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Yummy Tin Drummy

10 December 2009 by superlative

I had my office Christmas meal yesterday at the Tin Drum in Kemp Town. I know some of the people I work with didn’t enjoy their food quite as much as me, but I thought all the things I had were really good and quite posh, so I took photos of them for you:

This was my starter, which was a squash, rosemary and parmesan tart with a pomegranate dressing. It was very nice.

This was my main course of pheasant with a port and damson jus on a mustard pommery mash. I’ve never had pheasant before, and I really liked half of it (the confit leg bit which tasted like crispy duck) but wasn’t quite so keen on the breast bit which was a bit tough. I’ve never been a breast man though. The sauce (sorry,’jus’) was yummy and all fruity.

This was my gorgeous dessert: hot chocolate fudge cake with vanilla ice cream. It was really nice, all gooey, and very very rich. Like a little block of pure calories really. I couldn’t finish it, but enjoyed it nonetheless.

And then I had tea with a cute little mince pie with a star shape on it.
And the best part is I didn’t pay for ANYTHING! Hahahahaha! Work pays for our Christmas meal here, which I’ve always thought is great, and it means everybody goes rather than some people saying they can’t afford it or just can’t be bothered. Even the wine was thrown in!
I’m not hungover at all today, which is quite good I suppose. Some of us went for drinks after the meal, but as we’d started drinking at 1pm we disbanded by 9, so I was still home in plenty of time to sober up before bed. I hadn’t realised that there would be no senior staff at all in the office this morning, so I could have got away with being hungover if necessary, but I’m not going to try to get hungover just for the sake of it.
And now it’s only a couple of weeks left until Christmas, yay! We’ve still got our Office Christmas Party to come (actually in the office this time, rather than out of it. I don’t know why we have two events here), so that will be my next thing to look forward to next week. I’m feeling very festive now and just want to finish work for Christmas and go home – I can’t be bothered to spend nine more days sat in this wheely chair doing not very much.

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  1. Urban Cynic says:

    Niiiiice. that food looks lush – I really like pheasant.

    I think I got out of my workplace just in time; my 1st Xmas we went to Lingfield racecurse & had a silver-service 3-course meal, my 2nd year we went to the Seattle & had a plush meal. Last year we went to Donatellos & had the 2nd from cheapest meal… I've now left but I imagine they're in Maccy D's this year.

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