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Thirteen years

2 November 2011 by superlative

Today is my and Chris’ thirteenth anniversary of being together.

I don’t feel like I write about him an awful lot on here, I mention him in passing, but I never really write about┬áhim. We generally get on so well that there isn’t much to say, and I don’t mean that in a bad way. I just mean that I never have anything to complain or worry about with Chris.

But today is our anniversary, so if I’m going to write about him on any day today seems appropriate.

I still find it hard to believe that we have been together for 13 years. I’ve been thinking the same every year really (but increasing by a year each time obviously, I can count thank you), but it still always seems incredible when our anniversary rolls around once again.

I was 17 when we first got together. SEVENTEEN. It was so long ago, and yet it hardly feels like it and the time has just flashed by. It only feels like a year or two ago that we were walking down the steps at college and said

“Do you want to go out then?”

“Yeah alright then.”

And that was the start. Such an inconspicuous couple of sentences that had such a huge effect on my life ever since.

We did our A Levels together, and then moved in together at university. We did the whole of our degrees, and even spent a year apart while he was in Canada and I was in Switzerland. Even all of that and all of those experiences only took five years. It’s the eight years since we finished university that have rocketed past and made it really scary. I honestly don’t know where those have gone.

I’m still very happy though, and I know I’m very lucky. Chris keeps me grounded and sane, and will hopefully stop me from turning into my mother. He helps me cope with my anxieties and my pessimism, and he gets me out of the house doing so many fun things I would never have done on my own. He puts up with me, most importantly, which isn’t always an easy task. He makes me laugh and he’s always there when I need him. He doesn’t read this blog very often, but if he does see this I hope he realises how grateful I am.

I don’t know where I would be now and what I would have ended up doing if we hadn’t met at college. No part of my life would be the same. I don’t really care where I would be though, because where I want to be is here, and with him. Who could ask for more?

So there you go. Thirteen years. I’m going to stop being sappy now. Happy anniversary.


  1. Maff says:

    Many, many congratulations to you both!! That is a LONG time! Is it 13 years since the steps at college or getting married? The most important thing is your penultimate paragraph. It’s lovely that you still feel like that after all this time. Hope you’re gonna celebrate!

  2. Dom says:

    So sweet. puke xxx

  3. superlative says:

    It’s 13 years since the steps at college. Probably 13 years right at this moment actually, as we were leaving college at the end of a day. We got married in July 2008 to celebrate our 10th year together, so now we have two anniversaries (greedy).

    And yes I know it is a bit pukey Dom, sorry…

  4. Helen says:

    Ahhh, this post is like a basket of kittens, warm and fuzzy and lovely. The set-up won’t let me add an image to this comment but here, this is what I mean:

    Congrats to both of you x

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