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Trinity – first episode

21 September 2009 by superlative

As I mentioned last week, the new ITV series Trinity started on Sunday.

It did indeed deliver plentifully on the Christian-Cooke-getting-naked side (see photo) as I had hoped, but other than that it was baaaaaaaaaad! Some of the acting was really, really terrible, and the writing was mediocre at best.
Christian Cooke was OK in it; he plays a smug upper-class playboy called Dorian, and so it’s fine that his character has very little depth to it, that’s how he’s meant to be. They’ve made him do a posh accent for it though, and he just sounds a bit silly.
The main posh girl is very hammy, as is the seemingly evil lecturer/doctor man. They play it like it’s a cartoon really, which then doesn’t fit with some of the other characters who are more normal.
It felt a bit like it was written by someone who’s never been to university, and who has certainly never been to Oxford or Cambridge, but they’ve heard that “it’s a bit like this”. I wasn’t sure if it was meant to be a comedy, or a thriller, or a drama really.
Dorian is the only character they make get naked, none of the girls even got their baps out, but that’s fine because he’s the only one I’m interested in seeing naked anyway. They do rather overplay that card I have to say, he was barely clothed at all, but I’m a superficial individual so it suited me perfectly and distracted me from the attempt at a plot.
I’m going to watch the second episode because it looks like it might get going a bit more next week (they had a bizarre 10-minute-long ‘coming up next week’ montage at the end that basically showed you everything). Perhaps it was a slow start because they had to introduce all the characters, and the Dandelion Club, and the mystery surrounding the religious girl’s father. So we shall see if it improves.
I’m not saying I’ll stop watching it, it wasn’t that bad, and the nudity was ample reward. But it has a definite ITV2 feel to it that left me feeling slightly unclean afterwards.

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