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  1. Twinkling lights and celebrities

    December 1, 2009 by superlative

    Last Friday we had the first annual Switching On Of The Christmas Lights on my road. Even though it may very well end up being the last one too, I still found it terribly exciting, not least because of the multitude of A List celebrities it attracted!

    I should point out that I do not live on a main road, or in a town centre, so the very fact that we had Christmas lights of our own was slightly unexpected. Some of the shop keepers just got together and organised it, and one of them bought the Christmas lights from an entire town, or so we were told. I was therefore expecting a blaze of fluorescence up and down the street that could be seen from space, and was slightly disappointed that it ended up just being a few things on lamp posts.
    Anyway, when it was initially advertised, we were told that Emma Chawner, a failed X Factor entrant and local lass, had been lined up for the grand switching on ceremony. In case you don’t know who she is, behold:

    She didn’t get very far on the X Factor, even when she came back to sing a duet with her sister the next year.
    Unfortunately, some of the road’s shop keepers felt she would lower the tone somewhat and make it into a less believable event. They obviously weren’t concerned with the hilarity aspect, or that Christmas is quite camp anyway and you don’t get camper than a fat cavegirl in a home-made dress.
    So they ditched Emma Chawner, and I was disappointed.
    Instead though, we were upgraded to:

    Annabel Giles, who performed no real function at the event other than lending it a BBC-level of classiness,

    Michelle Collins! Yes, Cindy Beale turned on our Christmas lights! She was very gracious, and seemed to know a couple of people from our road. One of them was kind enough to collar her and ask if Chris could have her photo taken with her, and it was very weird to hear Cindy Beale’s voice go “Yes of course. Chris! Chris!” and call him over.
    I can see why she was more classy than the dumpy girl, but she was less hilarious. I was also very suspicious that there was no actual wiring involved in her ‘switching on’ the lights, she just did a count down, then sort of moved her arm. A couple of the lamp post lights came on, and then a man in a fluorescent jacket ambled down the road switching each one on one by one. But you can’t have everything, we had LIGHTS and it was fab.
    Oo yes, and I almost forgot, we had Santa!

    So hurrah for living on the campest road in the campest part of Brighton.
    Here’s me looking Christmassy:

    And then the next day, as if all that weren’t enough, I saw Gok Wan in a jewellery shop in the lanes. It was an all-out celebrity overload. Oddly, he was wearing the same outfit he always wears on television, leading me to think he only actually owns one set of clothes. Presumably he stands naked in the kitchen while he washes them in the sink.
    Anyway, I’m feeling all Christmassy now and can look forward to seeing twinkling lights every time I walk up my road from now until, erm, Christmas. Ho ho ho!