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The BBC have disgusted me today

16 December 2009 by superlative

The BBC are really scraping the barrel today, which their repulsive Have Your Say ‘discussion’ entitled ‘Should homosexuals face execution?’

Even the question is abhorrent, and I don’t know how they can justify posting it. Would it be right to have a discussion, under the banner of freedom of speech, on ‘Should black people be killed for being black?’, or ‘Should goats be executed for having four legs?’. NO. Of course not. Because the question in itself is ridiculous and stupid. All they’ve done is invite lots of horrible little bigots to submit their putrid little brain farts, typed out with their misshapen club hands, while they furrow their monobrows under the strain of trying to spell a word as long as homosexuality. It’s the kind of thing I’d expect from the Daily Mail, not from the BBC.
The ‘Most recommended’ tab of the debate (sic) is particularly horrifying, both for the stupidity and the bile that it contains. And these are posts that have been RECOMMENDED as good by other readers. It’s truly terrifying.
Chris the vile little toad from Guildford treats us to this awesome piece of widsom:
“I suggest all gays are put on a remote island somewhere and left for a generation – afterwhich, theoretically there shoild be none left !”
First of all, WOO HOO gay party island! We’ll take Mustique, thanks very much, and YOU’RE not invited because only people who can tie their own shoelaces and don’t clasp their pencils with their whole fist are allowed.
Second of all, SHUT UP. Where do you think gay people come from? Not from breeding with each other obviously, you seem to have grasped that much. So what, you think we just swish past people in our fabulous outfits and somehow they get turned gay? You worthless little moron. I’ve known I was gay since I was in infant school. INFANT SCHOOL. Do you think I should have been put to death for it then? Or was it only when I started tonguing boys that I crossed the line? If the world ever has the misfortune of you breeding, I hope all your children ARE gay and I hope they hate you. Also, learn to spell ‘should’, you vacuous pustule.
Rob D from Northampton is no better:
“Homosexuality is not natural. It makes me very uncomfortable when you consider what it involves.”

Homosexuality does not equal anal sex. Lots of straight people have anal sex. For FUCK’S sake. Do you think that’s all we do all day? Even if your problem is with anal sex, that’s completely different to homosexuality. That’s an act, not a gender. And you’ve got no reason to feel uncomfortable, who do you think is going to want to fuck you, you lard arse? Gay people have GOOD taste, haven’t you heard?
It goes on and on. Anglobert from Surrey makes an attempt at being understanding, but can’t get past the ‘I’m a complete and utter DICKWAD with no right to be alive’ stage:
“Let’s face it. Homosexuals are not wilful criminals but unfortunate disabled people who cannot enjoy Nature’s gift of attraction to and union with the opposite sex, and unable to treasure the family memories most of us take to the grave.

Feel sympathy but do not regard their relationships as normal alternatives to marriage and procreation. Hopefully, medical science will find a remedy to normalise their disability. Meanwhile, they should not be regarded as criminals. They are born that way.”

I’ll wait for my blue badge in the post shall I? It’ll make it much easier when I nip up to Tescos. You better be careful though, those bays are right next to the Mother And Baby ones, I might try to fiddle with some kiddies while I’m there.
In case you hadn’t noticed, Anglobert, most gay people think gay sex is HOT. I for one do not feel a huge void in my life simply because I am unable to fancy Anglobettina, or whatever your snub-nosed dwarf of a wife is called. And lots of us also have FAMILIES. I know! Shocking isn’t it?
So forgive me if I don’t rush myself down to the electroshock clinic in order to get my disability rectified. I’m far too busy spending my disposal income, wearing great shoes, and holidaying three times a year.
The BBC should be ashamed of itself.


  1. Urban Cynic says:

    You're joking? they had this as a serious question? I'm absolutely fucking disgusted & agree with every one of your comments.

    I'm completely shocked – what a bunch of cuntish bigots.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I usually enjoy your rants, but I can't really enjoy this one because of what inspired it. It's outrageous that this was all on the BBC – don't they have moderators, or editors with the common sense not to authorise crap like that, under the guise of legitimate debate?

  3. superlative says:

    Yes unfortunately it was a serious question they had on there… They've since published a justifying statement accepting that it was "stark" but not apologising for it. They have, however, changed the title to 'Should Uganda debate gay execution?'

    It was still an idiotic thing of them to do, I know loads of people have complained.

    The worst thing was that the posts were all moderated, so the ones on there had actually all been read by someone and approved. I dread to think what didn't make it through if that's what they thought was OK to put up.

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