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Contracts you say? Let me exchange those for you.

24 June 2011 by superlative

We’re moooooooooooooooooooooooooving! We exchanged contracts yesterday afternoon and now we are absolutely definitely moving and it can’t fall through. Or rather it can fall through but it would cost so much money in penalties that it’s not very likely.

So hooray! Now I can actually allow myself to think about the new place without having to add on little caveats in my head all the time like “as long as it doesn’t fall through”, “if all goes well”, “assuming we do buy it” etc etc.

And mostly I am thinking fuuuuuuuuuuuuck I hope it’s all alright! I hope the flat is still nice when we see it again, and I hope there aren’t any huge problems with it that we and the surveyor somehow missed, and I really really hope it’s not a noisy place to live. They’ve said quite categorically “we never hear the neighbours”, but I know you can’t really trust a seller to tell you the whole story. If we get there and it’s really noisy I’m going to be devastated though…

But anyway, I always assume the worst case scenario will be true, and I need to stop it. As everyone keeps saying to me, I’m sure it will be FINE. And it’ll be our own place, and there will be no landlord, and we can make it nice, and we’ll be proper grown ups.

We’re completing on 13 July, and we’re going to move our stuff on the 14th. So in less than three weeks we should be living there. It feels weird to think that we’ll be living somewhere else; we’ve been in our rented flat for almost eight years, ever since we moved out of our final student house in 2003. In lots of ways I don’t like the flat any more – it’s quite noisy, it’s not very big, and it needs redecorating – but it has also been my home for a very long time. The only place I have lived in for longer is my childhood home where we stayed until I was 13. Even the house my parents live in now I was only at for five years.

We never intended to stay put for eight years like this; it just happened, due to convenience and house prices and things. So this will be the start of a whole new chapter for us. I hope it’s a good one.

We’ll be buying lots of new furniture, because again we’ve had half our stuff for eight years or more, the other half belongs to our landlord, and the stuff we bought was really rather cheap. Can you believe we got our sofabed from Ikea for £35? We’re thrifty, we are.

That should be quite nice though, because everything will be new, and I’m hoping it will make the flat look all swish. I want people to walk in and say “Wow it’s lovely, I wish my place was this nice”. That’s what I want, the jealousy of my friends. It’s all I live for.

I’m freaking out a bit about the amount of work to do before and during the move, sorting out all our changes of addresses and utilities and whatnot, but I expect we’ll get there in the end. Other people manage it, and lots of people are quite thick, so it can’t be that hard.

It’s exciting anyway, and it’s nice to know it’s definitely happening. People have been asking if we’re having a house warming party, and my answer is no. NO ONE TOUCHES ANYTHING IN THE NEW FLAT. That will be the rule. I want to keep it nice, after all.


  1. Maff says:

    Absolutely thrilled for you. I know how stressful a rental move can be – so can not even comprehend what you’ve been going through up until now. I’d have snapped and ended up naked in a tree in the local park.

    Fantastic news that it’s all happening though, and even nicer that you’re getting all nice new stuff! I will be sure to come round, uninvited, show my disgust at the decor and then touch everything. Thrice.

    One bit of advice, if I’m even remotely qualified to give it – sort the phone line and the internet NOW. I’m not kidding. Those 2 weeks after I moved in nearly killed me. I swear – I’m having my coffin hooked up to the net. I couldn’t be without it.

  2. superlative says:

    Well it’s funny you should say that Mattington, because I rang our broadband provider before 9am this morning and booked in the transfer! “Oo you’ve given us lots of notice,” she said, “so that should be fine.”

    So hurrah! I completely agree though; being deprived of the internet for days on end would be horrific. Haven’t they just made internet access a human right? Someone has, somewhere. Finland probably. Stupid Finns.

    And you would be most welcome to come round. No touching anything though because I will kill you. I WILL KILL YOU.

  3. Urban Cynic says:

    How fucking exciting! You have been looking to do this for so long and I guarantee that before you know it, it’ll be the weekend after you’ve moved & you’ll be relaxing with the weekend papers in your lovely new gaff.

    As long as you have a list of what to do and when then all you have to do is tick it off. Even if it gets a bit chaotic it’ll all be over before you know it.

    You’ve waited ages for this and I think it’s brilliant.

  4. Helen says:

    Hurrah! I’m so pleased it’s been (relatively) straight forward for you both. Shiny new flat and furniture, how lovely. And you’ve managed to keep beach access, still close enough to walk into town, and still on one bus route to work. That’s impressive work.

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