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Stupid MP’s expenses drivel

13 May 2009 by superlative

Oh my god, I can’t believe how much they’re going on about the MP’s expenses ‘scandal’ and how every party leader is bandwagonning and ordering people to repay the money.

Why are people surprised that in a system with very loose rules, people took advantage and claimed as much as they thought they could get away with? They didn’t break the rules, and everyone around them was doing the same thing, so of course they did it too. I think everyone would! And yes it wasn’t a very good use of tax payers money, but the system was flawed in the first place and was obviously set up as a convenient way of bumping up MP’s salaries without changing the headline figure.

And what annoys me is that there is actually much more important work that politicians need to be doing at the moment, like oh I don’t know fixing the economy maybe? Repairing the housing market? Improving healthcare? No, not interested in any of those? No, because those are much more difficult than making a stupid speech condemning a practice that they all knew was going on but which now has become public knowledge.

A few weeks ago bankers’ bonuses was the flavour of the month, so they all pledged to re-regulate and take bonuses back and anything else that they thought would sound good in the Daily Mail. But now the public have lost interest in that, so they’ve found another topic of fairly modest import that will allow them to avoid tackling the real issues.

It’s rubbish, politicians are rubbish. And they wonder why people are disillusioned and can’t be bothered to vote. Yeah fine, fix the expenses system, it clearly needs fixing. But then stop going on about it and do some actual work.

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