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Poor old Dad

5 January 2012 by superlative

Wow, my parents’ gypsy curse is working overtime at the moment.

I mentioned before that my Dad had been suspended from his driving job for gross misconduct. Well, he got the sack, so now he’s unemployed again. His gross misconduct was that he clipped a parked car and didn’t report it, but he says that he left a note and thought that would be enough. He also says his employer never trained him on the procedure for reporting an accident (only about half his training was ever completed), and that most of the time procedures weren’t followed with any regularity there (e.g. when the sat nav got stolen from his van, they said not to bother filling in a form for it because it happens all the time). So technically I think his dismissal was unfair, but he hadn’t worked there long enough to be able to claim unfair dismissal. So they sacked him, with no notice, as of 30 December. He can appeal, but it was a horrible job that we all hated, so even his union rep said what’s the point in appealing?

But now, as if that weren’t bad enough and as if Mum weren’t kicking off enough as it is, he’s had a letter from the police requesting his details so they can investigate him for failing to stop and failing to report an accident.

Mum is freaking. Out.

I don’t think he can be prosecuted for failing to stop, because he did stop, and he was there long enough to do a whole delivery. He can prove that much. The owner of the other car says there was no note though, and I don’t know how you can prove or disprove that you left one. What he should have done is report it to the police within 24 hours, but he didn’t, and he didn’t tell his employer either, because like most people he didn’t want to get into trouble. But now he’s in a whole load of extra trouble for not reporting it and it’s really got out of hand.

The letter from the police is a standard letter, but naturally it is strongly worded because these are the same offences as if you’d had an accident at a junction and driven off or run someone over on a crossing and failed to stop. So it is quite scarily written, but at this stage they’re only asking for some of his details. Obviously his employer was insured and will be paying for the damage, and he isn’t denying that he did the damage now (nor, he claims, did he deny it at the time because he says he left a note. He says.)

I’ve tried to do some research online and it seems likely that after he sends his form back he’ll get a call or a visit from a police officer, or he’ll be asked to go to a police station, so that he can make a proper statement about what happened. They will then decide which offences are applicable and therefore whether there is anything to pursue.

It’s a fairly minor example of those offences, so his punishment is likely to be points on his licence and/or a fine. That’s if they do pursue it at all. I imagine they’d have to, because he definitely didn’t report it, and that’s definitely an offence, even if you didn’t know it was one.  Whether it would mean going to court to admit it, or whether they just punish you by letter if you admit it like they do for speeding fines, I don’t know. But either way it’s not going to be great.

He’s such a stupid sod! I can understand that he didn’t want to get into trouble, but that has made the situation so much worse.

I’m not sure he’s ever been the same since he had a bad traffic accident when he was a teenager. He hit a bus on a motorbike, lost a large portion of his memory, and for a time regressed to being like a child. My gran told me once he used to walk along clutching her hand and being frightened of everyone, and he was about 17 or something by that point. Then he got better after a while, or learnt to be normal again, but he doesn’t remember the accident to this day. And I think that’s affected him. I think he has something that goes wrong in his head if he’s involved in a traffic accident, because this is the second time (that I know of) that someone has said he was involved in an accident and he either denies all knowledge or his story has significant holes in it. It’s like he’s filled in the gaps with what he “thinks he would have done” rather than what he actually did, and his brain has blocked his memory of it. I don’t know, it’s just something I’ve been thinking about. I do worry about him though, there are times like this when I think he’s not quite right.

Oh god, it’s so stressful. They always have such stupid and bad things happen to them, it’s ridiculous. I’ll support them as much as I can, but it’s hard to try to carry both of them, and they don’t seem to be very good at all at supporting each other.

Poor old Dad.


  1. Maff says:

    That’s terrible about his accident when he was younger.

    But you’ve got to wonder – whether the owner of the car saw the note and said they didn’t get it just to see how much money they could get out of a large faceless corporation. Because – unless you can correct me – clipping said car didn’t leave an enormous SSSAAAAIIINNNNSSSBBBUUURRRYYYY””SSSS mashed down the side of the car? So – if there was no note – how did they know it was him? Hmm?

  2. superlative says:

    He says he asked the woman who he delivered to if she knew whose car it was, and she said no. But now from what they told him at his disciplinary, the owner of the car says she did know and she told him who caused the damage, and also some other witness saw him do it too.

    So that’s when it gets confusing, because why would she tell him she didn’t know whose car it was when she did? And then you start to doubt his story.

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