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19 May 2013 by superlative

Blog every day in May topic –¬†Five of your favourite blogs

I don’t actually read all that many people’s blogs. Do people not do it so much any more? I feel like there’s less need, as you can just make little posts whenever you want on Twitter or Facebook now.

So I’m just going to do this quick and dirty, because I know you all like it that way anyway.

This is Chris’ blog, my other half. Almost everyone who reads this is going to know that already. He’s doing the Blog every day in May challenge too, and even though I obviously know pretty much everything about him, I’ve still learnt some things reading it that I didn’t know before. So that’s been nice. Also he works with occasionally hilarious special needs children, and that can be quite funny.

Matt Smith
Matt is my best friend what I have met via Twitter. He knows lots of interesting stuff about television and technology and is well worth a read. He helps to keep me sane when I am bored at work every day.

White Space
Urban Cynic, as she is known online, is probably my only ‘blogger’ friend, in that I knew her first via her blog and only later via Twitter. I’ve really enjoyed following her life via her posts. She lives in Brighton too, and I kind of like that I may well have walked past her in the street and would never know it.

Foppish Drunk
This is my friend Lee’s blog, and he’s also blogging every day in May. He’s a very good friend who I don’t see often enough, and his blog helps me to keep up with his life a little bit better. He’s northern, so he likes to blog about things like trams and whippets and whippets on trams.

This is the only picture blog in my list. I don’t know if I first encountered Jerry on Tumblr or on Twitter, but I have since met him in real life in New York. He posts photos of two things that are very important in my life: FOOD and PRETTY BOYS. So if either or both of those are your thing, I heartily recommend that you let him take you for a tumble.

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  1. Urban Cynic says:

    I get a mention! You’ve just made my day you lovely, sweet, shy, funny & fabulous gay Brightonian with great dress sense.

    I’ve been crap at blogging lately but I do much prefer it to Twitter & FB as you can get a real feel of the person’s life and thoughts which you can’t get from the other 2. Twitter is too short & I use it for business really, and FB is full of illiterate wankers who I like in real life but seem to despise online.

    I love your blog though – I’m still in bed reading this and I’m going right back to the last post of yours that I read, which was months ago. I get a much better idea of what you’re like from your blog. I might have walked past you but I know what you look like so probably not. Plus you’re at work all day having pointless meetings & I work from home dealing with equally annoying clients. I might say hi if I saw you thou – maybe. x

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