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25 November 2011 by superlative

Once again I have left it right to the end of the week to write anything on my blog. Sorry about that.  I am desperate not to ruin my #postaweek2011 attempt though, not when I am so close to the end of the year. I’m surprised I’ve done it for this long actually, and how quickly the year seems to have gone. It will be nice (hopefully) at the end of the year to look back at my 52-or-so posts and see the whole period charted out.

Anyway, this is just going to be a very brief post with a bit of an update on how things are going with our flat.

I haven’t written specifically about the flat for a while I think, and generally things are going pretty well with it. We have had a number of different people staying in the flat over us since Mum stayed, and pretty much no one has disturbed us since that first family with the children and the people who smoked outside our bedroom window. That’s out of about 10 different couples/groups who have stayed up there, so I’m hoping that means we are generally going to be OK. The last few days have been a bit of a pain, because there was an older couple up there who seemed to be dying from chronic lung disease. They coughed ALL the time, both of them, and it was loud and often enough to wake me up through the ceiling. I’d wake up at about 1.30am to the sound of one of them coughing, think “Oh fuck off” and put my ear plugs in, and then I’d go back to sleep. Come 5.30am I’d take them out, and they were STILL in their front room, STILL coughing. Do they never sleep?? And if they’re that ill, why are they in a holiday flat in Brighton?

So anyway, that was a pain, but they left yesterday. We’ve got more people arriving today, so fingers crossed they will be non-coughing and fairly quiet, especially as we have guests coming at the weekend. It’ll just be embarrassing if it’s really loud because I’ll have to say “Yeah sorry, my house is shitty, sorry about that”.

The other main thing we have done is to have secondary glazing installed on the bedroom windows at the front last Tuesday. Because we’re in a basement flat, the front windows are at about pavement level, and so we were getting a fair bit of noise from the street during the night. It wasn’t traffic noise, that never bothered me and I actually quite like the soothing rumble of traffic, but if any people were talking in the street it carried straight in and was like they were in the room with you. That was why we got disturbed by those girls smoking outside at 5am and Chris went out and shouted at them.

The noise hasn’t been so bad since the weather turned colder and wetter, simply because people aren’t lingering outside. But it was still something we had decided we wanted to do just to make the bedroom a bit nicer and as an improvement to the flat. I also didn’t want to think “oh it’s fine now” just because it was colder, and then regret not having it done come the spring.

I chose a Sussex-based company called Soundblocker Windows, and we placed our order a couple of months ago and they installed them this week. We’ve had them for three nights so far, and it seems like they work really well. You can still hear low noise like traffic because that comes through the walls anyway, but higher noise like speech seems to get cut right down and people sound as though they are in a fish tank really far away. It’s hard to tell exactly how well it has worked until we get someone stood out there for ages talking, but so far I’m hopeful they were a good purchase.

We still haven’t painted anywhere and that really needs doing, but I expect we’ll leave that until next year now. It is looking nicer anyway, and it is much better than when we first moved in, so overall I’m quite pleased.

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