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    November 4, 2008 by superlative

    We went to see Alphabeat perform last night at the Concorde and it was great! It was a bit last minute as our friend managed to get tickets on eBay on Friday from some girl in Worthing who got ditched by her friends and didn’t want to go on her own, and then he asked us if we’d like to go with him. I wasn’t even aware they were playing in Brighton, but they were really good and I had so much fun!

    They were supported by some group whose name I didn’t catch (sorry first group) and by Das Pop, a Belgian trio who lots of people seemed to have heard of. We didn’t see much of the first group but we saw Das Pop and really enjoyed it, and the lead singer did very well at getting the crowd all fired up. It was a shame that it then took about 20 minutes for the crew to reset the stage for Alphabeat, so it lost its momentum a bit, but you can’t have everything.

    I thought I only knew a couple of Alphabeat songs, but in the end there were at least four I recognised, and even the other ones had a good beat so I was happy enough to bob up and down to them. The male singer guy was really REALLY hyperactive, making me suspect he was on something, but the girl singer was remarkably composed in comparison and looked fab in her fifties shiney blue dress. I might buy their album know, they’re really good, and it’s only a fiver on Amazon.

    I did video their encore, which was Fascination, but the sound quality is a bit crappy (phone recording). I quite like that you can hear the crowd screaming along with them, everyone was really into it. There’s a long intro so the song doesn’t get going until about 30 seconds in: