (two day weeks rule), and we had some friends down for the first couple of days so we went and did lots of nice things like eating out, shopping, going for drinkies, letching shamelessly at hot bar staff, and flashing CCTV cameras in bar toilets.

    Then Friday was the first part of our Halloween Extravaganza – Halloween Super Dynamite Boogaloo. We made loads of effort with our outfits this year, and I’m really glad we did because lots of people had really really dressed up! Chris was the Joker, very topical this year, and had excellent make-up, and as an accessory to that I went as Robin. Robin is not the sexiest of outfits (I was a traditional Robin rather than a Chris O’Donnell one), and I did verge on the Rodney Trotter Robin, but I think the outfit was still a triumph, especially as it was all homemade. Several people said to me “wow where did you buy your outfit?”, which is surely a ringing endorsement.

    Halloween Boogaloo was good, especially as so many people had made the effort to dress up. I have to say it was freeeeeezing weather for hotpants and a t-shirt though, and I was particularly annoyed to arrive at the club after 11 (supposed to open at 10.30) only to find they had not even opened the doors yet and we had to stand outside for 10 minutes while my legs went slowly numb.

    Then on Saturday we went to a friend’s Halloween House Party, where we bobbed for apples (much harder than it looks) and played slightly disturbing Halloween Twister. We re-used the same outfits of course, it’s not every day you get to wear a metre of yellow satin, and a Catwoman turned up at the party so we had a bit of a theme going. I think girls can be a bit lazy when they dress up actually, they’re always witches, cats, naughty devils, or occasionally bunnies. Where’s the imagination ladies??

    And Sunday was my and Chris’ 10 year anniversary, bless. I don’t know where the time has gone. Actually I do know, it’s gone on a year of A Levels, a four-year degree, and five years of young professionalism, but it still feels like it’s whizzed by. I’m just glad we both managed to remember the anniversary this year, one of us has forgotten for the last three (me twice, Chris once) and I was determined not to let it happen for such a big one as the tenth.

    And now it’s back to work and it’s all rather dreary. On the upside, we are unexpectedly going to see Alphabeat tonight, which should be fantastic, and tomorrow is the US election about which I am soooooooo excited. I may get up at 4am to start watching the results come in. I’m not sure why I care this much, it’s not like I live there, but it is important and having read about it constantly in my Economist for the last year I feel pretty invested in it. Go Obama! You’re a bit of an unknown quantity, but what the hell, let’s spin the wheel for a change.

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  8. Showbiz correspondence

    September 26, 2008 by superlative

    I got a Facebook message from Boogaloo Stu today about my blog post on the demise of Thursday Boogaloo. It was terribly sweet of him to write, and also quite shocking that someone had actually read my blog outside of my normal circle of friends. But that’s the whole point I suppose, if I wanted to keep a private diary I’d be doing it on a bit of paper.

    Anyway, Boogaloo Stu is organising a club night called Creamy Fingers for Thursday 23 October, which will be a one-off thing initially but may become regular, presumably if enough people go and if people like it. So that could be a replacement for me for Boogaloo maybe? Stu asked me to invite all my friends, so obviously was just buttering me up before indulging in a little e-marketing, but that’s fine. I’m sure Chris and I will go whatever happens, especially as it’s at Ghetto so you can practically see it from my front room.

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  9. I declare three days of mourning

    September 9, 2008 by superlative

    I am officially in mourning for Dynamite Boogaloo, which was pronounced dead early on Thursday morning. Yes, after 16 years of entertaining the Brighton masses with hotpants, massive hooters and horrible party games, Boogaloo Stu has finally taken it round the back of the barn and shot it in the neck.

    I’m actually really sad, as Boogaloo has been a part of my life in Brighton ever since I moved down here in 1999. I must have been hundreds of times in the last nine years, and was ever so slowly building up to maybe one day participating in the cabaret. I’m not really sure what finished it off in the end either. It had a lot of venue changes during the last year, and its numbers had certainly been dropping off. I think every year Boogaloo used to recruit a new batch of fairly loyal student attendees who would go most weeks, but then it failed to do so this year and the numbers dropped and dropped. To be fair, I’ve been going less often myself, but I was still managing maybe once a month.

    It was never really the same after it moved from the Joint to Above Audio, although it picked up a lot once it moved downstairs to Audio proper. But then it moved to Candy Bar, and then suddenly moved again to the Arc, and the venue was just too large and not very well laid-out for it. I thought they might wait to see how well it did once the students arrived again in October, but apparently not.

    Dynamite Boogaloo on a Thursday is survived by its younger, fatter sibling: Super Dynamite Boogaloo, once a month on a Saturday at the Komedia. So it’s not ALL bad, I’ll still get to see Boogaloo Stu blatently falsifying the cabaret outcome so his favoured person wins, and Dolly Rocket tottering around with talcum powder all round her gob as Amy Winearse. But I’ll no longer have my weekly “shall we shan’t we” dilemma on a Thursday evening, and my Friday hangovers will be no more.

    On a slightly more cheery note, we tried Popstarz at the Ghetto again last Friday. We went a couple of weeks ago, and were APPALLED by the poor quality of the music and left in a huff. But we magnanimously decided to give it another go last week (well, some other people were going, so we said oh alright) and it was really good! Much better than before, as this time the DJ actually put some good music on that people wanted to dance to, instead of ignoring the fact that his dancefloor had remained empty for the last two hours.

    So I suppose we might exchange our Thursday nights out for Fridays, and my productivity at work on a Friday will probably increase by at least 32%. I should probably ask for a pay rise in that case…

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  10. Greased and ready

    September 1, 2008 by superlative

    I think I may need to abandon catching up on my blog, as it’s really not going that well and it’s stopping me from writing about anything current. So I might leave blogging Stu and Helen’s wedding and the voyage to Sweden, and maybe come back to them later when I’ve got more time. Both weddings were very nice anyway – Stu and Helen’s was much more traditional than ours, which was good because then it contrasted nicely, and the trip to Sweden went astonishingly well – arrived with an hour and a half to spare, took zero wrong turns, and didn’t crash the hire car. We also made some new Swedish friends, and enjoyed about eight musical numbers at various points during the celebrations. Apparently people sing a lot at Swedish weddings.

    Anyway, that’s my perfunctory attempt at catching up, so I can now skip ahead to September and the present day.

    We had a lovely weekend, although I’m quite tired from it today. One of our wedding presents was a £50 voucher for a meal at Due South, which we decided to use on Saturday when we had possibly the last gloriously sunny day of the summer. Due South is a very nice restaurant on the beach front, serving mainly fish dishes (so not my bag) but also a few other things. It is frighteningly expensive though, so we’d never normally go if we were paying ourselves. Our two main courses and two cocktails used up the whole £50 voucher! But I had a lovely roast chicken breast with a carrot purée thing, and Chris had a risotto that he said was among the best meals he’s ever had. And we did a nice bit of boy-watching while we were at it. Rough pikeys in grey trackies can be so fit, and you can see everything

    Then on Saturday we indulged in a little Super Dynamite Boogaloo. The theme this month was Grease Is The Word, based therefore on the film Grease. We wanted to dress up, but had neither suitable leather jackets nor enough hair to make into a quiff. So instead we went just as ‘grease’, by dressing up as mechanics. It worked really well actually, although I’ve ruined a t-shirt. No-one else was dressed up really though, typical. Some of the girls were in fifties dresses, but no boys ever make an effort. It was good fun anyway.

    I met an odd Scottish girl who somehow thought that the fact she was wearing a poncho would convey she was from Scotland in some way. I’m still puzzling over that one. My only possible explanation so far is that the Scottish dress maker in Ugly Betty may have a similar poncho thing, but it’s somewhat tenuous.

    And then after writing a million wedding thank you notes on Sunday, Chris persuaded me that we could probably manage another night out, so we tried Eurotrash at the Ghetto. It’s kind of a cabaret-come-club night, run by boogaloo-stu-in-waiting The Size Zero Albino (or ‘Stephen’ as he’s otherwise known). It was good anyway, and not too strenuous for a work night. We enjoyed seeing Mr Cashback do various raps about such varied topics as pulling a sickie, trainers, and someone eating your sandwiches, and then saw a duo called Los Bonomos who did lots of ironic songs about haircuts and structural engineers. Rather too many songs in fact, it went on for ages, to the point where they twigged they were losing the audience and hurriedly finished their set.

    I wish we’d had more time and/or more energy, because the music, particularly pre-cabaret, was very good. But we left soon after 12 like good boys and now I’m only medium-tired today.

    So that was my weekend. Very fun and alcohol-fuelled.

    Also, John McCain has picked Sarah Palin as his Vice-Presidential running mate. A poor choice in my opinion that smacks a little of desperation – he’s chosen a woman in order to try to lure away some of the Hillary supporters who don’t like Obama, and he’s chosen someone thirty years his junior in order to drag their average age down into the fifties. But would a small-town mayor and governor of one of the freak states make a good president in the event that the 72-year old Mr McCain dropped dead? Possibly not. She’s no Geena Davis in my opinion. And she’s a neo-conservative. So anyway, Obama gets my vote that I don’t have because I’m not American. I’m sure he’ll be pleased.

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