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#BEDM14 1: What would be on your bucket list?

1 May 2014 by superlative

I’ve had a little think about this during the day, and I’ve decided I don’t really have a bucket list. Maybe it takes a terminal diagnosis to focus your mind, but I have a nice life and I don’t want for much.

I’ve done my best anyway, and tried to answer this question: WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO?

1. See some Aztec or Inca ruins
I was always fascinated by these cultures as a child, and I’d quite like to see a stepped pyramid surrounded by jungle at some point. I’m not sure if there’s much else you can do there, other than look at them, but I think it would be nice.

2. See Mount Rushmore
I don’t know why I want to see Mount Rushmore, but I love the idea that humanity in its arrogance has carved the massive faces of a select few people into the side of a mountain. Why would you even think of doing this? It’s a MOUNTAIN; it’s fine as it is. And what if one of them later turned out to be a paedo? You’d be stuck with it. You’d have to put up a sign next to it saying “Sorry about the paedo.” I’d like to see it though, so I can say “God. That’s a bit weird.”

3. Sit on a deserted beach of pure white sand, in front of a clear blue sea, drinking a cocktail out of half a coconut
I think that would be a pretty sweet way of spending a day.

4. Write a novel
I’ve mentioned wanting to do this before on here, and I still want to. A novel would still be around after I’m gone, sat on a shelf somewhere with my name on the side. And then maybe someone would pick it up and think “I wonder what he was like?” (answer = fucking awesome)

5. Harry Judd
He won’t be my favourite forever, but if I had to pick one person at the moment I’d really, really like to do Harry Judd. Someone arrange that for me. If you want to combine items I’d be prepared to do him on top of Mount Rushmore.

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