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In your FACE, Sony Ericsson

21 April 2010 by superlative

UPDATED 2 JULY 2015: During 2015 the domain name was purchased by a different company based in the United States. The comments made in this post bear no relation to the new owners of this domain name. This note has been added out of courtesy to the new owners.

I fixed it!!!

This is an update to my post from yesterday about Chris’ shitty broken Sony Ericsson.
I looked at it again last night, as I said, and tried the Phone Repair function that is part of its program on my PC again. It had already failed to repair it several times on Monday, so I thought it was a bit of a long-shot last ditch attempt, but I had suspected that the reason it was failing was that the battery wasn’t lasting long enough each time for it to wipe and reload the software before the phone switched off.
It was difficult to charge the phone though, because it seemed to refuse to charge for more than 10 minutes at a time before all its lights went off and it looked suspiciously like it was ignoring the power input. So in the end I kept unplugging and replugging it every time the lights went off until I decided it might have enough power stored up to give it a go.
And it worked! I was SO surprised, as normally these things never do anything. It successfully downloaded the newest version of the software from Sony Ericsson, accessed the phone in some weird Flash drive mode, wiped everything (this is the point where it kept failing and I thought I might have actually made the phone worse than before), and then shoved the software back in before it ran out of power.
And now the phone is up and running again! Yes it has lost all of its previous data and phone numbers, but that ship sailed the minute it packed in on the plane anyway.
AND we won’t have to pay anything getting it fixed, or mess about sending it off for repair. And that’s probably all the repair person would have done anyway, so it would have been a total rip off.
So yay me!
One thing I forgot to mention before was that I am APPALLED by the new ‘repair under warranty’ system that Orange seem to be operating. When we went to the Orange shop and the guy agreed it needed to go off for repair, he gave Chris a card for a repair company who he said were now handling all their repairs. But in order to send it off to them for assessment and repair, even under warranty, you have to pay the company a £15 handling fee! How is that even legal? If it’s broken and under warranty, it should be fixed at the expense of the retailer or manufacturer, surely? So we weren’t very happy about that at all.
But anyway, fuck it, it’s fixed now and it didn’t cost anything, so and Sony Ericsson and Orange can all suck my balls. They’ll have to form an orderly queue though.
FINGERS CROSSED it will remain fixed and not screw itself up again. My C510 lasted without error for a year after it had its software upgraded, so I’m hoping this will be the same.
I shall be basking in my own smugness until such time as it breaks again anyway 🙂


  1. x ; ) x says:

    Actuallyy if Orange where doing theior job correctly they would have advised you to try a softwear update before saying the handset needs to be sent for repairs.So it is really down to the Orange advisors to be giving out the correct info.All phones regardless of the manufactures may need to have a softwear update so the fault is not with Sony,also the £17 admin fee is for postage and packaging (explained in the t&c,also postage and packaging is not coverd by the warranty from the manufactures)but am guessing you havent read them as it also states if the handset can be repaired under warrany you will not need to pay any futher charges.
    If am wrong and Orange did tell you to try a softwear upgrade and the admin fee/repair is covered under warranty (just incase I read them wrong) Then I will quite happy join the queue with,Sony Ericsson and Orange to suck your balls.

  2. superlative says:

    Er, who asked you anyway? And why would you decide to leave an inane, semi-insulting comment on a blog post from more than a year ago? What a bizarre thing to do.

    Yes of course the fault lies with Sony – they shipped a phone with faulty software that bricked both the phones we’ve owned running it. If that’s not the fault of the manufacturer who made the software, whose is it? It wasn’t fit for purpose; it breaks the phone.

    Orange wouldn’t really recommend a software update for a phone that cannot be booted or connected to a computer, because that makes a software update impossible.

    And yes, I am fully capable of comprehending the fact that I was told explicitly that I would have to pay the handling fee, regardless of whether or not the phone was repaired under warranty. That’s specifically what they said, and that’s what I find unacceptable – I shouldn’t have to be paying anything at all for the repair of a phone that is faulty.

    So fuck off.

  3. superlative says:

    Ohhhh, now I see why you left this stupid comment “Shazza”. Your IP address happens to belong to a company registered at the same address as That’s an odd coincidence isn’t it? And you thought you’d conceal that fact by using a address to post the comment.

    So, you search the internet for references to your company that you don’t like, and then leave stupid comments on them. That’s a good use of your time isn’t it? And it says a lot about your company.

    What a bunch of cunts.

  4. Alex says:

    Hey Superlative, we just recently bought the domain and are located in TX, USA, sorry to hear you had issues with whoever owned this domain before. Our company is just about to launch and we would really appreciate if you would be kind enough to remove your post towards or at least note that it is in no way related to the new domain owners. Thank you for your consideration of this request. Alex

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