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9 November 2011 by superlative

I’m going to be an uncle!

As I have previously mentioned on here, the likelihood of me having my own children is pretty low (because I hate them), but what I would like to be is a really good uncle. Obviously when I say I hate children I don’t actually┬áhate them, but they are quite annoying and I would far prefer a child that I can give back after a couple of hours. But this has been dependent on either my brother having a baby, which I don’t think he’s ever going to do, or Chris’ brother having one.

And now, AT LAST, one of them is! It’s Chris’ brother, obviously, and his wife is presumably fairly involved in the process too. They let us know a couple of weeks ago, but we were strictly sworn to secrecy because they hadn’t had their 12 week scan yet and they don’t want to jinx anything or get ahead of themselves.

They had their 12 week scan on Saturday, and all is going well so far, so hopefully sometime in May I will be Uncle Superlative.

I’m quite excited, because although we have friends who have had babies, it’s just not the same as one in your own family and who you consider yourself actually related to. This child will hopefully grow up loving me, and me them, and that will be really very special to me. I want to be a really fun uncle that they look forward to seeing (note to self – order swimming pool and put deposit down on a pony).

The only thing that could be slightly better is that Chris’ brother lives three hours away in Wiltshire, so I won’t get to see them quite as often as I might like. We’ll just have to make the effort to go and visit though, and not be lazy about it, because if we want the child to grow up knowing us it’ll be up to us to ensure it happens.

They don’t know if it is a boy or a girl, and they’re choosing not to find out. Personally I know I’d be better with a boy because I’d know what to do with a boy more (that sounds wrong), but for some reason I feel like it’s a girl. Well I’ll have to wait and see, won’t I?

I’m very excited anyway, and will be shopping for kick ass tiny T-shirts after Christmas.

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