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If I’m not back in 24 hours

1 April 2009 by superlative

I have to go to London tomorrow for some IT training that I’m not particularly interested in. Where am I going? London Bridge. And where was one of the gathering points for G20 protesters today? London Bridge. Typical!

So I don’t know what’s going to happen now, I’m just going to head up there and see. I think I might be alright because the protests tomorrow are more likely to be over in the Docklands near the ExCel thingy they’re having the actual summit at. I suppose the train could be crowded with protesters or something, or I might have trouble getting home, but I just won’t know until I’m there.

It’s a bit annoying though. Of course the G20 summit wasn’t at the forefront of my mind when I booked the stupid training, why would it have been??

I’ve been following the protests today both on the BBC live webcast and on Twitter. It’s been mostly quite controlled, with just the windows at a branch of Royal Bank of Scotland smashed and some isolated violence with the police. From what I could see on the webcast it was a few trouble makers trying to incite the police to fight them, while the rest of the protesters looked on a bit uneasily and wondered if they were going to get baton-charged. One of the main problems seemed to be that even once some of the protesters wanted to leave, the police wouldn’t let them. I wasn’t quite sure about that, I suppose if people were moving and regrouping all over the place the police would get easily overrun, but it seemed a bit stupid when some people actually wanted to go home and were being forced to keep protesting.

So we shall see what happens tomorrow. Hopefully if it’s bad at London Bridge I will find out early and can just turn around and come back. I’ll be more annoyed to get stuck in central London and not be able to get a train back home.

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