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28 January 2011 by superlative

My Dad rang me up last night. He never rings me, in fact the only time I speak to him on the phone is when my Mum is having a bad day (worse than usual I mean), and I ring home and he’s been placed under instructions to answer the phone and speak to me.

But he rang me up quite deliberately yesterday because he wanted to tell me about his first day on his Basic Computer Skills course. He told me he had done typing, he had made his first Word document, he had centred some of the text, and then he saved it and printed it out.

Honestly, it was SO sweet. I can imagine him there, with his huge clumsy hands, looking down at the keyboard so he can push a button and then looking back up to see if the computer screen (he calls it the VDU) had done anything.

He said he had got on very well, and despite having missed two sessions (even though they told him it started yesterday) he had felt much more able than the woman sitting next to him. He found the mouse challenging, because the buttons are too delicate and when he pushes them the whole mouse tends to move (seriously, his hands are like breadboards), but other than that he sounded really pleased with himself.

He also told me he had saved his document as his initials, so he would be able to find it again next time, which I thought was an odd detail to throw in.

So BLESS MY DAD anyway. I’m really proud of him, and it’s nice for him to go out and do something on his own and to sound quite positive about something. Getting some computer skills might not help him find a job, but it will at least help him look for one.

Oh yes, and the gypsy curse continues because their porch has rotted through overnight and is about to fall of the front of the house, and the microwave blew up when Mum tried to make scrambled egg in it. Well it can’t ALL be positive with them, can it?


  1. Dom says:

    Too sweet. My dad did this last year as well when he was made redundant and really got into it all. He does ask ALOT of questions about it all which i am unable to answer as I am secretly computer illiterate. Maybe I’ll give him your number

  2. Helen says:

    My mum got her own email address this year so we’ve had to teach her how to use it. She still can’t get the hang of ‘reply to all’ though so I’m constantly forward messages to Lucy and vice versa. There are also a lot of run on sentences but that’s kind of how she talks anyway rather not knowing how to do paragraphs.

  3. superlative says:

    My Dad has his own email address but he doesn’t know what it is yet because I’ve not told him. I thought he might need one at some point, so I’ve set it up so he’s all ready once he’s learnt what an email is.

  4. CupidStunt says:

    My mum has a kindle. I didn’t even know what one was until she told me. She also has an iPod and watches Kerrang ‘Life is Loud’ every Sunday morning.

  5. superlative says:

    Your Mum is way cooler than you.

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