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#BEDM14: 5pm today

5 May 2014 by superlative

(Yeah I skipped yesterday. Sue me.)

At 5pm today I was sitting on my sofa, feeling the gentle buzz of having just polished off an unnamed cocktail followed by a cranberry martini, and wondering what it would look like if a muscular young man were to squeeze the butter out of a crumpet onto his abs. I had my reasons for this, I’m not just weird.

I’d also just finished playing my first ever game of Smallworld, a Risk-like board game involving giants, dragons, wizards and orcs which Chris and I bought this afternoon. It was quite fun, but somehow his bitch Amazonians managed to defeat my giants and dwarves (who had negotiated an uneasy non-height-discriminatory alliance), and being a bad loser I was left rather disappointed.

So there, that defines a lot of my life pretty well: geeky, gay, and a bit tipsy. That was my 5pm.

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