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  1. Birthday and brainfreeze

    October 10, 2008 by superlative

    Yesterday was Chris’ birthday, so we had a nice meal out and then went to see Dara O’Briain’s stand up show at the Dome. It was good, he’s very funny, but I’m glad we were sitting towards the back because he bases a large part of the show on talking to people near the front. I can’t imagine anything worse than if he were to start asking me questions. But he didn’t anyway, so it was fine.

    I think I preferred the Simon Amstell show we saw a few months ago, but Chris said he liked Dara more. There was one bit where he started laying into homeopathy and two haughty-looking women in amber jewellery sitting in front of us really noticeably stopped laughing. Clearly stepping on some toes there I thought, but it’s their fault for believing in the healing power of a glass of water. If I’m ever in a car crash I certainly won’t be hoping that a homeopath will happen to be passing.

    Also I may, or may not, have had another bout of forgetfulness. It’s difficult to tell – how can you remember if you’ve forgotten something? There was no card from Chris’ Mum on his birthday, but she thought she’d put it in the bag with his present (which I had squirreled away). And now I don’t know if I put it somewhere else. I may have done. Or Chris’ Mum, who is also forgetful, may never have given it to me. I just don’t know. I also couldn’t remember yesterday if I’d washed up my mug at work – the only way I could tell was to look at it and see it was clean so yes I must have done. But I literally had only done it 15 minutes before, but still couldn’t remember. I think it’s because I’m bored at the moment. Work is really dull, so my brain turns in on itself and I think about things in my head all day, and just wander around doing things on autopilot without actually taking them in.

    On a more positive note, the students are back now so I finally have something to look at out of my window! They haven’t made any of them get topless yet, but there have been a couple of cute medical students, and I’m sure they’ll need to do some male physiology at some point…

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  2. Birthday weekend

    May 6, 2008 by superlative

    My birthday weekend was much nicer than my actual birthday in the end, as I was starting to get over my stupid virus and we went out and did lots of sociable things. Friday was our Works Night Out, which was lots of fun, although I did get assaulted with lots of bosoms by my colleagues and I wasn’t really sure where to look. I don’t mind bosoms obviously, I’m just not used to having them shoved in my face and jiggled around. The bar/club thing we ended up in was… interesting. Sort of chavvy, and rather empty to start with, but we did get buy-one-get-one-free cocktails, and we were not at all inhibited by the fact that the dancefloor was empty and everyone was looking at us.

    Then on Saturday we had Andi and Paul down to stay, and lots of people came round for drinks at ours, and then we went out for more drinks and a bit of dancing. I have decided that I quite like the Bulldog, despite it being ostensibly a skinhead-type pub, because it is ridiculously cheap. How many pubs have their happy hour 10-12 on a Saturday evening?? It was like £2.20 for a double and coke! And yes there were quite a few guys with not much hair on the top of their heads and rather a lot of hair around the bottom of their heads, sort of standing around and people watching in a cruisey way, but so what? It’s not like they’ll assault you or anything, not unless that’s what you’re into and you ask them nicely.

    We also had a successful shopping trip on Monday where I spent some birthday money on three new tops, and then we purchased a Camping Starter Kit. It features a tent, two sleeping mats and two sleeping bags, and is designed for the First Time Camper. We are meant to be going camping with Zac this weekend for his 30th birthday, so we thought we had better get kitted out. I then spent Monday evening engaged in pole erection in the living room to make sure we knew how it all worked. I quite wanted one of those tents were you chuck it in the air and it goes ‘flump!’ and is all set up, but we didn’t get one of those in the end and it took like an hour to erect it. I am sure it’ll be quicker on Saturday though… Especially as Ali and Kate claim to have to have “got their time down to 2minutes”, who the hell times themselves and tries to beat their personal best at tent erection?? So anyway, we’ll look too crap if it takes us an hour, and hopefully we’ll be able to whip it up quicker next time.

    It is a lovely sunny day and I wish I were outside, but alas I’m stuck in my office with no natural light and my view of the seminar room today only contains a rather glum looking woman with a stethoscope. They could at least have stripped and oiled some hot surfer boys for me.

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  3. Still a bit ill and time is running out

    May 2, 2008 by superlative

    I haven’t quite got over feeling unwell yet and now the weekend is practically upon us. I am feeling better, each day I’ve felt a little better, but I’m still not there yet. When I got home on Wednesday (birthday) I ended up going straight to bed for an hour, and then we never made it out for that drink, so it wasn’t the most exciting birthday evening I’ve ever had.

    Yesterday was the day of the conference, to which I dutifully went and acted as a helper even though it’s no longer my responsibility. They were quite grateful to have me I think as I sorted out quite a few equipment things for them (how hard is it to switch a microphone on, or press DVD -> PLAY on a touch screen? very hard, apparently). The event seemed to go well, it felt pretty much the same as last year when I was running it. That’s good in a way, but also I secretly wanted it to be a stressy disaster so everyone would know how clever I was for making it run so smoothly last year. Instead I shall have to choose to believe that my contribution as a helper was a major factor in the day’s success.

    I was quite depressed to find that there are no attractive male staff at the university, as there was no eye candy on offer. There was one hot student (whom all the girls from Personnel immediately started clucking about), but he was only there for the first bit then he pushed off.

    I didn’t stay right until the end as I wasn’t feeling that great by the afternoon, and then I had another lie down when I got in before dinner. Honestly, I’m turning into my mother.

    Today I feel OK but have a weird achey neck, a bunged up face and an odd flat feeling in my head. I might go out for some air to perk myself up. Tonight is our much-anticipated works night out, and although I had promised Sally (with the best of intentions of keeping up my end) that we’d have a big night out, I just don’t think I’m well enough so I’ll need to take it a bit easy. Especially as we have Andi and Paul coming to stay tomorrow, I can’t give myself an illness relapse and be a crap host. I was a crap host last time because of my shocking New Year’s disaster, so I really must be better this time!

    Maybe I can do that thing the girl does in Coyote Ugly, where you have a drink but then secretly spit it into a beer bottle so you don’t actually get drunk…

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  4. 27 – all down hill from here

    April 30, 2008 by superlative

    Today is my birthday, and in exactly 1 hour 31 minutes I will have reached the grand old age of 27. How depressing… When you are 24-26, you can still say you are very firmly mid-twenties, but 27 is the start of that slippery slope down to 30 and is distinctly late-twenties. I remember being terribly amused when my brother turned 27 because I would have been 23 at the time and I made extensive fun of him, but now the tables have been turned! Well, not turned exactly because he is now 30 (ha ha), but you know what I mean.

    Saying that though, my only problem is with the number 27 sounding rather high and well over the quarter of a century mark. I actually really like where I am at the moment in life and don’t think I’d want to change it. I’ve got money, a nice flat, a car, the first job I’ve actually liked in 4 years, I still look fairly young, and I’m still able to go out dancing quite often, so I can’t really complain. And as a further bonus, almost all of my friends are a bit older than me, so I’m doing quite well comparatively.

    So far my birthday has been as exciting as it can be when it’s a work day, and I’ve had loads of birthday wishes in the form of text messages and cards. It is marred by the fact that I feel like I’m a bit ill today, which is annoying, but I just crammed a piece of chocolate cake down my face and that perked me up a bit. I can’t really afford to get ill as we were planning on going out for a (short) drink tonight, I’ve got a conference all day tomorrow, a works night out on Friday, and then friends coming to stay at the weekend. So there simply isn’t time to be ill! I shall attempt to shrug it off and/or drown the germs in alcohol. Alcohol is a basic disinfectant isn’t it, isn’t that why they put whiskey on your leg before they hack it off on the telly? So surely if you increase your alcohol content it would eradicate some germs… Yes that’ll work, that sounds very plausible, and we don’t need to focus on the effect it also has on your immune system.

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