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Well that entire post was a waste of time…

3 July 2009 by superlative

Cancel that entire previous post, as I did not go and see the nice seafront flat because the viewing got cancelled about four hours after I wrote all that. Some bastard has got in there first and taken it. So annoying!

I was quite disappointed, because I’d managed to get myself looking forward to seeing it and excited that it might be nice. It seems however that if you want to get a nice place to rent, you have to move very fast. That flat came on the market on Monday I think, and because I only saw it on Tuesday and we were having a dinner party on Wednesday I couldn’t book the viewing until Thursday night. And that has proven to be far too long an interval – someone must have seen it on Wednesday and taken it on Thursday I think.

So never mind. I have convinced myself that it was too far from town and that there would probably have been loads of stairs to get up to a third floor flat in a Regency building (because of the high ceilings and all that).

We are seeing a different flat tonight instead now. It’s still on the seafront but closer to town. It’s ground and lower ground floor though, and the bit of road it is on seems quite a bit busier to me, so I think it’ll possibly be too noisy with traffic and passers by. We may as well go and see it though, and I guess we’ll just carry on looking at adverts over the weekend!

In other news, my sometimes noisy and possibly drug dealing student neighbours are apparently NOT moving out in June as we had been informed. I was suspicious that this might be the case given that it is now July and they are still there.

I got home to a letter from our landlord (who lives in the same building) yesterday, saying that he’d rung the students’ managing agent to ask why they hadn’t gone as he’d been told. And apparently he was told wrong because they were just given a warning and in fact have been allowed to extend the tenancy for another year. So he was quite cross actually, because they fobbed us off with “we won’t be offering them a tenancy renewal because of your complaints, so they’ll be out in 2 months”, when in actuality they’ve done the opposite.

Saying that though, they HAVE been significantly quieter since we complained to their landlord, their managing agent, and the environmental health people. And the blatant drug dealing has not been so obvious, so maybe they’ve been doing it off the premises instead. So it could be worse, and we could have got much worse new neighbours to replace these ones who are now trying to behave themselves. So we’ll just have to live with it.

I am surprised though that you can report someone to the police with suspicions that they’re selling drugs, the police can say “oh yes, what you’ve described sounds very suspicious and is a classic description of people who are dealing”, and then NOTHING happens. Nothing at all! What was the point?? I suppose you’d have to complain more than once or something, but still, it seems a bit rubbish to me.

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