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Boring work, possible new boring work

2 December 2011 by superlative

I’m not writing very much again this week as I really haven’t been up to all that much. We had friends to stay last weekend, which was nice, and we had dinner at the recently revamped restaurant in the Lansdowne Place Hotel, which was pretty good but not amazing. Other than that I’ve just been plodding along at work the same as normal.

I do however have an interview coming up now for a secondment opportunity elsewhere in the university. It’s still a web job, but it is working in the main part of our web team doing a hopefully more challenging role involving more development work. The interview’s in about a week and a half.

I’m a bit nervous about it, because I haven’t done an interview for four years, and it will be a panel of people who know me so I can’t blag it or make stuff up. In some ways that’s a good thing though, because they already know that I’m good at what I do and they should have a good idea of whether I’m suitable for the job or not.

I think that I want it, if only because I really need SOMETHING; I can’t carry on being bored all the time and not really doing anything most days. I am scared though, because I’m not very good at change, and although I complain bitterly (and constantly) about how dull my job is, it is at least cosy and not stressful and I know what I’m doing with it.

I’ll go to the interview anyway, and then we’ll see what happens. It sounds like they’re interviewing more than one person for it, so I might not even get it. But if I do it should be a good opportunity, and I’ll be an actual web developer again instead of a sack of meat on a wheely chair. So wish me luck!

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  1. Helen says:

    EXCITING!!! Lots of luck, I’m sure you’ll be very good in the interview. I shall try and pop up for more details later.


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