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Dentistry and humiliation

23 July 2009 by superlative

I had to go to the dentist this morning for a check up, as when I went six months ago the dentist lady thought I might need a filling soon. So I obediently made an appointment and went back today, with my fingers crossed that probably nothing would need doing after all and I would escape unscathed.
Silly me, because of COURSE she took one look and said oh yes that’ll need filling, oh and by the way it’s going to be £45.60. FORTY FIVE POUNDS! For NHS treatment! What about all my taxes? Where do they go? I thought that’s what I paid them for! I couldn’t really argue anyway, and she said it’d only take 15 minutes, so I just agreed to do it there and then and get it over with.
It wasn’t too bad really, the worst part is the injection they give you in your mouth, which is never very pleasant and seems to go on forever. I was much more distressed however by the fact that, for some strange reason, I was obliged to wear very ugly, very unfashionable plastic sunglasses for the duration of the procedure. They were like the kind of glasses a toddler would wear, they were HORRIBLE. They looked a bit like this:

And I’m sure the nurse boy who was assisting her was laughing as he gave them to me to put on. I’m not even sure they did anything, I think it was just so they could piss themselves laughing at all their patients. It’s not like it was sunny in there or anything! And I suppose they could have been to protect my eyes from flying shrapnel as she drilled the tooth, but I’ve had fillings before and bad sunglasses were never on the agenda for those.

I got through it anyway, despite the glasses, and despite being raped by Maestro card on the way out. I’m meant to go back in another six months time, but I think they’ve had enough fun at my expense for a while so I might leave it a bit longer.

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