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Eurovision 2011

20 May 2011 by superlative

We had our annual Eurovision party last weekend and I haven’t got around to blogging about it yet, so here you go.

It wasn’t the best Eurovision party we’ve ever had, I think in part due to the poor quality of lots of the entrants but also because we invited some different people this time so Chris could have some of his friends from his new job over. And unfortunately, not all of them understood exactly how seriously we (I) take Eurovision – in particular comments such as “This programme is shit” and generally talking all the way through the songs were not appreciated. You would have thought, based on the amount of props and room decoration that we go to the trouble of creating, people would guess that we actually want to watch the competition. I mean our front door for a start should have been a bit of a clue.

Apologies for Jedwards’ chillingly dead eyes. The boys can’t help it, they’re just dead inside.

Anyway, I shan’t dwell on the negatives.

Some of this year’s entries I thought were really really good, particularly Hungary and Sweden. Here’s Hungary, in case you haven’t heard it, which I have been listening to near enough on loop since Saturday.

I absolutely love it! And Eric Saade from Sweden was quite fit too, so he also did well on my scoresheet.

Unfortunately neither of those won, and we ended up with Azerbaijan. “Where the fuck is Azerbaijan?” I hear you cry. Well I shan’t tell you, because no one cares and it doesn’t matter anyway. I can’t remember how their song went and I haven’t bothered to listen to it again. I just remember it was instantly forgettable and really shouldn’t have won.

I thought our entry from Blue was actually OK and was fairly catchy, but it was simply pitched too high even for Lee Ryan’s girly voice so it didn’t sound great on the night. But if we can’t even win with an internationally famous group like Blue then there really must be no hope for us.

You can also blame Blue for my continued inability to say where Azerbaijan is. I mean, how exactly is one supposed to look up where inconsequential little Eastern countries are on this map?

You just can’t look anywhere but at the picture of them in little white pants.

I’ve never had a thing for Blue AT ALL, but since we’ve had pictures like this up around the house (they’re still up, I refuse to take them down now) I’ve developed quite a crush on Duncan, and I probably wouldn’t say no to Lee after a couple of drinks either.

So I think Azerbaijan might be one of those little purple countries down near the oh look how naked they are and aren’t they more muscly than you were expecting them to be?

As with last year, I was disappointed by the complete lack of costume changes in any of the entries. I love a good costume change. I’m told there was possibly one but that I missed it, but frankly if a costume change isn’t so dramatic that it makes everyone go “OH MY GOD SHE’S GOT A DIFFERENT OUTFIT ON!” then I don’t want to hear about it.

And after last year’s aberration, Chris was back to winning the sweepstake YET AGAIN. People will start thinking we only host the party to defraud them out of pound coins.

So next year’s show will be in Baku. I shall watch it but I’m not happy about it. The winner each year is becoming more and more Eastern as those countries monopolise the voting, so there hardly seems any point in us entering any more. My only hope of winning the sweepstake now is if I manage to draw China.


  1. Dom says:

    Did you ask the non-Euro fans to SHUT UP PLEASE?!?

  2. superlative says:

    No, Chris would have said that was impolite. And also I’m more passive aggressive than that, so I just decided to seethe over it and blog about it later.

  3. Helen says:

    I can probably locate Azerwhatsit on the map but I can’t spell it.

    Fun fact – Stalin spent a few years living in Baku prior to the Russian revolution.

  4. superlative says:

    Did he now? And he’s Georgian I believe. His Russian credentials are looking very shaky indeed.

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