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  1. Thirteen years

    November 2, 2011 by superlative

    Today is my and Chris’ thirteenth anniversary of being together.

    I don’t feel like I write about him an awful lot on here, I mention him in passing, but I never really write about┬áhim. We generally get on so well that there isn’t much to say, and I don’t mean that in a bad way. I just mean that I never have anything to complain or worry about with Chris.

    But today is our anniversary, so if I’m going to write about him on any day today seems appropriate.

    I still find it hard to believe that we have been together for 13 years. I’ve been thinking the same every year really (but increasing by a year each time obviously, I can count thank you), but it still always seems incredible when our anniversary rolls around once again.

    I was 17 when we first got together. SEVENTEEN. It was so long ago, and yet it hardly feels like it and the time has just flashed by. It only feels like a year or two ago that we were walking down the steps at college and said

    “Do you want to go out then?”

    “Yeah alright then.”

    And that was the start. Such an inconspicuous couple of sentences that had such a huge effect on my life ever since.

    We did our A Levels together, and then moved in together at university. We did the whole of our degrees, and even spent a year apart while he was in Canada and I was in Switzerland. Even all of that and all of those experiences only took five years. It’s the eight years since we finished university that have rocketed past and made it really scary. I honestly don’t know where those have gone.

    I’m still very happy though, and I know I’m very lucky. Chris keeps me grounded and sane, and will hopefully stop me from turning into my mother. He helps me cope with my anxieties and my pessimism, and he gets me out of the house doing so many fun things I would never have done on my own. He puts up with me, most importantly, which isn’t always an easy task. He makes me laugh and he’s always there when I need him. He doesn’t read this blog very often, but if he does see this I hope he realises how grateful I am.

    I don’t know where I would be now and what I would have ended up doing if we hadn’t met at college. No part of my life would be the same. I don’t really care where I would be though, because where I want to be is here, and with him. Who could ask for more?

    So there you go. Thirteen years. I’m going to stop being sappy now. Happy anniversary.

  2. Living a champagne lifestyle

    July 28, 2009 by superlative

    Amazingly, it has now been a whole year since I got married. I don’t know where the time has gone, it has just flown by. Saturday was our actual wedding anniversary, and we had a couple of nice things planned over the weekend which made it nice and special.

    Our wine rack has been half full for the last year with bottles of champagne we were given as wedding presents (about five of them I think), and recently we were told that champage doesn’t always stay at its best for more than a year or so. We therefore felt we had an obligation to start drinking it up, which in reality turned into us drinking four bottles of champagne in six days. It was actually really nice to do, as expensive champagne tastes very nice and is much better than the cheap stuff, and I was surprised to find how well it goes with a dinner of fish fingers, chips and beans. It is certainly a combination that I would try again.
    On Friday we had a wedding reception to go to in the evening, for a couple who had attended our wedding last year. It was out on Pangdean Farm in Pyecombe, a very nice country venue with a converted barn with lots of wooden beams. I was particularly impressed with the unusual choice of wedding cake decoration:

    and the bride’s beautiful sort-of-French-style wedding dress that was made by her very talented mother:

    A few friends of ours were there too, so we had a nice evening of dancing and feeling nostalgic about our own wedding.
    Then on Saturday, our actual anniversary, we went for a lovely meal at Blanch House, a posh restaurant in Kemptown not very far from us. We’d never go there normally, it’s a bit out of our usual price range, but Chris’ Mum was treating us, and it was GREAT! It was lots of high class masterchef-type food like this:

    and it was ever so yummy. It was also rather alcohol-fuelled, as we had champagne before we went, and then cocktails on arrival, and wine with dinner. It was all a bit of a blur by dessert I have to say, so we took a short detour home afterwards to sober up a little bit, and sat looking at our wedding photos together and feeling a bit gooey (that may have been the fault of the alcohol again though). And then we just had a couple more drinks in Vavoom before retiring for the evening.
    I was pleased to find that I didn’t have a hangover at all on Sunday, which I am going to attribute as well to the champagne being expensive, and to the six million calories I ate to soak it all up.
    So that was it – one anniversary down, and only 49 more until our golden one. Hopefully they will all be as enjoyable as this one was (and I won’t forget any of them, which is a very real possibility).
    I’m back at work today, but am only doing three-day weeks through the summer, so hurrah only two days left until the weekend! It is Brighton Pride this weekend, and they are forecasting heavy rain for Saturday. Oh dear. Pride is really quite depressing and pointless in the rain, as it is meant to be a day of drinking in the sun and looking at topless boys (a microcosm of my entire life, in fact). If it rains like they’re saying it will, I may not even bother going to the park during the day – I have mud at home I can squelch around in if I wish. And besides, I’ll have more champagne to drink up.

  3. Halloween, brought to you in spoooooooookyvision

    November 3, 2008 by superlative

    Hmpf, well I’ve calmed down a bit since my 2am rage, but I’m still not happy about it. Daniel and Eoghuoauon got more votes than both Austin and Rachel? Really? Really?? What’s wrong with the British voting public? This is surely a serious argument against universal suffrage; if people vote like this on the X-Factor, can they be trusted to vote for a government? Maybe you should have to sit a sanity exam before you can register to vote, I might run for parliament and suggest it.

    Anyway, I had a marvellous end of week and Halloween weekend. I was off work Wednesday – Friday (two day weeks rule), and we had some friends down for the first couple of days so we went and did lots of nice things like eating out, shopping, going for drinkies, letching shamelessly at hot bar staff, and flashing CCTV cameras in bar toilets.

    Then Friday was the first part of our Halloween Extravaganza – Halloween Super Dynamite Boogaloo. We made loads of effort with our outfits this year, and I’m really glad we did because lots of people had really really dressed up! Chris was the Joker, very topical this year, and had excellent make-up, and as an accessory to that I went as Robin. Robin is not the sexiest of outfits (I was a traditional Robin rather than a Chris O’Donnell one), and I did verge on the Rodney Trotter Robin, but I think the outfit was still a triumph, especially as it was all homemade. Several people said to me “wow where did you buy your outfit?”, which is surely a ringing endorsement.

    Halloween Boogaloo was good, especially as so many people had made the effort to dress up. I have to say it was freeeeeezing weather for hotpants and a t-shirt though, and I was particularly annoyed to arrive at the club after 11 (supposed to open at 10.30) only to find they had not even opened the doors yet and we had to stand outside for 10 minutes while my legs went slowly numb.

    Then on Saturday we went to a friend’s Halloween House Party, where we bobbed for apples (much harder than it looks) and played slightly disturbing Halloween Twister. We re-used the same outfits of course, it’s not every day you get to wear a metre of yellow satin, and a Catwoman turned up at the party so we had a bit of a theme going. I think girls can be a bit lazy when they dress up actually, they’re always witches, cats, naughty devils, or occasionally bunnies. Where’s the imagination ladies??

    And Sunday was my and Chris’ 10 year anniversary, bless. I don’t know where the time has gone. Actually I do know, it’s gone on a year of A Levels, a four-year degree, and five years of young professionalism, but it still feels like it’s whizzed by. I’m just glad we both managed to remember the anniversary this year, one of us has forgotten for the last three (me twice, Chris once) and I was determined not to let it happen for such a big one as the tenth.

    And now it’s back to work and it’s all rather dreary. On the upside, we are unexpectedly going to see Alphabeat tonight, which should be fantastic, and tomorrow is the US election about which I am soooooooo excited. I may get up at 4am to start watching the results come in. I’m not sure why I care this much, it’s not like I live there, but it is important and having read about it constantly in my Economist for the last year I feel pretty invested in it. Go Obama! You’re a bit of an unknown quantity, but what the hell, let’s spin the wheel for a change.

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