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A lovely weekend in sunny Braestawl

3 August 2010 by superlative

Chris and I have been saying for a while that we should try to go on more weekends away, and last weekend for the first time we actually managed to do it. It was sort of spur of the moment, but having looked at our calendar for the summer holidays it became apparent that practically every weekend of it is already booked up with something (mostly nice things, to be fair), and that if we wanted to go away it would have to be soon.

So having trawled through Trip Advisor, I booked us two nights at the City Inn in Bristol. We went to Bristol earlier in the year but only got to see a little bit of it, and it has a fair sized gay scene and lots of shops, so it seemed to be just what we were looking for.

And it was LOVELY. We had such a nice weekend!

OK, the journey there was absolutely appalling and took four and a half hours instead of three, and we therefore arrived all hot and sweaty and really frustrated and angry with the traffic, but after that little bumpy start it was really, really good.

The City Inn was really nice and only actually cost about the same as the Travelodge or Premier Inn wanted. It was much nicer than either of those though, and they even give you an iMac computer in your room, free toiletries, AND the rate included breakfast.

Bristol is a really pretty city with lots of waterways and bridges, and an unbelieeevable number of very pretty boys. There were far more than we normally see on our letching missions, sorry ‘walks’, leading me to think that the West Country has been hoarding them.

And the shops were amazing! Fine, if you don’t like high street shops it might not be your thing, but if you do (we do) then it just had everything, all in one place, in two big shopping centres that are bizarrely located next to each other. They even had a Hollisters, of which there aren’t very many in this country, and we spent about five hours on Saturday buying t shirts, shoes and books.

We managed to try two different gay clubs and one of the bigger bars, and the gay scene there seemed pretty good really. The first club, Club Wonky, was an ‘alternative’ gay night that was meant to be more indie music than the regular house and dance stuff, and it was quiiiiiite good. The music was still fairly housey in my opinion, and it was insanely hot in there, but it was very full. On the second night we went to Flamingos, which is one of the bigger clubs, and I’d say we had as good a time there as we do in Brighton normally. The drinks were pretty cheap, the music was quite good (better later on), and the dancefloor was full. It was quite mixed too, which is nice because I find it a bit weird when there are only gay men in a club, and Chris had lots of fun in the queue outside getting West Country girls to ask for pints of cider in their West Country accents. They were very obliging to us patronising South Easterners.

I would definitely go again, maybe with friends or something next time. Admittedly there isn’t much there that you can’t get in Brighton: we have plenty of restaurants and shops and clubs too, but it was just nice to be somewhere else, and to stay in a hotel for a couple of nights.

I don’t know where we might try next, if we get around to another weekend away. Birmingham again maybe? Or Manchester (bit far), or one of the other cities in that dark middle bit of the country like Sheffield.

My weekend ended a little sourly yesterday when HSBC decided to COMPLETELY fuck me over, yet again, but I might blog about that separately. My other exciting news is that I’ve signed up today for the first Maths module of the Open University course I was thinking about. Mum nudged me into it a bit, because she knew I’d just put it off otherwise, but it’s done now anyway and I shall wait for my welcome pack in the post.

Oh yes, and Mum’s cat might die soon (she’s really old and is obviously winding down), so that’s going to be a barrel of laughs when it happens.

That’s all my news for now. Will try to spew bile everywhere about HSBC tomorrow, and finish my last post about my social media marketing course which I have now completed.


  1. nookiedog says:

    Well if you do decide to come up to Birmingham sometime, maybe Dignut and I could come say hello.

  2. superlative says:

    That would be nice! We had a great time at Nightingales when we came up last year. A club with a diner in it?? They should all have that.

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