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  1. The sun is back!

    March 16, 2009 by superlative

    Yay the sun has returned and it has been a lovely couple of days in Brighton. I can’t actually see the sun, or the outside world at all, from my desk at work unfortunately, but I know it’s there and that’s the main thing.

    As it was nice and warm yesterday Chris and I were able to make our first boy-watching trip of 2009 along Brighton seafront. It’s not been nice enough until now. Have I written about the analogue boy clock before? Well, it’s our system for spotting cute boys anyway. We came up with it after too many frustrating walks involving the conversation “he’s nice. Who? Him over there. Which one? He’s gone now, you missed him. Damn!”. It works a bit like when you’re in a jet fighter (a regular occurrence for us all), where 12 o’clock is dead ahead, 3 o’clock is directly on your right, 6 o’clock is behind you, etc. So using that, with a brief description, you can pinpoint anyone in a matter of moments. E.g. “blond hair, 2 o’clock”, “grey t-shirt, 10 o’clock”, “Dubcek, 1 o’clock”.

    • A Dubcek (doop-check) is someone who looks good from behind, but is disappointing when they turn around. We stole it from Third Rock From The Sun.
    • A Butterface is someone who looks good everywhere (body etc) but their face. They can also be called a King Prawn: rip off the head and eat the body.
    • A Monet is someone who looks good from far away, but rubbish close up.

    There are other names for special cases, but I can’t think of them right now.

    So yes, that’s the analogue boy clock. It’s a fun game.

    I’ve also given up trying to grow my hair longer, it just wasn’t looking good. Someone said to me on Saturday “what exactly are you going for with it?”, and that was the final straw. So Chris has cut it all off for me and I feel much happier with it short and a bit spikey again.