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Getting fed up with looking for flats now

8 February 2011 by superlative

We’ve seen a few more flats since I posted about it last, and all it really does is depress us and make us snappy with each other. Considering the whole point is for us to buy our first home together (well, not first home, but first one we’ve owned) and it should be all couply and lovely, I’d say that makes it a complete failure so far.

The one on Brunswick Square that I mentioned wasn’t very nice. It had damp patches on the walls and cracks in other walls, and the bathroom looked horrible. I know you cold do it up and make it look nicer, but it was just so shabby that it put me off. And that seems to happen a lot, because loads of places have previously been rented out and apparently no tenants in Brighton actually take care of their home. Half of them look like squats.

And then we saw one yesterday which was lovely, absolutely lovely. The decor is immaculate, it’s a penthouse apartment with a beautiful roof terrace, and you get an allocated parking space under the building. So it sounds great and we fell in love with the pictures over the weekend and Chris started shopping for hot tubs for his new roof terrace.

But then we saw it last night, and it’s too small. It’s just too small, there are no two ways about it. The people who live there at the moment apparently own NOTHING, or at the very least have shoved most of it into storage to help sell the flat, and while the flat is indeed beautiful there just isn’t room to put anything. The only storage is the shed on the terrace, and unless that’s some sort of Tardis I don’t think it can compensate for the rest of it. The bedrooms were OK in size I suppose, but the living room is open plan with the kitchen and there really isn’t room to put a dining table anywhere. They’ve got a clever coffee table in there at the moment that converts into a dining table, and so we had a look at furniture like that online when we got home, but then I thought: if I’m looking for space-saving furniture before we even move into a new place, surely there’s something wrong and it’s just too small?

And so I think it’s not right for us. The communal areas were fine, probably better than a lot of places, but I really don’t like communal areas at the best of times, and that put me off as well.

I know Chris is disappointed, and we were both quite sad about it last night after our initial excitement. We haven’t said no we won’t go for it yet, but I’ve intimated that that’s the way I’m leaning at the moment to him, and I think deep down he knows it’s too small. It would mean spending our entire budget, and yes there is the terrace and the parking to be factored into the asking price, but I really don’t think we can justify spending everything we have on a flat that’s too small from day one. Not if we’re going to live there for 10 years, which is my present intention.

So we’re fed up, AGAIN, and Chris thinks we’ll never find anywhere that’s perfect and that we (I in particular) will always find something not to like about every place we see. And I don’t know, I hope that’s not true, but so far I’m yet to find any evidence to the contrary.

We’ve got another viewing tomorrow, and on paper I actually like it more and more each time I look at it. Plus it’s about twice the size of yesterday’s place. It has no outdoor space, but it has two lofts, and it’s close to the sea.

So there. Yet again we haven’t found anywhere, yet again we really want to move, and yet again it’s put a strain on our relationship for no noticeable benefit.

On to viewing number 20 million tomorrow I suppose.

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  1. Maff says:

    I do feel for you. It can’t be easy – on you, or your relationship.

    While I can harp on about “I know how you feel” looking for rental properties is not quite in the same ballpark is it? I can settle for something that I might not like, safe in the knowledge that after a year, or even just 6 months depending on the contract – I could be on to pastures new. Sinking that amount of money, into somewhere is completely different.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is – don’t feel bad that you can’t find that *perfect* place just yet. If it’s hard to find somewhere temporary to rent – finding somewhere permanent to live will be harder.

    I can see that you’re worried that you’re pissing Chris off – and I suppose he may well be – but surely if you ended up in a place where you HATE something so glaringly obvious for at least 10 years – you’re going to end up resenting him for making you move there in the first place. It might be strained, but it’s probably best in the long run?

    You never know – the 20 millionth viewing could be the perfect one you’ve been looking for. If it looks good on paper – there must be something going for it. And who needs outside space? That’s what the beach is for. You’ll always find something in the last place you look 😉

    Keep playing the lottery – all your troubles could be over. Whoever said money won’t make you happy was an idiot.

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