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#BEDM14: Don’t you want me, baby?

8 May 2014 by superlative

BEDM14 topic: Make us want you

Do you need your DVDs put in alphabetical order? Or your books, CDs or anything else?

Then you want me. I’ll do that for you. I’ll love it.


Do you want to find the best rate for your savings? Or a better mortgage? Or a better car insurance deal?

Then you want me. I can research that for you. I’m good at that.


Do you want a nice home-baked cake? Maybe a lemon drizzle? Or a raspberry cake with white chocolate ganache?

Then you want me. I can bake nice stuff.


Do you need something translated from French or Italian? Maybe the instructions for how to build a scale model of the Titanic? (I have actually translated that; I’m not even joking)

Then you want me. I’ve got a degree in that shit.


Do you want your snazzy web design converted into pixel-perfect, cross-browser compatible CSS?

Then you want me. I make it up half the time, but somehow it comes out pretty awesome.


I can do all kinds of weird stuff. Most of it isn’t very useful, and it comes wrapped up in a neurotic, anxious, moody, tired, tipsy package. But as long as you can live with all the crap that comes alongside too, then


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  1. Brighton Cynic says:

    You are so useful Superlative! I organise my books by height personally, my DVD’s by genre & my CV’s alphabetically. Sigh, I do love a system!

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