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Gatecrashing relatives

20 October 2011 by superlative

Well I did have nice plans for this weekend, but now I haven’t any more.

We invited Chris’ brother and his wife to come and stay with us for the weekend, because we haven’t seen them for ages and we get on really well with them. They like Brighton too, and there are lots of things we haven’t managed to do with them on past visits that we thought we’d make up for this time. Nice little things like go up for a walk on Devil’s Dyke so they can see the views, maybe drive over to Lewes for a mosey about, play crazy golf on the sea front, go out for dinner. You know, normal things that people enjoy.

Except now we can’t do half of them and I’m annoyed.

Chris’ Mum (whom I love, don’t get me wrong) rather weirdly decided on Tuesday that she’d maybe get the train down and join us for a meal.

Hmm, OK, if she really wants to, Chris and I thought. It’s quite a long way from Essex to Brighton for a meal though.

“Oh and Nanny too. I’ll bring Nanny.”

Riiiiight. OK.

“Hmm, but it’s quite a long way isn’t it? I’ll see if there are any cheap hotel deals and we could stay overnight.”

Erm, sorry?

And now it’s booked, AND she’s suddenly decided they’ll need one of us to pick them up from the station.

At what point were they even invited? AT NO POINT is the answer. Chris only saw her a week ago!

And now the whole weekend of nice things like drinking wine with friends and going for walks and sitting up late has been thrown entirely out the window and has turned into a chore weekend of entertaining Chris’ Mum and Nan.

We can’t do most of what we want to do because a) they can’t walk very far [one has had a double hip replacement, the other is 80], and b) when they do walk anywhere it is SO SLOW that we’re basically stationary. I only have to LEAN FORWARDS slightly to keep up with them, I don’t even have to move my fucking feet.

So trekking about on Devil’s Dyke then having a drink in the pub? No.

Playing crazy golf? No.

Playing board games in the evening? No. (They can’t hear anything or understand the rules of any games)

Going for nice meals out? No. (Nanny doesn’t like foreign muck, it doesn’t agree with her)

So what exactly are we doing? Sitting on the sofa, all six of us, having a cup of tea and saying “Well this is nice isn’t it?”


I know I sound really horrible, but his Mum and Nan have already been to visit twice since we moved and that was only three months ago. And they weren’t invited! It’s just rude! They’ve just muscled in and turned someone else’s weekend away into their weekend away.

So I’m fed up, and Chris is quietly furious. Which means both of us are going to be touchy all weekend and we just want to cancel the whole thing. I hope that tunnel between London and Brighton collapses again so they can’t come. Selfish people.

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  1. Helen says:

    That is really rubbish. It is a definite advantage to being single, no pushy relatives-in-law to dictate my weekends. Just my own crazy blood relatives. Much better.

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