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I always knew my Dad had no rhythm

25 October 2012 by superlative

I wrote before that my Dad had been referred to the hospital after his faint/lake plunge, and since then he has been for his appointment at the neurology department. The neurologist consultant man asked him lots of questions, and then basically said “Why have you been referred here? It’s clearly not a neurological problem; your GP should be sending you to cardiology, not here.”

To which of course my Dad could only say he didn’t know really and he was just doing as he was bid.

The neurologist decided to give him an MRI anyway, just to rule out any brain problems, and he had that on Monday this week. He won’t get the results of that for another 10 days or so I think. I’m quite pleased that they are checking him out, as it’s reassuring just to know for sure there isn’t an issue there, but it’s also quite annoying that my brother had to take a day off work to accompany him to an appointment that only lasted 20 minutes and wasn’t really what he needs anyway.

Dad went back to his GP with that information and told him that the neurologist felt he should be having an ECG, and then he went and had one yesterday. It turns out from that that he has an ‘uneven heartbeat’, I think slightly to the consternation of his GP who protested that he had listened to his heart previously and found nothing wrong with it. Well apparently there is, and to be honest we’re not satisfied that his GP is doing a particularly good job so far.

He still isn’t sure quite how serious the arrhythmia is (I think that’s the proper term), so Dad has to go back AGAIN tomorrow while the GP checks with cardiology whether he needs to be referred, or how they should proceed.

I’m not that worried about him still, because arrhythmia can be caused by a number of things ranging from minor stuff like too much caffeine all the way up to serious things like heart deformities. So until they decide what his actual issue is I’m going to bank on it not being that serious and hopefully he’ll be able to treat it with behaviour changes or medication or something.

It’s all been quite a drawn out process though, and when it’s something vital like your heart and/or brain you kind of hope to get it sorted out quickly rather than just be left hanging around. ¬†And when you’ve talked a reticent male into going to the doctors, it would be nice to feel like the doctor was actually doing their job properly and not just guessing.

My Grandad has decided to casually mention that he’s always had an irregular heartbeat that he’s never mentioned to my Dad before, so it may well be congenital in some way. Information like that might well have been useful to the doctor, but never mind eh?

I should get some more news tomorrow when he goes back. In the meantime I’m going to try not to think too hard about the occasional weird heart palpitations I get…

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